July 8, 2024 New Releases
English | CBR | 68 Issues

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Union Jack - The Ripper - Blood Hunt #1-3 (2024) Complete
Union Jack - The Ripper - Blood Hunt #1-3 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 190 MB

UNION JACK PAINTS THE UK RED! As vampires inherit the Earth, one lone man has made it his mission to protect it. But what does Joey Chapman, UNION JACK have up his sleeves? And will it be enough? And WHO will Union Jack have to face to keep London from falling? CAVAN SCOTT and KEV WALKER bring you a UNION JACK story like you've never seen before!

Morning Star #1-4 (2024)Morning Star #1-4 (2024)
Morning Star #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | of 5

1956. Kootenai National Forest, Montana. When smokejumper Nathan Garrett perishes in a raging wildfire, his surviving family's hopes and happiness turn to ashes.
One year following her husband Nathan's death, wife, and mother of two, Jolene Garrett, takes her crumbling family to the Morning Star lookout seeking solace through closure--to scatter her husband's remains. But something far beyond the reach of their wildest imaginings awaits the Garrett family in the Montana wilderness--something more powerful than their anguish and torment. Something that transcends space and time. No telephones. No electricity. No transportation. No escape.

Love Me - A Romance Story #1-3 (2024)Love Me - A Romance Story #1-3 (2024)
Love Me - A Romance Story #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | of 4

New York City, sometime in the far future, where robots like JoJo have taken over the tasks humans no longer want to perform... like driving a taxi. JoJo is pretty happy with his lot in life but feels as though something is missing... then he meets Gilda and it's love at first sight. But the course of true love is a bumpy one and JoJo is going to find that out firsthand when he discovers that Gilda is entangled with the mafia that runs his beloved city, and they're very much against this potential union for their own reasons. Watch out, JoJo!

Falling in Love on the Path to Hell #1-2 (2024)Falling in Love on the Path to Hell #1-2 (2024)
Falling in Love on the Path to Hell #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

GERRY DUGGAN (Deadpool, X-Men) and GARRY BROWN (Babyteeth) present a massive DOUBLE-LENGTH FIRST ISSUE of their groundbreaking new series!
The sun set on samurai and gunslingers at roughly the same time, but our two leads didn't die off quietly. In the East, Asami, an Onna-musha warrior and female samurai, would rather die with her weapons than surrender them to a sword hunt. In the West, the gunslinger MacRaith follows his revenge to the bitter end and pays the ultimate price.
The future lovers are mortally wounded a world apart and awake together in a purgatory ruled by a ruthless society of damned warriors. This one has it all - action, the dead, the dying, the undead, and of course... romance.

Moon Man #1-3 (2024)Moon Man #1-3 (2024)
Moon Man #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Superstar musician SCOTT "KID CUDI" MESCUDI makes his comics debut alongside Eisner Awardnominated co-writer KYLE HIGGINS (RADIANT BLACK) and breakout artist MARCO LOCATI in the extra-length first issue of the biggest book of 2024! Ramon is ready for a quiet life. Whatever went wrong on that failed moon mission, whatever happened in the missing minutes the cameras didn't capture, all he really wants is to settle down back home. But those missing minutes hold an Earth-shattering secret - and, with all eyes turned to him, Ramon will soon find himself becoming something the world has never seen before

Ice Cream Man #1-10 + Special (2018-2024)Ice Cream Man #1-10 + Special (2018-2024)
Ice Cream Man #1-10 + Special (2018-2024)
English | CBR | 41 Issues

OVERSIZED FIRST ISSUE! Chocolate, vanilla, existential horror, drug addiction, musical fantasy...there's a flavor for everyone's misery. ICE CREAM MAN is a genre-defying comic book series featuring disparate "one-shot" tales of sorrow, wonder, and redemption. Each installment features its own cast of strange characters, dealing with their own special sundae of suffering. And on the periphery of all of them, like the twinkly music of his colorful truck, is the Ice Cream Man - a weaver of stories, a purveyor of sweet treats. Friend. Foe. God. Demon. The man who, with a snap of his fingers - lickety split! - can change the course of your life forever.

Golgotha Motor Mountain #1-4 (2024) CompleteGolgotha Motor Mountain #1-4 (2024) Complete
Golgotha Motor Mountain #1-4 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 643 MB

Join superstar artist Robbi Rodriguez (Spider-Gwen) and the dynamic writing duo of Matthew Erman (Witchblood) & Lonnie Nadler (Age of X-Man) on a high-octane redneck motor massacre! When a derelict chunk of a passing interstellar rock rains down on Elwood and Vernon Damnage's meth lab in Golgotha Knob, Kentucky, their lives are turned into a redneck body horror nightmare. Still needing to make their deliveries to the buyers, mutations or not, they set off down Golgotha Knob only to be beset on all sides by crazed addicts, cannibal police, and mutated Neo-Nazis. It doesn't matter what waits at the bottom of Golgotha Knob for the Damnage brothers because they must ride through a cosmic hell that they're unlikely to survive... But if these brothers do survive, they'll finally have made enough money to start over in the beautiful utopia that is Cincinnati.

Geiger #1-4 (2024)Geiger #1-4 (2024)
Geiger #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

IT ALL STARTS HERE! The critically acclaimed team of storytellers GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK (GEIGER: GROUND ZERO, Doomsday Clock) return to the nuclear wasteland of their bestselling GEIGER for an ALL-NEW ONGOING series starring the violent and unpredictable GLOWING MAN!
Leaving his home behind, Tariq Geiger now walks the radioactive roads of the former United States with his two-headed wolf Barney. But as his enemies doggedly pursue him, Geiger discovers salvation from the unlikeliest of foes. But what secrets does this potential ally hold that could help Geiger? And exactly how many people are after The Glowing Man... and why?
Don't miss this vital, action-packed chapter in the shared universe of THE UNNAMED saga and the momentous Ghost Machine rollout!

Critical Role - Vox Machina Origins IV 01-02 (2024)
Critical Role - Vox Machina Origins IV 01-02 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 06)

Hello! Is anybody home? Vox Machina is tasked to investigate the whereabouts of Sir Fince after his disappearance. After some poking and prodding, clues lead the team to a mysterious basement. What dark surprises await our heroes in the bowels of his homestead? The campaign continues with series IV of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins, from the New York Times bestselling team of Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Stranger Things), Noah Hayes (The Avant-Guards), Diana Sousa (Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins, Mall Goth), and Ariana Maher (James Bond, Xena)!

Critical Role Tales of Exandria II - Artagan #1-4 (2024)Critical Role Tales of Exandria II - Artagan #1-4 (2024)
Critical Role Tales of Exandria II - Artagan #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

The powerful and mischievous Archfey Artagan, also known as the Traveler, finally gets his day in court - which is the LAST thing he wanted. But since he's here, he's happy to tell the Seelie and Unseelie courts how he's graced the material realms with his knowledge and mentorship. But there are witnesses who may have a different take, and the consequences could be dire. Writer Sam Maggs, artist Aviv Or, and colorist Cris Peter bring you a fabulous new story from the world of Exandria, created in consultation with the cast of Critical Role!

The Hunger and the Dusk - Book Two 001 (2024)
The Hunger and the Dusk - Book Two 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 35 pages | 173.95 MB

After the falling out between Cal and Tara, love is lost and the fragile human-orc alliance has ripped at the seams. The Last Men Standing are sitting ducks without their healer... and their enemies have multiplied. As ruthless Vangol and rogue orc dynasties stoke the flames of war, Tara could be civilization's last hope for peace - but she may become a distant memory when a fresh face joins the battlefield. Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning writer G. Willow Wilson and red-hot artist Chris Wildgoose return for the second chapter of their high fantasy adventure in The Hunger and the Dusk: Book Two #1 of 6!

Star Wars - The High Republic Adventures Phase III #1-7 +Crash Landing (2023-2024)Star Wars - The High Republic Adventures Phase III #1-7 +Crash Landing (2023-2024)
Star Wars - The High Republic Adventures Phase III #1-7 +Crash Landing (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 8 Issues

"Out here at the edge of the war . . . death surrounds us." It has been one year since the fall of Starlight. Padawan Lula Talisola and many others are missing and presumed dead. At the Almohaj Cantina, a Republican Outpost on the planet of Eriadu, Zeen mourns . . . and waits. When an intriguing transmission is received from Tartak Vil, a warlord on the remote moon of Bracront, Zeen, Qort, and a void-contemplating droid named 5AG3 must venture once more into hyperspace to repair their fractured team and, perhaps, the galaxy.

Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-4 (2024)Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-4 (2024)
Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

After landing in jail following a night of drunken revelry, Red Sonja hears an outlandish story from a fellow inmate. Deep in the mountains lies a dead city in a valley with no name. Abandoned and forgotten, its fields and streets are littered with the bones of two armies, all destroyed by a curse from a warlock who has long since vanished, along with his vast treasure ? untold riches just waiting to be taken.
At least that is the legend. But Sonja?s cellmate Morgo has more than a diverting tale ? he?s also got a map that says this legend could well be reality. All they need to do is break out of lockup and hit the road ? which may be easier said than done!
Crafted by legendary writer STEVE NILES (30 Days of Night, Simon Dark) and rising art star ALESSANDRO AMORUSO, Red Sonja: Empire of the Damned #1 delivers monsters, magic, and mayhem in equal measure ?

Torpedo 1972 #1-4 (2024)Torpedo 1972 #1-4 (2024)
Torpedo 1972 #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

In the 1930s, Lucas Torelli, known as "Torpedo", was a legend of the suburbs of New York. A tough, trigger-happy Sicilian who only knew how to make friends - anyone else is no longer here to say otherwise. Nearly forty years later, the Big Apple has changed quite a bit. Torpedo, not so much. As a persistent journalist prepares to write an article about the Caputo family, the demons of Torpedo's past resurface, along with his dirty old habits...

Profane #1-2 (2024)Profane #1-2 (2024)
Profane #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Solving murders in Los Angeles is the daily bread of private detective Will Profane, but something is strange about his latest case.
When every clue points toward a famous detective novelist at the center of this mystery, Will's world will transform into something truly unreal.
Discover a new mind-bending thriller from legendary writer Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, X-Statix, Shade, The Changing Man) and veteran artist Raül Fernandez (Detective Comics, Justice League Dark) about the precariously thin line between reality and fiction - perfect for fans of BANG! and Newburn.

The Domain 001 (2024)
The Domain 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 25 pages | 55.33 MB

When three best friends discover a crashed UFO, they also discover technology that gives them incredible abilities! But there's a catch: only one of them can use the powers at a time! Can their friendship survive the power's temptation?
In the pages of Image's Eisner-winning series, PUBLIC DOMAIN, Syd Dallas and the team at Dallas Comics reimagine their classic character THE DOMAIN for a new audience, and... this is that comic!
This special series, written by** CHIP ZDARSKY** (Batman,** NEWBURN**) with amazing art by RACHAEL STOTT (Fantastic Four, Dr. Who) and EREN ANGIOLINI (Justice League: Last Ride) is a classic superhero story for those coming in fresh, and a fun meta story for readers of PUBLIC DOMAIN!

The Whisper Queen - A Blacksand Tale #1-3 (2024)The Whisper Queen - A Blacksand Tale #1-3 (2024)
The Whisper Queen - A Blacksand Tale #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

CHIP ZDARSKY (NEWBURN, Batman) and KRIS ANKA (Across the Spider-Verse), the ALL-STAR TEAM behind THE WHITE TREES, return to the fantastical land of Blacksand!
The royal guard has sent their most capable bounty hunters after the accomplices in the king's murder! Javro, once the king's most skilled assassin, must find the killers before they and the bounty hunters - including her son - are wiped out by the kingdom's most feared specter: The Dark Whisper!

St. Mercy Vol.2 - Godland #1-4 (2024) CompleteSt. Mercy Vol.2 - Godland #1-4 (2024) Complete
St. Mercy Vol.2 - Godland #1-4 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 411 MB

In ST. MERCY: GODLAND, Mercedes Oro finds herself immortal, forever tethered to the cursed ancient Incan gold, and in constant struggle with the Incan gods who deem her both a threat and an opportunity.Now, with the spirit of Toctolissica inside her, and her demon sister Quispe beside her, Mercy heads to 1930s Hollywood - a different golden age with gods of its own. Will Mercy's newfound star power be enough to hold the past at bay, or will the power of the gods force her into the bloody center of a conflict even she can't survive?

Monolith #1-3 (2024) CompleteMonolith #1-3 (2024) Complete
Monolith #1-3 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 285 MB

The origin of the hulking Hellspawn is finally revealed. What connection does he have to one of the most savage of his kind, Omega Spawn? Follow his journey from the cosmic depths of deep-spawn to his first encounter with Al Simmons in this three-part miniseries!


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