Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess #1-3 (2016-2017) CompleteAthena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess #1-3 (2016-2017) Complete
Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess #1-3 (2016-2017) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 101.81 MB

The fan-favorite pulp heroine returns in an all-new miniseries written and drawn by Eisner and Manning Award-nominated creator Steve Bryant. When her father gains possession of a legendary necklace, Athena Voltaire must save him from both strange assassins and the Nazis, who want the power the artifact could unlock!
Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess v01 (2017)
English | CBR | 83 pages | 102.3 MB
Collecting the fan-favorite pulp heroine's Action Lab debut miniseries!

Space Riders - Galaxy Of Brutality #1-4 (2017-2018) CompleteSpace Riders - Galaxy Of Brutality #1-4 (2017-2018) Complete
Space Riders - Galaxy Of Brutality #1-4 (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 422.21 MB

An ancient evil is gathering power throughout the cosmos, and it falls upon the legendary SPACE RIDERS to kick its a**! Having disbanded, the crew of CAPTAIN PELIGRO, MONO, and YARA must reunite for what may be their final ride! The cult comic that electrified comic readers in the brain RETURNS to blast your fragile human psyche into oblivion!!


January 24, 2018 New Releases
English | CBR | 108 Issues
Amazing Spider-Girl #0-30 (2006-2009) Complete
Amazing Spider-Girl #0-30 (2006-2009) Complete
English | CBR | 31 Issues | 1.68 GB

Ever wonder why Spider-Girl fans are the most vocal, most active comic fans of all? Here's your chance to finally find out! Join us for the start of our second 100 issues as May "Mayday" Parker learns that she can't escape her great responsibilities! Featuring the original Hobgoblin, the Black Tarantula and more! Plus: the saga of Spider-Girl!
Amazing Spider-Girl v01 - Whatever Happened to the Daughter of Spider-Man (2007)
English | CBR | 163 pages | 252.53 MB
Collects Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) #0-6.
Amazing Spider-Girl v02 - Comes the Carnage! (2007)
English | CBR | 138 pages | 224.06 MB
Collects Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) #7-12.
Amazing Spider-Girl v03 - Mind Games (2008)
English | CBR | 159 pages | 257.93 MB
Collects Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) #13-18.
Amazing Spider-Girl v04 - A Brand New May (2008)
English | CBR | 138 pages | 221.29 MB
Collects Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) #19-24.
Amazing Spider-Girl v05 - Maybreak (2009)
English | CBR | 162 pages | 245.66 MB
Collects Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) #25-30.

Made Men #1-5 (2017-2018)Made Men #1-5 (2017-2018)
Made Men #1-5 (2017-2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

You don't know Jutte Shelley, but you might know her family. Before she was a Shelley, she was a Frankenstein. These days, she's a Detroit Special Ops officer. At least she was, until she and her entire team were ambushed during what should have been a routine call. Jutte watched as, one by one, her friends were gunned down. And then, in a flurry of bullets, Jutte fell too. But Jutte isn't like other people. She's a Frankenstein. And she knows all her family's secrets. Guess who's getting the gang back together?
Spiritus #1-2 (2017)
Spiritus #1-2 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

A champion fighter convicted of murder, Kinju Dayal faces automated confinement: The transfer of her consciousness into a state programmed labor machine. But a ruthless underworld boss diverts Kinju into a vessel unshackled from its rigid programming. Only Federal Marshal Rueben Reveles stands between the armored warrior and sanctuary.


January 10, 2018 New Releases
English | CBR | 118 Issues

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January 3, 2018 New Releases
English | CBR | 76 Issues

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December 27, 2017 New Releases
English | CBR | 92 Issues


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