Oz - Fall of the Emerald City 01-02 (2024)Oz - Fall of the Emerald City 01-02 (2024)
Oz - Fall of the Emerald City 01-02 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 03)

When the fallen of Oz and Earth begin to return to the lands of the living, Dorothy, Glinda and all of their allies must join forces to discover the cause and fight against this fateful event, before the Emerald City falls forever. Don't miss this shocking new series that will change the world of Oz forever!

Horror & Fantasy Illustrated (2024)Horror & Fantasy Illustrated (2024)
Horror & Fantasy Illustrated (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

An eccentric billionaire gets more than he bargained for when his vanity trip to the moon goes horribly awry. What began as a mission to claim untapped resources soon becomes a nightmarish descent below the lunar surface, forcing the expedition's crew members to confront unspeakable terrors along the way. Will they conquer the lunar abyss, or succumb to the horrors that lurk in the shadows of the moon?

Pooh vs. Bambi 01 (of 03) (2024)
Pooh vs. Bambi 01 (of 03) (2024)
English | CBR | 26 pages | 56.64 MB

In war there are rules, but the forest has none. Abandoned by his country, betrayed by those he once called family, and hunted by those who want nothing more than to keep him as a trophy, Pooh is on a mission and no amount of honey will sate his thirst - he wants revenge!

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.2 #0-83 + Annuals + Specials (2016-2024)Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.2 #0-83 + Annuals + Specials (2016-2024)
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.2 #0-83 + Annuals + Specials (2016-2024)
English | CBR | 109 Issues

New Series Launch! Grimm Fairy Tales is Back! The world of humans has forever changed and the Grimm Universe has been shaken to its core. It started with the Age of Darkness and now with the death of Sela Mathers, earth's long time guardian, the Realms of Power have fallen into chaos. But Sela left behind one thing that may be able to save the world...her daughter, Skye. Don't miss this new chapter in Grimm Fairy Tales that takes the series back to its roots.

Fairy Tale Team-Up (2024)Fairy Tale Team-Up (2024)
Fairy Tale Team-Up (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Robyn Locksley, better known as Robyn Hood, has dealt with her fair share of horrors during her time living in New York City. And besides that, she has also fought literal monsters to keep it safe. Belle DiMarco has been hunting creatures and beasts, all over the world, her whole adult life, and even some years before it. Clearly, she was born for this. So, when a secret military facility makes a heinous, and extremely deadly, set of mistakes - these two heroes get stuck cleaning up the mess.
Hideous and deadly beings!
Secret military operations!
An unplanned playdate between two kickass women!
Not everyone makes it out of this one whole, so don't miss the first ever issue of Fairy Tale Team-up!

Cinderella - Murder for All Seasons (2024)
Cinderella - Murder for All Seasons (2024)
English | CBR | 51 pages | 132.39 MB

Ever since she was born, Cinderella has played by her own rules, which probably explains her lack of logic and boundaries. So when an evil corporation develops a way to change the very fabric of time to meet its own needs, accidentally involving Cindy is the last thing they or even she wanted. Now, forced to save reality to save herself, the serial killer princess must fight sword and nail through millions of years of history if she plans to survive this insane adventure!

Van Helsing - Vampire Hunter 01-03 (2024) CompleteVan Helsing - Vampire Hunter 01-03 (2024) Complete
Van Helsing - Vampire Hunter 01-03 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 188 MB

Return to the Victorian Age for a classic tale in the life of young Liesel Van Helsing!
To this day, the Van Helsing name haunts the waking hours of vampires throughout the world. But, in the late 1800s, at the height of the war of the night in Europe, another name rested on the tongues of humans and bloodsuckers alike, Dracula! Rumors have been growing of his impossible return and Liesel Van Helsing will do anything in her power to put an end to this nightmare that has plagued her family for generations!

Van Helsing (2020-2024)Van Helsing (2020-2024)
Van Helsing (2020-2024)
English | CBR | 24 Issues | HD

Run ins with vampires, monsters, and all types of nightly creatures, are almost as natural as breathing to the famed vampire-hunter, Liesel Van Helsing. But something wicked is going after children in the five boroughs, and as Liesel's personal life and nightly adventures are about converge, she is soon to find out why centuries of children have feared the snatcher of souls, Black Annis!

Holmes & Houdini #1-3 (2024) CompleteHolmes & Houdini #1-3 (2024) Complete
Holmes & Houdini #1-3 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 226 MB

Ancient secret societies!
Mysterious advanced technology!
Bloodlines tied to the end of the world!
Few names hold such a high prestige and weight as those of Holmes and Houdini - Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini have known that all too well, as they both have been carrying the burden of their infamous ancestors their whole lives, completely unaware of the other's existence. But when the death of a loved one sets these two on a collision course, they discover that their worlds are much more entwined and extraordinary than they ever imagined.
Don't miss the thrilling first issue!

True Horror Mysteries - The Babysitter Killer and Other Terrifying Tales (2024)
True Horror Mysteries - The Babysitter Killer and Other Terrifying Tales (2024)
English | CBR | 51 pages | 89.13 MB

Nearly 50 years ago, the youth of Oakland County, Michigan fell prey to the twisted whims of The Babysitter Killer, who abducted and murdered at least four children between 1976 and 1977. To this day, the killer has never been brought to justice. True Horror Mysteries pulls back the curtain on this and other crimes, taking a closer look at the victims' stories along with those of the suspects linked to their stories.

Myst - Dragon's Guard (2024)
Myst - Dragon's Guard (2024)
English | CBR | 47 pages | 132.16 MB

Sela Mathers is back! And while her daughter Skye has inherited the responsibility of guarding the Earth from all threats that it faces, Sela has been tasked with defending Myst and the other realms of power! But a pervasive evil has been festering in the realms, and to combat it, Sela must scour the history of this land of Fairy Tales and call forth the legendary Dragon's Guard to help restore balance!

Wonderland - Child of Madness 01-03 (2023-2024) CompleteWonderland - Child of Madness 01-03 (2023-2024) Complete
Wonderland - Child of Madness 01-03 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Everything must come to an end. But for Calie Liddle, her story is just beginning... again. Trapped in the form of an infant, and being raised by her daughter Violet, the Liddles must navigate this new form of madness if they hope to return to some semblance of normalcy,

Cinderella - Princess of Death (2024)
Cinderella - Princess of Death (2024)
English | CBR | 34 pages | 99.48 MB

Spiraling from the borderline lunatic minds of Zenescope and their most loyal VIP fans, comes a story so crazy we needed a few extra blood-soaked pages to tell it!
In this oversized issue, find out what happens when Cinderella gets to play god, or more specifically ... death! Taking over for Keres the Goddess of Death--because she thinks she can do a better job-- Cindy is now Cinderella Monroe Princess of Death!
Don't miss this sword-to-scythe insane story, where the future of the world rests on the whims of a madwoman sending all who stand in her way - or just annoy her - to a farm really far away!

Robyn Hood One-shots (2021-2024)Robyn Hood One-shots (2021-2024)
Robyn Hood One-shots (2021-2024)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | HD

Dark magic and evil rituals are two things Robyn's life knows almost too well and this day won't be any different. Something deadly is coming for our favorite vigilante-archer, and Robyn is going to be in a fight for her soul when she takes on the mysterious Voodoo Dawn!

Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2023)Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2023)
Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2023)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD

A year ago, Robyn Hood's best friend, Marian Quin, suffered a horrible loss. In order to save our world, Marian had to make a hard sacrifice. She sent her wife, Sam, to an unknown fate across the universe, to a world torn apart by gigantic hideous monsters once only imagined in nightmares. But now, she has a found a way to get there, and with the help of Robyn she hopes to save Sam from the savage world she was banished to.
Don't miss this giant-sized story sure to rock the world of Robyn for years to come!

Cinderella vs. The Queen of Hearts 01-03 (2023) CompleteCinderella vs. The Queen of Hearts 01-03 (2023) Complete
Cinderella vs. The Queen of Hearts 01-03 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | HD | 197 MB

It's serial killer princess vs queen of... well, hearts, in this high-octane coming of age bloodbath of a story... filled with love, loss, lost love, lost heads, and, well, quite honestly, a lot of lost things including someone we won't mention's sanity.
Hrh-hem, so Cinderella, now back in the real world and looking to make ends meet, is launched into a crown-on-collision with the Queen of Hearts, who is just trying to live life. Sounds fun... we know. So don't miss this crazy - chaotic - cumbersomely summarized story you won't want to miss!

Oz - Kingdom of the Lost 01-02 (of 03) (2023)Oz - Kingdom of the Lost 01-02 (of 03) (2023)
Oz - Kingdom of the Lost 01-02 (of 03) (2023)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | HD

Dorothy and her team must venture far from the Emerald City in search of the missing Tin Man. What they uncover along the way will unlock mysteries that have been hidden from the citizens of Oz for generations and will change everything they believe about the so-called Wonderful Land they call home.

Gretel (2023-2024)Gretel (2023-2024)
Gretel (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Now, Gretel and Calabar must travel to South America as they hunt for the next piece in Mother Margaret's deadly puzzle. But when they encounter a witch, who forces them to look into their past and face their greatest sins, can they come out of it with their souls intact?!

Belle (2020-2023)Belle (2020-2023)
Belle (2020-2023)
English | CBR | 26 Issues

Legendary beast hunter, Anabelle "Belle" DiMarco, has always stuck to the shadows to protect the world from its unknown nightmares. But when those terrors start gruesomely murdering residents of a Philadelphia neighborhood, the police are left at a loss. Belle will need to take this string of murders into her own hands, and what creatures she finds behind it are unlike anything she has ever encountered!

Hydra 001 (2023)
Hydra 001 (2023)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 203.18 MB

Of all the Great Old Ones, few could match the power of Cthulhu. Mother Hydra is one such dark god. She has been imprisoned and dormant for ages. But with Great Cthulhu close to waking, Hydra is ready to rise and reclaim her place with him and Father Dagon in the Unholy Trinity that will destroy mankind and rule the world.


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