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X-Tinction Agenda - Warzones! (2016)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 221.40 MB
Collects X-Tinction Agenda (2015) #1-4, Uncanny X-Men #270.
Mutantkind teeters on the brink of oblivion in a Battleworld realm shaped by the events of the landmark first X-crossover of the 1990s! Now, ten years after the fall of Cameron Hodge and his fascist regime, Havok and Wolfsbane have labored hard to rebuild Genosha. But their work may be for naught as a mutant-killing plague begins spreading across their nation. The island is quarantined and abandoned by the rest of the world - including the X-Men! And when Havok and Wolfsbane reach out to their old friends, they risk all-out war! Even if their species can survive the conflict, a shadow from their past may return to usher Homo superior into extinction. Plus: Relive the incendiary opening salvo of the original epic!

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X-Men - X-tinction Agenda (2011) X-Men - X-tinction Agenda (2011)
X-Men - X-tinction Agenda (2011)
English | CBR | 299 pages | 616.29 MB
Collects Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011) 235-238 & 270-272, X-Factor (1986) #60-62, New Mutants (1983) 95-97.
The war in Genosha has boiled over, and the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants will never be the same! With the never-deadlier Cameron Hodge pulling the strings, the heroes are kidnapped, killed, stripped of their powers and forced into combat! And when the dust settles, the teams change lineups, sending the X-Men into a new era!

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Lookers - Ember #1-10 (2017-2018) (ADULT) Lookers - Ember #1-10 (2017-2018) (ADULT)Lookers - Ember #1-10 (2017-2018) (ADULT)
Lookers - Ember #1-10 (2017-2018) (ADULT)
English | CBR | 10 Issues
DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
The girls are back, and this time they brought Ember to turn up the heat! Our two most fan-requested titles return, now in one super-smoking series! As the Lookers, Tanya and Michelle, decide to turn their troll-busting hobby into a business, they land one heck of a client - the supermodel-turned-superhero Ember! From webcam girls to super spies, this will be a crazy ride from writer Pat Shand and artist Gabriel Andrade! But this ongoing series gets better - each issue has an Ember solo story as well, written and drawn by Christian Zanier!

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Uncanny Inhumans v04 - IvX (2017) Uncanny Inhumans v04 - IvX (2017)
Uncanny Inhumans v04 - IvX (2017)
English | CBR | 150 pages | 271.25 MB
Collecting Uncanny Inhumans (2015-2017) #15-20.
Join the Inhumans on a path to war with the X-Men! In the depths of Black Bolt's Quiet Room, a plan is being hatched that will decide the future of Inhumanity. The daughters of the fallen Inhuman Auran are plotting a desperate attempt to resurrect her - as well as revenge against her murderer. They will reunite their family, even if means the fall of their entire race...because the cost of cheating death is high. And as the recriminations from one battle linger, a fresh conflict looms...and the X-Men will be fierce foes, because they're fighting for their very lives!

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Uncanny Inhumans v03 - Civil War II (2017) Uncanny Inhumans v03 - Civil War II (2017)
Uncanny Inhumans v03 - Civil War II (2017)
English | CBR | 129 pages | 230.39 MB
Collects Uncanny Inhumans (2015-2017) #11-14, Annual #1.
As CIVIL WAR II rocks the Marvel Universe, the Uncanny Inhumans are central to the conflict! As Ulysses, a new Inhuman blessed (or cursed?) with the ability to predict the future, sets events in motion, Iron Man takes action that will force Medusa's hand! But with escalating conflict as a distraction, Maximus the Mad seizes his moment to make matters worse! And that means while Earth's heroes duke it out, the Inhumans face their own private civil war! Who will side with whom, and how will the balance of power tip in New Attilan? And once the final punch is thrown, will the Royal Family ever be the same again? Plus: Follow the Terrigen Mist to India, and meet a new Inhuman: Grid!

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Uncanny Inhumans v02 - The Quiet Room (2016) Uncanny Inhumans v02 - The Quiet Room (2016)
Uncanny Inhumans v02 - The Quiet Room (2016)
English | CBR | 135 pages | 216.09 MB
Collects Uncanny Inhumans (2015-2017) #5-10.
Welcome to the Marvel Universe's newest nightspot, the fascinating Quiet Room. But don't let the name put you off - things will get rowdy! There's a heist to solve, a brawl on the club floor and two evil geniuses turning a game of poker into a game of super-powered chicken. No wonder Black Bolt is pulling in the big guns to put his house in order! Meanwhile, Prince Ahura vies for power, Reader is separated from his best friend and Inhuman investigator Frank McGee is on the trail of the jilted ex-leader of Ennilux. But the big question on everybody's lips: How did Medusa and the Human Torch get together? You're about to discover how a catastrophe turned into a meet-cute for Marvel's newest "It" couple. But so is Crystal - Medusa's little sister and Johnny's first love. Uh-oh!

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Uncanny Inhumans v01 - Time Crush (2016) Uncanny Inhumans v01 - Time Crush (2016)
Uncanny Inhumans v01 - Time Crush (2016)
English | CBR | 139 pages | 234.65 MB
Collects Uncanny Inhumans (2015-2017) #0-4 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2015 Avengers.
They fell to Earth; they changed the world - now Black Bolt and the Inhumans get Uncanny! Can the silent king stay quiet when Queen Medusa finds new love with the Human Torch? Or will the situation erupt in a battle of sound and fury and fire? Johnny Storm isn't the only new recruit to the Inhuman cause - the X-Men's Beast is on their side! And they'll need all the help they can get when they face the most dangerous villain throughout history: Kang the Conqueror! Kang's battleground covers thousands of years, and he'll attack the Inhumans in a horrifying fashion. What move will Kang make, millennia ago, that will wreak havoc in the present - and which Inhuman will work with him?

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Marvel Comics - Week 300 (August 15, 2018) Marvel Comics - Week 300 (August 15, 2018)
Marvel Comics - Week 300 (August 15, 2018)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | 0.99 GB
Astonishing X-Men Annual #1
Cable Deadpool Annual #1
Deadpool Assassin #5 (of 6)
Doctor Strange #4
Edge Of Spider-Geddon #1 (of 4)
Extermination #1 (of 5)
Hunt For Wolverine Claws Of A Killer #4 (of 4)
Infinity Wars #2 (of 6)
Luke Cage 001 (2018) (Digital Original)
Multiple Man #3 (of 5)
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #308
Spidey - School's Out 006 (2018)
Star Wars Beckett #1
Star Wars Poe Dameron #30
Thor #4
Tony Stark Iron Man #3
Weapon H #6
Weapon X #22

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DC Comics - Week 363 (August 15, 2018) DC Comics - Week 363 (August 15, 2018)
DC Comics - Week 363 (August 15, 2018)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 575.39 MB
Aquaman #39
Batgirl #25
Batman #53
Batwoman #18
Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye #6
Damage #8
Green Lanterns #53
Harley Quinn #48
Injustice Vs The Masters Of The Universe #2 (of 6)
Justice League #6
New Challengers #4 (of 6)
Pearl #1 (of 6)
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #94
The Death of Superman - Part 01 - 003 (2018)
Wild Storm #16

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Green Arrow - A Celebration of 75 Years (2016) Green Arrow - A Celebration of 75 Years (2016)
Green Arrow - A Celebration of 75 Years (2016)
English | CBR | 409 pages | 511.30 MB
Armed with only his bow and quiver, Oliver Queen has been targeting the criminals of the DC Universe for seventy-five years as the Green Arrow.
First appearing in 1941 as a twentieth-century Robin Hood in a tale by Mort Wesinger and George Papp, the Emerald Archer has grown to a be a wisecracking, hot-blooded, and sometimes radical counterpoint to more straight-laced superheroes. This collection features the Green Arrow in all his many forms, from the zany, boxing-glove-arrow wielding adventurer of the Silver Age to the gritty urban vigilante of the 1980s and beyond.
GREEN ARROW: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS is a crash course in the history of the Battling Bowman from origin to death to rebirth, featuring an all-star cast of comic talent including Mike Grell, Dennis O'Neil, Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Brad Meltzer, Amanda Conner, Jeff Lemire and more.

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