Books - Graphic Novels - Comics ru Books - Graphic Novels - Comics DataLife Engine Warlord of Mars Omnibus v02 (2017) Warlord of Mars Omnibus v02 (2017)
Warlord of Mars Omnibus v02 (2017)
English | CBR | 488 pages | 891.07 MB
John Carter has freed Mars from Issus, the false goddess whose tyranny once ruled the entire planet... but at a great personal cost. Dejah Thoris, his beloved princess, was taken by Matai Shang, a renegade priest determined to avenge the planet's shattered religion. Activating a doomsday device to destroy the fragile Martian atmosphere, Shang flees into the unknown regions of the north. Carter, aided by his son Carthoris and trusted alien pet Woola, must unite the many races of Mars - despite the ages of distrust and open warfare among them - for the singular purpose of averting Judgment Day! Collects issues 19-35, plus issues 0 &100!

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Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v03 - Family Reunion (2018) Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v03 - Family Reunion (2018)
Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v03 - Family Reunion (2018)
English | CBR | 120 pages | 181.42 MB
Collects Hawkeye (2017) #13-16 And Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1.
Can Los Angeles really handle two Hawkeyes? Just as Kate Bishop reaches out to ask for Clint Barton's help with finding her dead mother, the senior bowman shows up needing help of his own! An unknown party is gunning for him - and their attack kicks off a wild chase across the City of Angels! Hawkeye and Hawkeye must try their hardest to stay one step ahead - but who has Clint and Kate in their sights, and what is their sinister agenda? And could they find an ally in Madame Masque? The Hawkeyes are reunited, and it feels so good - if you don't count the two deadly enemies and crew of misfit villains out for their blood! Plus: Kate shares an intergenerational adventure with a younger Clint in the Vanishing Point!

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Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v02 - Masks (2017) Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v02 - Masks (2017)
Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v02 - Masks (2017)
English | CBR | 123 pages | 375.76 MB
Collects Hawkeye (2017) #7-12.
Hawkeye finally gets a lead on the top-secret case that brought her to Los Angeles in the first place - but to solve this mystery, Kate Bishop will have to take a good hard look at who she is and where she came from. Is she really ready to face the ghosts of her past? Maybe fixing things for a young client with oddly similar problems will help her fix herself! Probably not, though. At least she'll get to punch through her frustrations courtesy of the Worst. Fight. Club. Ever. But when her friends get in trouble and need a helping hand from Hawkeye, she always comes through - right? So when she doesn't, something must be really off. Who is this fake Kate, and what has she done with the real deal?

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Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v01 - Anchor Points (2017) Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v01 - Anchor Points (2017)
Hawkeye - Kate Bishop v01 - Anchor Points (2017)
English | CBR | 129 pages | 245.65 MB
Collecting Hawkeye (2017) #1-6.
Remember Hawkeye? No, not that Hawkeye - your favorite Hawkeye, the former Young Avenger, the butt-kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblance of order. Yup, you know her, it's the dazzling Kate Bishop - making her solo comics debut! Kate is heading back out west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and arrow and P.I. badge in tow. There are crimes to solve and she's the best archer to handle 'em! The City of Angels has a new guardian angel. This is Kate Bishop like you've never seen her before, in a brand-new saga that really hits the mark!

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Ninjak - Deluxe Edition - Book 01 (2016) Ninjak - Deluxe Edition - Book 01 (2016)
Ninjak - Deluxe Edition - Book 01 (2016)
English | CBR | 453 pages | 767.83 MB
"From New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (4001 A.D.) and superstar artists Clay Mann (Poison Ivy), Doug Braithwaite (Armor Hunters), Butch Guice (Captian America) and many more, comes the first oversized hardcover of the seven-time Harvey Award nominated series the A.V. Club calls "immensely entertaining"!
Then: Meet inexperienced MI-6 recruit Colin King on his first mission in the field as he learns the basics of spycraft and counterintelligence, and develops a volatile relationship with his first handler.
Now: Colin King is Ninjak, the world's foremost intelligence operative, weapons expert, and master assassin. And he's hunting the Shadow Seven - a secret cabal of shinobi masters with mysterious ties to his training and tragic past.
Collecting NINJAK #1 - 13, this deluxe hardcover comes packed with more than 20 pages of rarely seen art and extras!"

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Rogue & Gambit - Ring Of Fire (2018) Rogue & Gambit - Ring Of Fire (2018)
Rogue & Gambit - Ring Of Fire (2018)
English | CBR | 104 pages | 156.79 MB
Collects Rogue & Gambit #1-5.
Everybody's favorite X-couple is reunited! And boy, are they not happy about that. When Kitty Pryde sends Rogue and Gambit on an undercover mission to find a group of kidnapped mutants, what they discover will shock them. But will it also bring them closer together? Caught in the grasp of Lavish, Rogue and Gambit must face a battle royale - against each other! When saving the day means letting go of everything you just fell in love with all over again, can they bring themselves to do what must be done? Prepare for: Making out! Memory loss! Power swapping! Witty banter! Emotional manipulation! Monologuing Big Bads! Doppelganger Golem Clones! And all of it in a high-stakes adventure caper that only the two hottest X-Men can deliver!

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Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril (2014) Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril (2014)
Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril (2014)
English | CBR | 140 pages | 155.52 MB
At last, it's the return of Tom Strong--too bad he's powerless! The lives of his daughter Tesla and her unborn child both hang in the balance, and there's nothing Tom can do to save them...until he remembers the one thing that just might. To find it, he and Val Var Garm must journey to the far side of the galaxy, and the mysterious world known as...TERRA OBSCURA!

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Seaguy (2005) Seaguy (2005)
Seaguy (2005)
English | CBR | 103 pages | 128.22 MB
Straight from the brow of one of comics' most unique creators-Grant Morrison-comes SEAGUY, a hero without purpose in a world without evil! Featuring breathtaking art from Cameron Stewart, SEAGUY collects the 3-issue Vertigo miniseries that follows the strange adventure of would-be hero Seaguy and his faithful companion Chubby Da Choona as they try and decipher the mystery of Xoo-a ubiquitous new food that seems to have evolved into a brand-new conscious life form! Quirky and heart-wrenching at the same time, SEAGUY is that rarest of creations: something utterly and completely new. "Aye, aye, Seaguy!"

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Kill Your Boyfriend - Vimanarama - The Deluxe Edition (2016) Kill Your Boyfriend - Vimanarama - The Deluxe Edition (2016)
Kill Your Boyfriend - Vimanarama - The Deluxe Edition (2016)
English | CBR | 169 pages | 183.50 MB
Two vibrant, disruptive and groundbreaking narratives from comics auteurs Grant Morrison and Philip Bond - collected in their entirety for the first time ever!
When you're a teenager, any bad day can feel like the end of the world - especially in the stifling domesticity of English suburbia. The boredom of everyday life and the inescapability of bourgeois existence make death seem like an attractive option. But what happens when the excitement you crave actually arrives in full force? The answer may surprise you!
In KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND, two young lovers trade middle-class security for murder, drugs and hormone-driven anarchy. Is unbridled hedonism really everything it's cracked up to be? Of course it is!
In VIMANARAMA, a nervous bride and groom anticipate their first meeting, only to be interrupted by immortal avatars of light and shadow battling over the fate of the world. Will Ali and Sofia succeed in forging a bond in the ruins of a fallen world? It is written!
Morrison's narrative inventiveness meshes seamlessly with Bond's expressive artwork in KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND/VIMANARAMA: THE DELUXE EDITION, which includes an afterword from the author and an all-new sketchbook section from the artist.

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Baby Blues (1999-2017) Baby Blues (1999-2017)
Baby Blues (1999-2017)
English | CBR | 19 Issues | 0.98 GB
Baby Blues is an American comic strip created and produced by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott since January 7, 1990. Distributed by King Features Syndicate since 1995, the strip focuses on the MacPherson family and specifically on the raising of the three MacPherson children.
When the strip debuted, the MacPherson family consisted of Wanda and Darryl MacPherson and newborn Zoe. The first strip took place in the hospital room shortly after Zoe was born. Later, two more children - Hammie, the middle child and the only son, and Wren, the youngest child - were added to the family. Both Kirkman and Scott have drawn from their own parenting experiences as a source for the strip's content.

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