July 1, 2024 New Releases
English | CBR | 85 Issues
The Scorched #1-31 (2022-2024)The Scorched #1-31 (2022-2024)
The Scorched #1-31 (2022-2024)
English | CBR | 31 Issues | HD

The first ALL-NEW issue of TODD McFARLANE's superhero team book!
There's a threat so big that no single hero can stop it, and the formation of this new supergroup is the only thing standing in its way. Members will include SPAWN, REDEEMER, GUNSLINGER, MEDIEVAL SPAWN, and SHE-SPAWN, with many more heroes waiting in the wings!
Join the battle in this FIRST ISSUE extravaganza as the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Earth collide!

Rivers of London - Stray Cat Blues #1-2 (2024)
Rivers of London - Stray Cat Blues #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | of 4

A cat-woman, a notorious London gangster, and a brothel specialising in chimeras. Or just another Wednesday as it's known in the world of Rivers of London. Stray Cat Blues is the latest adventure in the critically acclaimed series.
CSI meets Harry Potter in this supernatural police procedural crime series based on characters and the books written by Ben Aaronovitch. This new series is scripted by regular co-writer Andrew Cartmel author of The Vinyl Detective.
Old frenemies become allies in the latest Rivers of London adventure when a mysterious cat-woman comes to The Folly looking for help to free her sisters from a notorious chimera brothel run by London gangster Monty and his sinister magically endowed mother, Mrs. Napier.
Now, Romeo, along with Abigail, Kitty Butchart aka Hoodette, Reynard Fossman, and Gina Penlaw must rescue the three imprisoned women before the Faceless Man can get his hands on them...
Collects Rivers of London: Stray Cat Blues #1-4

Pooh vs. Bambi #1-3 (2024) CompletePooh vs. Bambi #1-3 (2024) Complete
Pooh vs. Bambi #1-3 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 261 MB

In war there are rules, but the forest has none. Abandoned by his country, betrayed by those he once called family, and hunted by those who want nothing more than to keep him as a trophy, Pooh is on a mission and no amount of honey will sate his thirst - he wants revenge!

Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)
Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Syd Dallas is responsible for pop culture's greatest hero: THE DOMAIN! But his sons Miles and David have a complicated relationship with both the creation and their creator. Can they convince their dad to fight for their family's legacy?
This fun and heartfelt series written and illustrated by Eisner winner CHIP ZDARSKY (SEX CRIMINALS, Daredevil) explores a WILD ALTERNATE WORLD where comic book creators aren't properly acknowledged or compensated for their creations!! Crazy, I know!!
Hi, it's me, CHIP! I'm writing this solicitation!
Public Domain v01 (2023)
English | CBR | 125 pages | 138.73 MB
Collects PUBLIC DOMAIN #1-5

Free Agents 001 (2024)
Free Agents 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 41 pages | 154.49 MB

An all-new ongoing series! KURT BUSIEK (ASTRO CITY), FABIAN NICIEZA (Deadpool), and STEPHEN MOONEY (Half Past Danger) introduce a team of young veterans, survivors of a massive intergalactic war.
**Salvo. Pike. Katari. Shakti. Ridge. Maraud. Chalice. **
They've fought every day of their existence and won a terrible victory. Now they're stranded on Earth, free agents for the first time.
But when relics from their long war appear, threatening their chance at better lives, their greatest battle begins. They've fought for a million planets. Can they fight to save their own souls?

Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)
Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | (of 06)

Oliver is a seemingly typical 12 year old boy... except for a mysterious family history that seems to start and end with his mother, and unexplainable powers, that is.
He can do things other boys can't, to the point of landing him in some trouble. Baffled by the surreal cartoonish nature of his abilities and followed by a murder of peculiar crows, the mystery behind Oliver's family history finally unfolds!
Written by fan-favorite writer Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Local Man) and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dave Wachter (Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), discover what makes Oliver special and strange as he searches for his place in the world.

Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)
Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Discover the tantalizing tale of Rubin Baksh, a demonic Rakshasa with a down-to-earth dream of becoming the next Anthony Bourdain.
To achieve his vision, Rubin enlists Mo, a filmmaker who has seen better days, to document the world-renowned cuisine of India and the people behind such glorious food.
But little does Mo know that there's more to Rubin than meets the eye, and the mortals play a darker role in the show than they were prepared for...
Entice your palate with the follow up offering from the Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo Award-nominated team of Ram V (Detective Comics, Blue In Green) and Filipe Andrade (Fantastic Four, Star) in this series painstakingly prepared for fans of Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts and Eat The Rich!

The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)
The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The Last Mermaid is a post-apocalyptic adventure that is perfect for fans of lush, animation-style artwork like that of Isola, Low, and classic Miyazaki.
A lone mermaid roams an endless wasteland on a quest beyond reason. To press ever onward, she must survive the interminable stretches between tiny pockets of water, roaming bands of cybernetic cannibals and fearsome mutant beasts. What propels her forward to take such a risk? And who is that cloaked figure watching her from afar... ?

Holy Roller #1-7 (2023-2024)Holy Roller #1-7 (2023-2024)
Holy Roller #1-7 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | HD | of 9

SERIES PREMIERE Everyone was sitting around wondering when comedy legend ANDY SAMBERG (SNL, Palm Springs) would join super-star writer RICK REMENDER (DEADLY CLASS, LOW) and Fall Out Boy's multi-talented JOE TROHMAN to write a comic about a vigilante hero who smashes people's faces with a bowling ball - and everyone's dreams have come true! With art by the fan-favorite ROLAND BOSCHI (THE SCUMBAG, Wolverine)! To care for his ailing father, pro bowler Levi Coen is forced to quit his dream job and return to his hometown, which he soon discovers has been overrun by Neo-Nazis! With only his bowling ball collection to defend himself, Levi becomes THE HOLY ROLLER, a trick bowling ball-wielding Jewish superhero battling to liberate his home and bowl a perfect game against crime! Kingpin meets Inglourious Basterds meets Batman (that old chestnut) with equal parts action and humor in this special introductory issue with 42 full pages of story! Two issues for the price of one! Three writers for the price of one! Same great low price!

Savage Dragon #0-10, 113-271 (1993-2024)Savage Dragon #0-10, 113-271 (1993-2024)
Savage Dragon #0-10, 113-271 (1993-2024)
English | CBR | 169 Issues | 5.53 GB

Savage Dragon goes back to his roots! Nearly 12 years after walking off the job as a law enforcement officer Savage Dragon rejoins the Chicago Police Department. It's a great jumping on point for new readers and old, and it helps pave the way for IMAGE UNITED. The Vicious Circle is reborn and Captain Frank Darling turns to the one man he knows can get the job done: The Dragon!

Sam & Twitch - Case Files #1-4 (2024)Sam & Twitch - Case Files #1-4 (2024)
Sam & Twitch - Case Files #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Your fan-favorite detectives are back in their new ongoing series, SAM AND TWITCH: CASE FILES. From the world of SPAWN, acclaimed creator TODD McFARLANE and artist SZYMON KUDRANSKI bring you a tale of murder, intrigue, and deception in this noir crime drama.
Sam Burke and Maximilian "Twitch" Williams are two fictional NYPD homicide detectives, created by Spawn by Todd McFarlane with thanks to Lance Gueck, who debuted in Spawn #1 back in 1992.

Grim #1-18 + Special (2022-2024)Grim #1-18 + Special (2022-2024)
Grim #1-18 + Special (2022-2024)
English | CBR | 19 Issues

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the complementary comic book blog to the ODPH podcast! For this edition, we are checking out a brand new series that is projected to be a monster hit from Boom Studios. Grim #1 by Stephanie Phillips, Flaviano, Rico Renzi, & Tom Napolitano is a very entertaining read and one that you should definitely keep your eyes out for at the local comic shops this week. Let's deep dive into this new series and see what it's all about, shall we?
Local Man #1-11 + Special (2023-2024)Local Man #1-11 + Special (2023-2024)
Local Man #1-11 + Special (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 13 Issues | HD

STRAY DOGS creator TONY FLEECS teams with REVIVAL's TIM SEELEY for a series that combines rural crime noir and superhero action.
Once the star recruit of the media sensation super-team THIRD GEN, JACK XAVER had it all. But when controversy sends CROSSJACK crawling back to his mom and dad's basement in the Midwest, Jack struggles to fit into a world he left far behind. And then the bodies start piling up.
Each issue is a classic Image Comics FLIP BOOK with a lead story drawn by FLEECS and a superhero flashback into the depths of the Image Universe drawn by SEELEY.

Gunslinger Spawn #1-33 (2021-2024)Gunslinger Spawn #1-33 (2021-2024)
Gunslinger Spawn #1-33 (2021-2024)
English | CBR | 33 Issues | HD

Introducing the launch of the second new monthly title spinning out of the SPAWN UNIVERSE, with one of the most popular characters in the entire SPAWN mythology! This book contains three separate GUNSLINGER stories, each taking a look at his journey through time - from the wild, wild west to the 21st century. Will his 200-year-old past come back to haunt him as he navigates the strange world of 2021? Get ready for the past and present to collide in this new ongoing title!

Bear Pirate Viking Queen #1-3 (2024) CompleteBear Pirate Viking Queen #1-3 (2024) Complete
Bear Pirate Viking Queen #1-3 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 482 MB

From SEAN LEWIS (KING SPAWN) comes a blood-splattered story of conquest. Bears. Pirates. Vikings. And Queens - all battling for their claim to determine what the world will become.
Rendered in stunning watercolor by artist JONATHAN MARKS BARRAVECCHIA, it's a gorgeous story of the blood spilled to make countries. And what's cooler than bears, pirates, vikings, and queens???
With 72 stunning pages, it's sure to be one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking books of the year.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #1-92 (2020-2024)The Walking Dead Deluxe #1-92 (2020-2024)
The Walking Dead Deluxe #1-92 (2020-2024)
English | CBR | 92 Issues

Read it again! It's time to revisit the historic independent series that took the entertainment world by storm 17 years ago! Follow Rick Grimes's journey again, from the very beginning, but this time in STUNNING FULL COLOR by the masterful DAVE McCAIG. This deluxe version will feature a memorable array of variant covers commemorating major character introductions and the series' most memorable twists and turns. Each issue will include a new installment of "The Cutting Room Floor," featuring ROBERT KIRKMAN's original handwritten plots along with commentary on abandoned storylines and things that may have changed along the way. This deluxe, definitive presentation of the story in full color will NOT be collected any time soon, so these single issues will be the only way to experience this.

Dune - House Corrino #1-4 (2024)Dune - House Corrino #1-4 (2024)
Dune - House Corrino #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | (of 08)

House Corrino, once the deadliest house in the Dune universe as the Imperial family, plays a key role in the developments leading into the events of the first novel.
While conflicts escalate between the Fremen and House Harkonnon on Arrakis, the Bene Gesserit keep a close eye on Jessica's fateful pregnancy, and House Atreides takes part in the plan to seal Ix's fate...
Legendary authors Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson are joined by artist Simone Ragazzoni (Power Rangers Universe) for the third and final prequel to one of the most celebrated science fiction novels of all time!

Blow Away #1-3 (2024)Blow Away #1-3 (2024)
Blow Away #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Unyielding wildlife photographer Brynne Brautigan, isolated in the remote cold of Baffin Island, sees something she can't unsee.
An argument, followed by an outburst of intense violence between two nearby climbers - did she just witness a murder?
In a frantic search for the truth, Brynne discovers just what she's looking for, but little does she know that more than the silent white of winter is keeping her company...
Hit writer Zac Thompson (Hunt for the Skinwalker, Cemetery Kids Don't Die) and star artist Nicola Izzo (Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer) team up for this neo-noir crime thriller rife with murder and paranoia, in the tradition of Fargo and Rear Window!

Cyberpunk 2077 - Kickdown 01 (of 04) (2024)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Kickdown 01 (of 04) (2024)
English | CBR | 25 pages | 57.75 MB

Fire up the engines, it's a street takeover! With her foot on the pedal of the hottest ride in Night City, the daughter of a famed carjacker is out to fix the past. In a crowd of gangsters, racers, and criminals, word on the street travels fast - and that's all according to plan. • Written by Tomasz Marchewka (the principal writer of the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty)!


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