Vampirella - Dark Reflections 001 (2024)
Vampirella - Dark Reflections 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 34 pages | 81.28 MB

The Daughters of Drakulon return with a vengeance in June with an all-new tale of the Vampiverse!
Vampirella's daughter Lilith, now working for the Reality Corporation, has received her first assignment: investigate an anomaly in one of the many threads of the Fabric where the Vampirella of that world has gone eerily silent. Upon reaching this troubled reality, Lilith discovers a world overrun by the spawn of Chaos, and a Vampirella beaten and broken by the forces she has sworn to combat. Now, it's up to Lilith to save this world from a monstrous evil and to restore Vampirella to the warrior of Order she once had been!
The acclaimed writing team of TOM SNIEGOSKI and JEANNINE ACHESON (Vampiverse, Pantha) reunite with artist DANIEL MAINE (Vampiverse, Chastity) for this exciting addition to the Expanded Vampirella Universe - featuring eye-catching covers from fan-favorites JENNY FRISON, LUCIO PARRILLO, JAY ANACLETO, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, and cosplay by JOANIE BROSAS!

Disney Villains - Cruella De Vil #1-4 (2024)Disney Villains - Cruella De Vil #1-4 (2024)
Disney Villains - Cruella De Vil #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

The beloved Disney villain - in her own FABULOUS series, darling!
Even though there's absolutely no hard evidence that noted couturière Cruella De Vil was ever involved in the theft of any Dalmatian puppies, her name has been ruined in all of the tabloids, and now her reputation in the fashion world is hanging by a thread. Which is why she's willing to do anything - ANYTHING! - to restore her good name - even stealing the royal family's priceless jewels!
How will that restore her reputation, you ask? You'll just have to pick up this brand new entry in Dynamite's Disney Villains adventures to find out! With a story (and a cover) by the astonishingly talented SWEENEY BOO, and interior art by the continentally sophisticated MIRIANA PUGLIA, Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil #1 also features covers from the intensely fashionable JOSHUA MIDDLETON!

Vampirella 666-669 (2024)Vampirella 666-669 (2024)
Vampirella 666-669 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

To celebrate the start of Vampirella's sixth decade in comics, CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and ERGÜN GÜNDÜZ continue their legendary run on the series with a mind-bending new story that launches with the landmark issue #666 - restoring the legacy numbering for the title that will continue going forward, reflecting all of Vampi's previous appearances in print. The road to #700 starts here!
This explosive tale opens with a bang as Vampirella is murdered by a mysterious blonde woman who looks exactly like her - only to awaken, alive again and surrounded by her husband, friends, and pseudo-superhero mom Lilith. All seems normal and right with the world, except for her nagging suspicion that none of it actually is - and the fact that she keeps being murdered, over and over, by that strange blonde! Strap in for our weirdest yarn yet as "Beyond" takes everyone's favorite space vampire into a whole new world - one that she herself may have created!
Featuring jaw-dropping cover art by LUCIO PARRILLO, FELIPE MASSAFERA, CARLA COHEN, ERGÜN GÜNDÜZ, and RACHEL HOLLON cosplay, this milestone 40-page issue also includes "Sanctuary," Priest's classic 6-page wordless story from 1999's Vampirella Monthly #19, illustrated by ALAN DAVIS!

Thundercats #1-5 (2024)Thundercats #1-5 (2024)
Thundercats #1-5 (2024)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD

Fleeing through space to escape their dying home world, the ThunderCats were attacked en route by their mortal enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr. After diverting their damaged flagship to a planet called Third Earth, the surviving ThunderCats now strive to rebuild their society in harmony with the new world's natives. But the Mutants, determined to possess the ThunderCats' mystical gem, the Eye of Thundera, have tracked them down - and they've also forged an alliance with Mumm-Ra, the devil-priest of Third Earth!
Now the ThunderCats, led by an inexperienced Lion-O, must band together as never before to protect their legacy from this combined enemy. But will they be able to withstand the onslaught of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living, once he sets his eyes upon them?
The triple-threat talents (writers, artists, and ThunderCats superfans) of DECLAN SHALVEY and DREW MOSS join forces to bring this exciting new entry in the ThunderCats canon to life! This premier issue features 24 story pages as well as a host of the finest cover artists the galaxy has ever seen, including SHALVEY, DAVID NAKAYAMA, LUCIO PARRILLO, JAE LEE & JUNE CHUNG, and IVAN TAO!

Lilo & Stitch #1-4 (2024)Lilo & Stitch #1-4 (2024)
Lilo & Stitch #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Get ready for a new adventure with LILO & STITCH as the irrepressible pair launch their very first ongoing comic series, brought to you by superstar writer GREG PAK (Darth Vader, Mech Cadets) and artist GIULIA GIACOMINO!
Life seems to have calmed down for Experiment 626 and his new family on Earth - at least until evil aliens come hunting for everyone's favorite blue-furred troublemaker. The kicker? They're using giant robots that are powered by Stitch's own DNA! Will Lilo's beloved pet be able to take on these villains and lead them away from his adopted planet and loved ones? And even if he succeeds, will he be able to find his way back home?

Space Ghost #1-2 (2024)Space Ghost #1-2 (2024)
Space Ghost #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Greed and corruption flourish in the darkness between stars. With the territories of the Galactic Federation spread far and wide across the vastness of space, pirates and hijackers ransack the distant colonies with cruel disregard for the innocent scientists living within them.
Yet there is a cosmic vigilante who metes out justice throughout the galaxy, bringing vengeance to those who prey upon the defenseless.
Some say he is a policeman who has abandoned the strictures of the law. Others say he is a phantom, the sole survivor of a war-torn planet. And those who have survived his wrath claim he is more a force of nature, able to bend the very elements of Creation to decimate his enemies.
They call him the SPACE GHOST ? and his adventures begin here!
Award-winning writer DAVID PEPOSE (Punisher) and superstar artist JONATHAN LAU (Vampirella Strikes) kick off this action-packed series with a surprise attack on Space Colony Omicron ? home of the brilliant scientist Dr. Jerrod Keplar and his young children, Jan and Jace, as well as their pet monkey, Blip. With the colony?s defenses overwhelmed, all seems lost ? but these ruthless pirates didn?t count on the wild card that is Space Ghost!
This debut issue also includes covers from some of the finest artists in the known universe ? including FRANCESCO MATTINA, JAE LEE & JUNE CHUNG, BJORN BARENDS, and MICHAEL CHO!

Red Sonja Vol.7 #1-11 (2023-2024)Red Sonja Vol.7 #1-11 (2023-2024)
Red Sonja Vol.7 #1-11 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 11 Issues

Following directly from the pages of Red Sonja #0, the She-Devil finds herself on the run, framed for murder, and with an unseen force tugging at the back of her mind. Join Sonja as she races to unravel the mystery of "His Master's Voice!"
Written By Torunn Grønbekk and featuring art by Red Sonja superstar Walter Geovani (with colors by Omi Remalante, Jr.), this brand-new series dives deep into Sonja's world, exploring the darkness of Hyboria like never before. And all this is wrapped up in an amazing series of covers: Shannon Maer, Jimmy Cheung, Alan Quah, Bryan Hitch, Joanie Brosas (Cosplay), Jenny Frison, and MANY more - including the Dynamite Debut of Bjorn Barends!

Jennifer Blood - First Blood v01 (2013)
Jennifer Blood - First Blood v01 (2013)
English | CBR | 154 pages | HD | 318.44 MB

Collects Jennifer Blood: First Blood #1-6!
After her gangster uncles killed her parents, Jessica Blute survived only by faking her own death. With a new identity, she distanced herself from her past, got married, and raised a family. Then, many years later, she sought out her uncles and delivered brutal, bloody justice! What triggered the transformation of a sweet, loving, domestic goddess into a cold-hearted killing machine? Prepare yourself for the story of Jessie Blute's lost years... and how her alter-ego Jennifer Blood came to act out the ultimate revenge fantasy!

The Army of Darkness - Forever #1-8 (2023-2024)The Army of Darkness - Forever #1-8 (2023-2024)
The Army of Darkness - Forever #1-8 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 8 Issues

After it debuted in 1992, the classic Sam Raimi film Army of Darkness quickly became the most beloved movie of the popular Evil Dead franchise. And with the launch of their Army of Darkness comics in 2005, Dynamite set a new standard for the indefatigable Ash Williams's adventures in any medium! Now, after nearly three decades of Ash-tastic action, Dynamite is upping the ante with the ultimate AOD comic book series: Army of Darkness... FOREVER!
Picking up immediately after the events of Army of Darkness (the Director's Cut, natch), Ash chainsaws his way through the Techno Army of Darkness in 2093 and defends the sacred aisles of the S-Mart in 1993! (What? How!?) Meanwhile, in the distant past, his lady love Sheila fights off a rising evil at Castle Kandar!
Written and illustrated by comics heavyweights TONY FLEECS and JUSTIN GREENWOOD, Army of Darkness Forever features incredible covers by some of the medium's greatest masters of horror, including series writer/mastermind TONY FLEECS, artist NICK DRAGOTTA (East of West), the zombie king himself, ARTHUR SUYDAM, and master painter FRANCESCO MATTINA!

Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #1-4 (2024)Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #1-4 (2024)
Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

It had to happen someday! Elvira accepts the Collect Call of Cthulhu and finds herself on a comical quest for the last copy of the Necronomicon with the ghost of H.P. Lovecraft. Will she be able to tolerate Lovecraft long enough to save the world from the Great Old Ones? Or will this particular Whisperer in the Dark drive her straight past the Mountains of Madness?
Discover the unspeakable answer in this eldritch tale of cosmic comedy and tentacled terror from writer DAVID AVALLONE (Elvira in Monsterland, Bettie Page: Unbound) and artist KEWBER BAAL (Elvira in Monsterland, Vampirella) - featuring cyclopean covers by BAAL, DAVE ACOSTA, ROBERT HACK, and a singularly stunning Elvira photo cover!

James Bond Vol.2 #1-5 (2024)James Bond Vol.2 #1-5 (2024)
James Bond Vol.2 #1-5 (2024)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD

A relic of the Cold War, the deadly compound Stalvoda has a long buried connection with MI6. So when it mysteriously reappears in disturbing circumstances, the agency naturally assigns its best operative to get to the bottom of things - 007 himself, James Bond.
But Bond isn't the only one to have carried the Double O rank, and with it MI6's secrets. Former agent Archibald Tyron is another, and he's also carrying a grudge - one that's aimed squarely at the heart of His Majesty's Secret Service!
Legendary comics author GARTH ENNIS (The Boys, Preacher, Battlefields, The Punisher) joins artist RAPHA LOBOSCO (James Bond: Black Box) and cover artist DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son, Deadpool) to bring you Part One of "Your Cold, Cold Heart" - marking the 10-year anniversary of James Bond comics being published at Dynamite!

Disney Hercules #1-2 (2024)Disney Hercules #1-2 (2024)
Disney Hercules #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

The world?s favorite demigod-turned-mortal is back, and he?s about to embark on the biggest adventure since The Odyssey!
The Greek gods don?t really get why Hercules chose a mortal life over the opportunity to join them on Mt. Olympus, but since he proved his mettle as a hero many times over, they?re happy to enlist his help with missions that require interventions in the earthly realm. So when Aphrodite grants an artist?s wish that his sculpture be brought to life, Herc gets the call to clean things up when the newly conscious artwork proves to be more bone-crushingly lively than expected!
But after discovering that the rogue statue is just misunderstood, and a little rambunctious (much like himself as a youth), Hercules returns to explain the situation to Aphrodite ? only to find her temple empty and abandoned. Is the goddess of love just pouting, or is something more sinister afoot? If you know anything about classic mythology, you know it?s going to be the latter!
The immortal team of Emmy Award-winning writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and Gargoyles artist GEORGE KAMBADAIS bring these legends of antiquity to hilarious new life in this brand-new ongoing series. This premier issue also features a pantheon of divinely talented cover artists, including KAMBADAIS, MATTEO LOLLI, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and more!

Gargoyles - Quest #1-2 (2024)Gargoyles - Quest #1-2 (2024)
Gargoyles - Quest #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Acclaimed author and Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN is joined by artist PASQUALE QUALANO for an all-new chapter in the ongoing Gargoyles saga - and the stakes have never been higher for the Manhattan Clan!
Thwarted in her earlier attempt to gain control of the ancient magical artifacts known as the Original Keys to Power, the evil DEMONA has set her sights on three New Keys that will give her the ability to make any human in her vicinity into her willing puppet. All that stands between Demona and world domination are Goliath and the Manhattan Clan. But despite their best efforts, Demona always seems to be a step ahead, gathering one Key after another. And once she has them all, the entire human race had better beware!

Darkwing Duck Justice Ducks #1-3 (2024)Darkwing Duck Justice Ducks #1-3 (2024)
Darkwing Duck Justice Ducks #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Foes of evil! Enemies of injustice! To the mighty heroes of the JUSTICE DUCKS, all bad guys are a total bummer and must be taken down - even if said bad-o's are from OUTER SPACE!
In this thrilling maiden issue: Flying saucers descend from the skies, to (maybe) wreak (possible) havoc upon the (mostly) innocent citizens of St. Canard! All that's stopping these aggressive alien agitators is STEGMUTT, GIZMODUCK, NEPTUNIA, MORGANA, and (most important, in his opinion) DARKWING DUCK!
Written by the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning ROGER LANGRIDGE and illustrated by celebrated Darkwing Duck artist CARLO LAURO, this latest chapter in the ongoing saga of St. Canard's web-footed wonders is surely destined for greatness - just like DD himself!

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - The Great Hunt #1-6 (2023-2024)Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - The Great Hunt #1-6 (2023-2024)
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - The Great Hunt #1-6 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

In this exciting new comics adaptations of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, the momentous events related in the prologue of the novel The Great Hunt are brought to vivid life! Dive back into Jordan's captivating fantasy world and discover the fascinating events that set the stage for the adventures of Rand and his compatriots as they hunt down the Horn of Valere!
In chapter 1, "In the Shadows," the Dark One gathers his sinister followers, the Darkfriends, and charges them to find the new Dragon that has been born into the world - at any cost. For unless he can separate the Dragon from the light, all of the Dark One's meticulously crafted plans are threatened!
Written by RIK HOSKIN and illustrated by MARCIO ABREU with colors by VINICIUS ANDRADE, The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt #1 also features beautifully rendered covers by MEL RUBI and JORDAN GUNDERSON, as well as a special photo cover from Prime Video's The Wheel of Time TV series. All covers cardstock.

Li'l Creeps 001 (2015)
Li'l Creeps 001 (2015)
English | CBR | 36 pages | 31.61 MB

Do you miss the ghosts and witches from Harvey Comics? Do you like Patrick the Wolf Boy and The Grimm Reaper? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then Lil' Creeps is for you. Filled with silly, all ages humor with cartoony versions of The Phantom of the Opera, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Igor, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, Wolf Man and The Invisible Man, Lil' Creeps is surprisingly well written and sometimes very sophisticated.

The Green Hornet - Reign of the Demon (2017)
The Green Hornet - Reign of the Demon (2017)
English | CBR | 107 pages | 146.49 MB

Britt Reid, the masked crimefighter known as The Green Hornet, and his inseparable ally Kato return in an all-new tale by David Liss (Black Panther, The Spider) and Kewber Baal (Kiss)! If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it could be the deadliest for Central City's staunch defenders! Green Hornet's personal vendetta against organized crime creates a void in Chicago, one filled by two more masked individuals: the vicious Demone and the cavalier Swashbuckler. While the former establishes himself as a most formidable foe, the latter claims to be a friend... but is he playing a far more subtle game?

The Shadow - The Death of Margo Lane (2016)
The Shadow - The Death of Margo Lane (2016)
English | CBR | 142 pages | 193.77 MB

Legendary creator Matt Wagner returns to both write and draw an all-new tale for the first and most famous of all pulp heroes, The Shadow! Following his critically-acclaimed work on The Shadow: Year One and Grendel vs. The Shadow, Wagner once again lends his masterful talents to unveil "what evil lurks in the hearts of men", joined by talented colorist Brennan Wagner. For years, Margo Lane has served as The Shadow's faithful friend and companion, the closest and most intimate of all his many agents. But when will that proximity to The Shadow's dark and violent world take its ultimate toll on her? And what effect will his lover's loss have on the driven and brooding Master of Darkness? A powerful and resonant tale in the sort of pulse-pounding pulp style that only Matt Wagner could deliver!
Also includes Matt Wagner's 8 page story from The Shadow #100.

Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-2 (2024)Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-2 (2024)
Red Sonja - Empire of the Damned #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

After landing in jail following a night of drunken revelry, Red Sonja hears an outlandish story from a fellow inmate. Deep in the mountains lies a dead city in a valley with no name. Abandoned and forgotten, its fields and streets are littered with the bones of two armies, all destroyed by a curse from a warlock who has long since vanished, along with his vast treasure ? untold riches just waiting to be taken.
At least that is the legend. But Sonja?s cellmate Morgo has more than a diverting tale ? he?s also got a map that says this legend could well be reality. All they need to do is break out of lockup and hit the road ? which may be easier said than done!
Crafted by legendary writer STEVE NILES (30 Days of Night, Simon Dark) and rising art star ALESSANDRO AMORUSO, Red Sonja: Empire of the Damned #1 delivers monsters, magic, and mayhem in equal measure ?

The Bionic Woman - Season Four (2016)
The Bionic Woman - Season Four (2016)
English | CBR | 106 pages | 145.57 MB

The Bionic Woman returns! Jaime Sommers, the iconic heroine of the wildly popular television series which ran from 1976 to 1978, is back in action in an all-new adventure that features guest appearances by fan favorites Oscar Goldman and Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man!
Finally coming to terms with her life as a bionic woman, Jaime Sommers balances her personal life with the occasional mission as a top agent for the OSI. Recently upgraded with new bionic components and software, she is deployed to Mexico on a routine assignment... and discovers herself the target of Maureo Morales, a rogue general formerly of the Air Force. The machinations of this new enemy - and his obsession with cyborgs and Fembots - will lead her to North Eden, a picturesque community billed as being "just a little bit closer to Heaven." What is the bizarre secret of North Eden, and how will Sommers survive the general's master plan?


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