Wild's End 01-06 (2023) CompleteWild's End 01-06 (2023) Complete
Wild's End 01-06 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 268 MB

Journey to alien-occupied interwar England, courtesy of the award-winning creative team of Dan Abnett (Warhammer 40K, Immortal Red Sonja) & I.N.J. Culbard (Salamandre, Tales From The Umbrella Academy), with Nik Abnett providing additional material!
Out at sea during the invasion, our intimate crew of unlucky voyagers returns to a world they once knew, their once-cozy seaside home now occupied by alien invaders.
Combining a rich cast of anthropomorphized characters in the tradition of Blacksad and aliens unlike any you've ever seen in the spirit of War of the Worlds meets Wind in the Willows! Wild's End is a world unlike any other... one you won't want to leave.

Spider-Man Return of the Burglar (2018)
Spider-Man Return of the Burglar (2018)
English | CBR | 176 pages | 340.35 MB

Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998) #193-200.
The Cat and The Burglar! Spider-Man's first true enemy - the burglar who killed his beloved Uncle Ben has returned on a hunt that threatens the rest of the Parker family, even as the Web-Slinger first crosses paths with the lovely and larcenous Black Cat! Meanwhile, the Kingpin's on a deadline - to see Spidey dead! Plus: Mysterio and the Fly, mysteries and breakdowns, crisis after crisis, and more!

Jane (2017)
Jane (2017)
English | CBR | 208 pages | 499.43 MB

A reimagining of Charlotte Brontë's classic novel Jane Eyre set in present day, written by acclaimed screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna and Eisner Award-winning illustrator Ramón K. Pérez.
Growing up in a broken home in a small fishing town, Jane dreamed of escaping to art school and following the allure of New York City. When that dream becomes a reality however, it's not long before she feels out of place by the size of the city and the talent of her peers. She soon discovers her place as she begins to nanny a young girl named Adele, but that is upended when she falls for the girl's father, Rochester, a sardonic man of power, wealth, and unexpected charm. Jane learns that in the world of New York's elite, secrets are the greatest extravagance and she'll have to decide if she should trust the man she loves or do what ever it takes to protect Adele from the consequences of his deception.

Pizza Face (2024)
Pizza Face (2024)
English | CBR | 225 pages | 53.32 MB

A funny, feel-good middle-grade graphic memoir about breaking out, battling puberty, and braving complicated friendships.
It's time to face facts!
On the first day of seventh grade, Rex encounters a bump in the road -- a big angry pimple right in the center of his forehead. And this is only the beginning of his problems. What follows is a frustrating battle with stubborn acne, body odor, and other embarrassments of puberty. Still struggling with a home life edging on the poverty line, Rex can't afford to buy the acne medication or deodorant he needs, and bullies are noticing Rex's awkward transformation. On top of it all, things have gotten weird with his friends, making Rex feel like he can't do or say anything right. So far, seventh grade stinks!

Wifwulf (2024)
Wifwulf (2024)
English | CBR | 111 pages | 279.35 MB

Angela Carter's The Company of Wolves and Emily Carroll's Through the Woods meet Squad (Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle), in WIFWULF - a tale of transformation, blood, and beauty that calls to the wild freedom of our true selves within each of us.
A haunting story of deep loneliness, raw wounds, wild magic, and the freedom of transformation.
Wif. Noun, Old English: A Woman; this word is also the origina from which the word "wife" is derived. Contrast with "wer," a man.
Wulf. Noun, Old English: A Wolf, a wild carnivorous mammal of the Canidae family, which lives and hunts in packs.
WIFWULF is an original folklore myth telling the story of Charity Bjornsdotter, a young woman in 1860's Montana who spends her days in the woods with her closest friend, a local wolf she calls Silver Slash. Charity is on the precipice of marriage to the most handsome man in her small village, the mercurial-yet-beloved Paul Skeld. But as her husband isolates her from Silver Slash, she begins to feel a call to the wilds...for it is there that her true destiny awaits. WIFWULF is the harrowing tale of a woman forcibly separated from that which makes her feel alive, a reinterpretation of the classic werewolf myth... and the origin story of a new goddess.
A successfully funded, beloved project on Kickstarter, WIFWULF explores a few facets of trauma but especially speaks to relationship abuse, something that has touched more than one member of the creative team. It's a story that reminds us that even when you feel at your most monstrous, you can find your way back. But not unchanged.
It is also a story about werewolves. About bloody revenge and deep loneliness. About the secret, sad meaning behind the howls we hear from the dark forests on the darkest of nights.
Experience this haunting story in the dark of night, in whatever moonlit warren you call home - or shed your skin, embrace the night, and run wild with magic - and become forever changed.
This book contains mature content and may not be for everyone. WIFWULF contains gore, intimate partner violence, body horror, and animal death.
For fans of Emily Carroll's Through the Woods, Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (specifically: The Company of Wolves), works by Kelly Link, Carmen Maria Machado's Her Body and Other Parties, Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle, Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, Kelly Armstrong's Bitten, Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Emma Rios, By Chance or Providence by Becky Cloonan, Monstress by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda, and the films The Witch and Princess Mononoke.

Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)
Public Domain #1-5, 6 (2022, 2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Syd Dallas is responsible for pop culture's greatest hero: THE DOMAIN! But his sons Miles and David have a complicated relationship with both the creation and their creator. Can they convince their dad to fight for their family's legacy?
This fun and heartfelt series written and illustrated by Eisner winner CHIP ZDARSKY (SEX CRIMINALS, Daredevil) explores a WILD ALTERNATE WORLD where comic book creators aren't properly acknowledged or compensated for their creations!! Crazy, I know!!
Hi, it's me, CHIP! I'm writing this solicitation!
Public Domain v01 (2023)
English | CBR | 125 pages | 138.73 MB
Collects PUBLIC DOMAIN #1-5

Free Agents 001 (2024)
Free Agents 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 41 pages | 154.49 MB

An all-new ongoing series! KURT BUSIEK (ASTRO CITY), FABIAN NICIEZA (Deadpool), and STEPHEN MOONEY (Half Past Danger) introduce a team of young veterans, survivors of a massive intergalactic war.
**Salvo. Pike. Katari. Shakti. Ridge. Maraud. Chalice. **
They've fought every day of their existence and won a terrible victory. Now they're stranded on Earth, free agents for the first time.
But when relics from their long war appear, threatening their chance at better lives, their greatest battle begins. They've fought for a million planets. Can they fight to save their own souls?

All the Things We Didn't Do Last Night (2024)
All the Things We Didn't Do Last Night (2024)
English | CBR | 35 pages | 70.19 MB

Author MARIA LLOVET (CRAVE, Luna, Porcelain) returns with this** sexy one-shot** compilation of her 3-part story, previously published in the IMAGE 30TH ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY.
Mamen is a young art historian who has become a jewelry thief because of a trauma from her past.
Damon is a hitman tired of his bosses.
Oblivious to their secret lives, they meet cute and promise to go on a date. But fate unites them before they planned, as both witness each other's crime.

Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)
Uncanny Valley #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | (of 06)

Oliver is a seemingly typical 12 year old boy... except for a mysterious family history that seems to start and end with his mother, and unexplainable powers, that is.
He can do things other boys can't, to the point of landing him in some trouble. Baffled by the surreal cartoonish nature of his abilities and followed by a murder of peculiar crows, the mystery behind Oliver's family history finally unfolds!
Written by fan-favorite writer Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Local Man) and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dave Wachter (Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), discover what makes Oliver special and strange as he searches for his place in the world.

Something Epic #1-11 (2023-2024)Something Epic #1-11 (2023-2024)
Something Epic #1-11 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 11 Issues | HD

Outside our perception, creative thought takes physical form, with only a handful of individuals known as Epics able to interact with this wondrous hidden world. But for fourteen-year-old Danny Dillon, accepting these responsibilities himself won't be easy - or safe. Lose yourself in a world of endless fantasy and creativity, where superheroes, monsters, magical creatures, and cartoon characters live and breathe alongside us.
Fan-favorite SPAWN and Punisher artist SZYMON KUDRAŃSKI introduces a world where the only limitation is your imagination.

Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)
Rare Flavours #1-6 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Discover the tantalizing tale of Rubin Baksh, a demonic Rakshasa with a down-to-earth dream of becoming the next Anthony Bourdain.
To achieve his vision, Rubin enlists Mo, a filmmaker who has seen better days, to document the world-renowned cuisine of India and the people behind such glorious food.
But little does Mo know that there's more to Rubin than meets the eye, and the mortals play a darker role in the show than they were prepared for...
Entice your palate with the follow up offering from the Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo Award-nominated team of Ram V (Detective Comics, Blue In Green) and Filipe Andrade (Fantastic Four, Star) in this series painstakingly prepared for fans of Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts and Eat The Rich!

The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)
The Last Mermaid #1-5 (2024)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The Last Mermaid is a post-apocalyptic adventure that is perfect for fans of lush, animation-style artwork like that of Isola, Low, and classic Miyazaki.
A lone mermaid roams an endless wasteland on a quest beyond reason. To press ever onward, she must survive the interminable stretches between tiny pockets of water, roaming bands of cybernetic cannibals and fearsome mutant beasts. What propels her forward to take such a risk? And who is that cloaked figure watching her from afar... ?


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