Crossed +100 - Mimic #1-6 (2018) CompleteCrossed +100 - Mimic #1-6 (2018) Complete
Crossed +100 - Mimic #1-6 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 600dpi | 1.99 GB

Crossed is back with a giant-size new series! The world of Crossed +100 was created by Alan Moore and introduced us to an entire civilization and language set one hundred years after the Crossed outbreak devoured humanity. Now Christos Gage delves into that future with MIMIC, as one of Beau Salt's disciples invades a military base to pick apart the best and brightest. Each issue also has a second feature as writer Pat Shand teams up with artist Raulo Caceres to deliver a chapter of AMERICAN HISTORY X, based on the events Moore spotlighted as key points in the saga.
Available with a sizzling array of covers: Regular by Gabriel Andrade, History X Wraparound and American History X by Raulo Caceres, Fatal Fantasy and Hellish Homage by Renato Camilo, and Ms Mayhem by Christian Zanier. Don't miss the three-cover Crossed Over set by Matt Martin, each limited to just 250 copies, not the Gold Leather by Zanier that is limited to just 150! Lastly, a Century (of Blood) cover limited to 100 copies by the artist who started it all, Gabriel Andrade!

Day of the Flying Head 01-03 (2017-2018)
Day of the Flying Head 01-03 (2017-2018)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | of 4

Day of the Flying Head is a wordless story, as are all of Kago's works for Hollow Press; it consists of two 16-page chapters, with conspicuous blank spaces left on each of their first pages, perhaps to insert chapter titles in the event the serial appears in a different venue for a different market. The subject matter is typical of Kago's fascinations - drums of mysterious waste are introduced Return of the Living Dead-style into the populace of a fantasy realm, resulting in various citizens literally losing their heads, though they live on as unbodied noggins trailing drippy clumps of guts. The idea comes from the krasue: Southeast Asian folkloric beings most readily recognizable to western nerds from the 1981 Indonesian horror film Mystics in Bali, and the inspiration to at least one prior Kago comic, "Lament of the Headless", translated in Super Dimensional Love Gun, a recent North American edition of a 2015 Japanese collection, available from the pornographic manga publisher FAKKU.

StarCraft - Scavengers #1-4 (2018) CompleteStarCraft - Scavengers #1-4 (2018) Complete
StarCraft - Scavengers #1-4 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 159.06 MB

Official StarCraft comics! Writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzman (Mass Effect: Discovery, Star Wars) join forces for StarCraft, a new series further exploring the expansive universe of Blizzard's hit game. A group of terran space scavengers hope to pull off the job of their lifetimes, ignoring a recent United Earth Directorate treaty to pillage a derelict protoss ship.

Dorothy's Dead #1-4 (2017-2018) CompleteDorothy's Dead #1-4 (2017-2018) Complete
Dorothy's Dead #1-4 (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 584.31 MB

It's the Wizard of Oz, Walking Dead and Mad Max mash-up you've always wanted. A lavishly illustrated tale of revenge, redemption and road-rage in the Post-ozpocalypse.

Casper & Hot Stuff 001 (2018)
Casper & Hot Stuff 001 (2018)
English | CBR | 32 pages | 47.61 MB

Everyone's favorite little devil and friendly ghost are together again in the classic series Casper And... Artist Eric Shanower (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) delivers his first Casper and Hot Stuff art and it is outright fantastic! These are fun new stories done in the classic Harvey style. Make a new ghostly friend with us and this issue of Casper And!

DC Comics - Week 374 (October 31, 2018)
DC Comics - Week 374 (October 31, 2018)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 695.18 MB

Archie Meets Batman '66 004 (2018)
Batman - The Maxx - Arkham Dreams 002 (2018)
Batman Secret Files #1
Deathstroke Yogi Bear Special #1
Doom Patrol #12
Green Lantern Huckleberry Hound Special #1
Heroes In Crisis #2 (of 7)
Hex Wives #1
Injustice Vs The Masters Of The Universe #4 (of 6)
Justice League Aquaman Drowned Earth #1
Justice League Dark And Wonder Woman The Witching Hour #1
Nightwing Magilla Gorilla Special #1
Superman Top Cat Special #1 )
Terrifics Annual #1
Wild Storm #18
Marvel Comics - Week 311 (October 31, 2018)
Marvel Comics - Week 311 (October 31, 2018)
English | CBR | 16 Issues | 677.47 MB

Avengers Halloween Special #1
Black Panther #5
Daredevil #610
Extermination #4 (of 5)
Infinity Wars Iron Hammer #2 (of 2)
Marvel Two-In-One #11
Multiple Man #5 (of 5)
Old Man Hawkeye #10 (of 12)
Old Man Logan #50
Spider-Force #1 (of 3)
Spider-Man Daily Strip 2018-10
Tony Stark Iron Man #5
Vault Of Spiders #1 (of 2)
West Coast Avengers #3
What If? Magik #1
X-Men Black Emma Frost #1
Rocko's Modern Life #1-8 (2017-2018) CompleteRocko's Modern Life #1-8 (2017-2018) Complete
Rocko's Modern Life #1-8 (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 8 Issues | 423.86 MB

Ryan Ferrier (Regular Show) and Ian McGinty (Adventure Time) continue BOOM! Studios' partnership with Nickelodeon with all-new stories about everyone's favorite wallaby! When Rocko faces unemployment, a terrible living situation, and increasingly slim job prospects, he is forced to find out just how far he is willing to go to get a job. Includes a bonus short story by KC Green where Ed Bighead finds himself in the dentist chair of Dr. Hutchison!

Realmwalkers #1-13 (2017-2018)Realmwalkers #1-13 (2017-2018)
Realmwalkers #1-13 (2017-2018)
English | CBR | 13 Issues

We've got two kinds of news: a fantastic one and an even more fantastic one.
First of all, our Earth is just a part of the Collar of Worlds that consists of many parallel worlds. And, second of all, the gods that you read about in myths and legends actually exist. And any world that they visit will be destroyed in an apocalypse!
But don't worry: there are heroes that will not let that happen. The universe is protected by the Realmwalkers - the mighty warrior of the ancient lineage Andrey Radov and his wife Kseniya that can control plants and their friend - the former Ivan Tsarevich who transformed into the Grey Wolf. Whenever one of the Earths gets a divine intervention, our trio immediately races to help! And their coordinators in this journey are the deathless ruler of Eden Koschei and Vasilisa the Wisest that observe the Collar from the edge of the Universe.
Each new world is unlike the previous, each new monster is more dangerous - but the Realmwalkers are no weaklings either. They have magical abilities and incredible weapons - but the most important thing they have is themselves. Together this team can defeat any enemy and save all the worlds from annihilation... if they don't get tired of each other first...

Meteora #1-10 (2015-2018)
Meteora #1-10 (2015-2018)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

Legendary space smuggler Meteora is always ready for the riskiest gambles. Her explosive temper (that earned her nickname) and unbelievable marksmanship are the reason she is never short of adventures.

Demonslayer v2 #1-14 (2017-2018)Demonslayer v2 #1-14 (2017-2018)
Demonslayer v2 #1-14 (2017-2018)
English | CBR | 14 Issues

Hell came to Earth!
Vicious Antichrist has united all the legions of Hell under his banner, and now our world faces great danger! But the mankind is under the protection of Demonslayer - perhaps the greatest hero in its history.
After taking on a mission of saving the planet, Demonslayer gathered a team of like-minded individuals that help him fight forces of evil! Little imp from Hell called Sneak, the shaman Black Hound, the witch Queen of the Rot, the homeless girl Yana and the living nightmare Balor that lives inside her mind - this magical squad doesn't look like your typical heroes but they are the last hope of the Earth in the face of the demon invasion!

Major Grom #1-15 (2015-2018) Complete
Major Grom #1-15 (2015-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 1.02 GB

Igor Grom is a skilled detective from St. Petersburg, known for his daring nature and uncompromising attitude towards the criminals of all kinds. Incredible strength, analytical mind and integrity - these qualities make Grom the perfect policeman. Working tirelessly, he always pushes the matter through, and meets the challenges standing in the way.

Lady Mechanika - La Belle Dame sans Merci #1-3 (2018) CompleteLady Mechanika - La Belle Dame sans Merci #1-3 (2018) Complete
Lady Mechanika - La Belle Dame sans Merci #1-3 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 150.44 MB

Lady Mechanika finally has a solid clue to her forgotten past, but the investigation becomes overshadowed by her concern for Mr. Lewis when his behavior suddenly turns erratic and potentially dangerous upon meeting a beautiful and enigmatic young widow. The beginning of a brand new three-issue mini-series!

Planet of the Apes - The Time of Man 001 (2018)
Planet of the Apes - The Time of Man 001 (2018)
English | CBR | 43 pages | 90.61 MB

Celebrate over 50 years of one of cinema's most important franchises with this one-shot collection of stories highlighting the Planet of the Apes' most dangerous enemy: the beast called man! Featuring stories from both the original films and new series canon, including the early years of Armando and Caesar before Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and for the first time ever, a story set after the harrowing events of War for the Planet of the Apes, following a few of the remaining human survivors.

Wayward #1-30 (2014-2018)Wayward #1-30 (2014-2018)
Wayward #1-30 (2014-2018)
English | CBR | 30 Issues | Ongoing

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER FOR A NEW GENERATION! Rori Lane is trying to start a new life when she reunites with her mother in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear. Can Rori unlock the secrets of her power before it's too late? JIM ZUB (SKULLKICKERS, Samurai Jack), STEVE CUMMINGS (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot), and JOHN RAUCH (INVINCIBLE) team up to create an all-new Image supernatural spectacle that combines the camaraderie and emotion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the action and mystery of Hellboy. Don't miss it!

X-Men Black #1-5 (2018)X-Men Black #1-5 (2018)
X-Men Black #1-5 (2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

NOTHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUT... until now. What has finally stopped Cain Marko in his tracks? You'll have to see to believe, but we can promise you it's gonna involve nothing but punching for the Juggernaut! PLUS: Part 4 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE!

Nancy Drew #1-5 (2018) CompleteNancy Drew #1-5 (2018) Complete
Nancy Drew #1-5 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 176.15 MB

Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything...ESPECIALLY solving crimes. But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind. There she'll have to find out which of her friends are still her friends, which are enemies, and who exactly is trying to kill her...and (hopefully) stop them before they succeed. KELLY THOMPSON (Hawkeye, Star Wars, Rogue & Gambit) and JENN ST-ONGE (Giant Days, The Misfits) team up to present an all-new modern spin on a classic mystery icon!

Charlie's Angels #1-5 (2018)Charlie's Angels #1-5 (2018)
Charlie's Angels #1-5 (2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The Angels are back, baby! - The original Angels, Jill, Kelly and Sabrina! Travel back to the swingin' 70s, and revisit the butt-kicking, crime-fighting, mold-breaking lady detectives who took 70s TV by storm, ready to do the same to comics 40 years later! Break out your bell-bottoms, feather your hair, and jump back to a era of peanut-farmer presidents, gargantuan gas-guzzlers and foxy female detectives... for a globe-trotting adventure that's simply too big and epic for the 70s-era boob tube. Written by elderly Eisner winner and solicitation-writing former-superstar John Layman, and with art by his scrappy but lovable youngster pal, Joe Eisma. This is one comic you DON'T DARE TO MISS!!!!

DC Meets Hanna-Barbera (2017-2018) CompleteDC Meets Hanna-Barbera (2017-2018) Complete
DC Meets Hanna-Barbera (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 660.47 MB

The team-ups you never thought you'd see are here! DC's iconic superheroes meet some of Hanna-Barbera's best-loved characters in the most unexpected stories of the year, collected here in DC MEETS HANNA-BARBERA.

Lost City Explorers #1-5 (2018)Lost City Explorers #1-5 (2018)
Lost City Explorers #1-5 (2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

"NEW SERIES! Lost cities aren't just the stuff of myths. They exist hidden right under our noses. But when a mysterious expedition is disrupted by supernatural activity, and an antiquities professor goes missing, his teenage daughter and her friends must become underground urban explorers, follow his tracks on a coming-of-age journey through subterranean tunnels, and ultimately find the holy grail of lost city: Atlantis buried right under New York City! Explore science fiction and archeology in this new adventure series by Zack Kaplan (Eclipse, Port of Earth) and Alvaro Sarraseca (Magnus, Turok)."


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