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Halloween Tales 01-03 (2017) CompleteHalloween Tales 01-03 (2017) Complete
Halloween Tales 01-03 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 338.71 MB

This spooky - yet sensitive - trilogy reveals that, on Halloween, it's always darkest before the dawn.
In Halloween, immerse yourself in the great book of the night. And if, at a street corner, you meet a ghost, take a walk with him. You may just recognize him - and if melancholy torments you - he could be the one to make you smile again.
Then, in The Book of Jack, braving a haunted house, young Jack discovers a mysterious book, a book that tells the story of his life. But what dark twists could others write into the blank pages that remain?
Finally, in The Story of Joe, a solitary boy finds refuge with the creatures of the night. But consumed by his imagination, he loses touch with reality and undergoes a strange transformation...
Follow these young characters in stories that span from the dusk of childhood to the dawn of adolescence, as they explore the darkness and light in us all.

Three Wishes 01-03 (2010-2013) (fixed) CompleteThree Wishes 01-03 (2010-2013) (fixed) Complete
Three Wishes 01-03 (2010-2013) (fixed) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 123.4 MB

Heavy Metal v1-v36 + 259-291 + Specials + Presents (1977-2018)Heavy Metal v1-v36 + 259-291 + Specials + Presents (1977-2018)
Heavy Metal v1-v36 + 259-291 + Specials + Presents (1977-2018)
English | CBR | 368 Issues | 21.19 GB

First published in 1977, Heavy Metal, the world's foremost illustrated fantasy magazine, explores fantastic and surrealistic worlds, alternate realities, science fiction and horror, in the past present and future. Writers and illustrators from around the world take you to places you never dreamed existed. Heavy Metal was the first magazine to bring European legends Moebius, Tanino Libertore, Phillippe Druillet, Enki Bilal, Pepe Moreno to the U.S. as well as showcasing American superstars Richard Corben, Berni Wrightson and Arthur Suydam. The magazine continues to showcase amazing new talent as well as allowing established creators to have "carte blanche". Heavy Metal magazine is now published six times per year. Most issues feature one serialized graphic novel, several short stories, an artist gallery and artist studio section, a dossier and editorial pages. Featuring Grant Morrison as editor-in-chief (Starting with issue #280) and Kevin Eastman as publisher, this new era promises to boldly go where no magazine has gone before. Explore ancient secrets, forgotten worlds and savage futures...experience Heavy Metal.

Jack Wolfgang 01-02 (2018)Jack Wolfgang 01-02 (2018)
Jack Wolfgang 01-02 (2018)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

With the invention of Super Mega Tofu, civilization has seen the advent of a fragile peace - between animals and humans, between carnivores and herbivores. This miracle food has the peculiar quality of being universally loved. Jack Wolfgang, the world-renowned restaurant critic, travels the world sampling Super Mega Tofu in all of its varieties. It's the perfect cover for his second identity: Jack Wolfgang, CIA special agent. When his friend and mentor is killed, Jack picks up the scent of a conspiracy and tracks it half way around the globe. Can society survive this collision of fine dining and espionage?

On the History Trail with Ariane & Nino 01-03 (2018)On the History Trail with Ariane & Nino 01-03 (2018)
On the History Trail with Ariane & Nino 01-03 (2018)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Nino would rather be outside playing than stuck inside doing homework - especially science homework. Then he discovers that one of the greatest scientists ever started out feeling the same way: Albert Einstein - the guy who invented that famous formula: E=mc2. And, as Ariane explains, there was a lot more to Einstein than just formulas. Thanks to him, we have GPS devices and electric gates, nuclear energy and ... well, yes, also nuclear bombs. Einstein did everything he could to make the world a better place - but after all, he was only human!

Machine Man v2 #1-4 (1984-1985) Complete
Machine Man v2 #1-4 (1984-1985) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 180.22 MB

Machine Man is reassembled in the year 2020, a strange, wired world that portends a dangerous vision of the future! And he's back with a vengeance!

Bloody Dreadful #1-6 (2012-2014) Complete
Bloody Dreadful #1-6 (2012-2014) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 70.95 MB

The hot new horror series from indie artist Justin Sane! Done in the spirit of 1950s horror comic classics, this terrifying book will revolve around The Grave Robber, who loots the dead in Victorian England and has the special gift of being able to see the pasts of the corpses he meets. Along for the ride is his easily-frightened Dog, who cowers at the lurid and shocking tales the cemetery provides.

Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v06 (2012)
Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v06 (2012)
English | CBR | 364 pages | 349.11 MB

The re-presentation of IDW's Transformers Universe continues in volume 6! Includes the first six issues of the ongoing series written by Mike Costa and drawn by Don Figueroa, the four-issue Bumblebee series by Zander Cannon and Chee, the fan favorite Last Stand of the Wreckers by James Roberts and Nick Roche, and the Prowl Spotlight.
The Transformers #1-6
The Transformers: Bumblebee #1-4
The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1-5
Transformers Spotlight: Prowl

Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v05 (2011)
Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v05 (2011)
English | CBR | 357 pages | 715.95 MB

The re-presentation of IDW's Transformers Universe continues in volume 5!
Collects The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1-12 & Coda #13-16.

Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v04 (2011)
Transformers - IDW Collection - Phase One v04 (2011)
English | CBR | 366 pages | 527.64 MB

The re-presentation of IDW's TRANSFORMERS Universe continues in Volume 4!
Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #1-5
Transformers: Drift #1-4
Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus
Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead
Transformers Spotlight: Doubledealer
Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe
Transformers Spotlight: Drift
Transformers Spotlight: Metroplex
Transformers Spotlight: Jazz

Supergirl v04 - Daughter of New Krypton (2018)
Supergirl v04 - Daughter of New Krypton (2018)
English | CBR | 238 pages | 286.10 MB

Does the world need a Supergirl? With the Daily Planet labeling her a super-tart, and her Kryptonian mother questioning her allegiance, Supergirl is lost, confused and angry. Enter Superwoman.
At first, the mysterious super-heroine appears a sympathetic friend to the beleaguered Kara. But when Supergirl is tasked with capturing Reactron - a gold Kryptonite-wielding psychopath - it's clear that Superwoman may not be the ally Supergirl believed.
But Supergirl's not only contending with Superwoman; she's also struggling to choose sides for the battle Kara's long-lost Kryptonian parents are waging on Earth. Torn between the people of their adopted home and the survivors of the world they lost, Superman and Supergirl must choose sides... but what happens if they choose differently?
Writer Sterling Gates (THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL), accompanied by artists including Jamal Igle (NIGHTWING), Keith Champagne (SUPERBOY) and Jon Sibal (ACTION COMICS) bring you the next chapter of the classic series in Supergirl's journey as the most powerful teenager on Earth... that nobody wants around. Collects SUPERGIRL (2005-2011) #34-43.

The Immortal Iron Fists (2018)
The Immortal Iron Fists (2018)
English | CBR | 138 pages | 258.22 MB

Collects Immortal Iron Fists #1-6.
There's a new Iron Fist in town: the young kung fu monk Pei! And Danny Rand is ready to teach her everything she needs to know about harnessing her chi and being a hero. But can he teach the young native of K'un-Lun how to fit in at a New York City public school? And what about all the mysterious monsters that keep trying to destroy the Big Apple? Trouble is coming, but thank goodness this city is big enough for both Iron Fists - it's gonna need them! Get ready for an action-packed tale with twice the Iron Fists - crushing demons AND crushing on classmates.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Dimension X (2018)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Dimension X (2018)
English | CBR | 122 pages | 409.56 MB

Turtles... IN SPACE! The brothers make an interstellar journey to different planets in Dimension X to save key witnesses in the Trial of Krang from assassination! Weird new characters, places, and events abound! This mini-series introduces an all-new villain, Hakk-R, into the world of the TMNT, directly affecting the events of the main ongoing series in this dimension-altering adventure.

Day of the Magicians 01-05 (2015) CompleteDay of the Magicians 01-05 (2015) Complete
Day of the Magicians 01-05 (2015) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 283.97 MB

A fantastical saga of sorcery, love, and adventure, featuring a young magician's quest to becoming a man.
Drazen has completed his magician's training and is now ready to carry out the mission conferred upon him by his caste: to find and take down the renegade sorcerer Lancaster, his own father. Torn between his duty, the desire to find the love of his parents, and the pursuit of his own life-long love, the young magician will be left with the most difficult of choices.

Scooby Apocalypse #1-29 + Special (2016-2018)Scooby Apocalypse #1-29 + Special (2016-2018)
Scooby Apocalypse #1-29 + Special (2016-2018)
English | CBR | 30 Issues

Those meddling kids-Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and their dog, Scooby-Doo-get more ghost-debunking than they bargained for when faced with a fundamental change in their world. The apocalypse has happened. Old rules about logic no longer apply. The creatures of the night are among us, and the crew of the Magical Mystery Machine has to fight to survive-because in the apocalyptic badlands of the near-future, the horrors are real!
This new monthly series takes Scooby and the gang to a whole new level and features character designs by comics superstar Jim Lee!

Sideways #1-8 (2018)Sideways #1-8 (2018)
Sideways #1-8 (2018)
English | CBR | 8 Issues

During the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, high school junior Derek James accidentally fell through a rift into the dark matter dimension! Now, as Sideways, he can create rifts in midair to leap through dimensions at will! But with that much power comes great liability - and cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum...

The Flash #1-54 + Annual (2016-2018)The Flash #1-54 + Annual (2016-2018)
The Flash #1-54 + Annual (2016-2018)
English | CBR | 55 Issues | Ongoing

A new storm brews over Central City and disproves the old adage about lightning never, know. Just as Barry begins to feel overwhelmed fighting crime, a new speedster debuts - but just where did this amazing new friend come from?
FLASH FACT: 2016 is the 60th anniversary of Barry Allen becoming The Flash, and it's a privilege to be a part of it, says writer Joshua Williamson. 'The Return of Barry Allen' in FLASH #79 [1993] is one of my favorite comics of all time. It's where I became a Flash fan for life.
The Flash

The Immortal Men #1-6 (2018)The Immortal Men #1-6 (2018)
The Immortal Men #1-6 (2018)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

There is a secret history to the DC Universe of heroes who have protected humanity from the shadows since the dawn of time... and who can live forever. Enter the Immortal Men! The team, headed by the Immortal Man, has waged a secret war against the House of Conquest for countless years - but Conquest has dealt a devastating blow. When their base of operations, known as the Campus, is savagely attacked, the Immortal Men must seek out their last hope - an emerging metahuman known as Caden Park! Caden's emerging powers may be able to ensure the Immortal Men's survival - but will Conquest get to him first?

The Wild Storm - Michael Cray #1-11 (2017-2018)The Wild Storm - Michael Cray #1-11 (2017-2018)
The Wild Storm - Michael Cray #1-11 (2017-2018)
English | CBR | 11 Issues

Warren Ellis' critically acclaimed relaunch of THE WILD STORM gets its first solo spinoff series!
Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International Operations and has an alien life-form in his head that's either killing him, transforming him, or both. The only thing that can bring sense to his life is for him to do what he does best: kill the wrong people for the right reasons. But Michael needs support and resources to hit back against I.O., and he gets them in exchange for working with Trelane, taking out her targets, his way. First up? A sociopathic Silicon Valley billionaire by the name of Oliver Queen!

Briggs Land - Lone Wolves #1-6 (2017) CompleteBriggs Land - Lone Wolves #1-6 (2017) Complete
Briggs Land - Lone Wolves #1-6 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 463.82 MB

Isaac Briggs, fresh off a tour in Afghanistan and struggling to reintegrate, finds solace hiking the old forest trails. When two random backpackers wander onto the Land, an innocent situation quickly turns dangerous and Isaac's military training takes a turn down a dark path.
Welcome to Briggs Land, nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness, representing the largest antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States.


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