Road of the Dead - Highway to Hell #1-3 (2018-2019) CompleteRoad of the Dead - Highway to Hell #1-3 (2018-2019) Complete
Road of the Dead - Highway to Hell #1-3 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 139.48 MB

An over-the-top wild ride prequel to George Romero's last film, ROAD OF THE DEAD! Written by Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author and creator of V-WARS. The dead rose and are feasting on the living. A young scientist may hold the secret to a cure. Zombies and biker gangs want her dead. A bunch of losers in muscle cars and a hijacked tank will risk everything to save her.

DC Comics - Week 385 (January 23, 2019)
DC Comics - Week 385 (January 23, 2019)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 570.75 MB

American Carnage #3
Aquaman #44
Batman #63
Cover #5 (of 6)
Curse Of Brimstone Annual #1
Damage #13
Freedom Fighters #2 (of 12)
Justice League #16
Lucifer #4
Naomi #1
Pearl #6
Shazam! #2
Sideways #12
Teen Titans #26
Wild Storm #19
Marvel Comics - Week 323 (January 23, 2019)
Marvel Comics - Week 323 (January 23, 2019)
English | CBR | 13 Issues | 595.87 MB

Avengers #13
Cloak and Dagger - Negative Exposure 002 (2019)
Crypt Of Shadows #1
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2
Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
Immortal Hulk #12
Man Without Fear #4
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #39
Shuri #4
Star Wars #60
Superior Spider-Man #2
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
War Is Hell #1
Dissension #1-5 (2018-2019)Dissension #1-5 (2018-2019)
Dissension #1-5 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | (of 6)

In the not so distant future... The U.S. has spent several years embroiled in a conflict with the invading forces of China. In the war zone of the American Southwest, small bands of freedom fighters have formed to help guide refugees away from the destruction. Isabel Vasquez, known to her squad as "Delphi", has been leading rescue missions inside the combat zone for years. Escorting those displaced from the war has fueled her faith that she is making a difference. But now that faith is increasingly tested by reoccurring nightmares of a coming apocalypse. She fears the war is only the beginning of a great threat... one that promises to bring humanity to the brink of extinction! Unbeknownst to Delphi, a band of renegade angels has fled Heaven seeking a new refuge. The Earth has become their new home, where they view humanity as a plague that must be purged. As their path forges ahead toward global genocide, it is yet to be decided if Delphi and her growing visions of a global Armageddon can help stop them in time. From artist and creator Jordan Gunderson comes Aspen's most thrilling new series of the summer, DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL!

High Heaven #1-5 (2018-2019) CompleteHigh Heaven #1-5 (2018-2019) Complete
High Heaven #1-5 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 433.26 MB

Chronic malcontent David Weathers dies and goes to Heaven-where everything is terrible, and everybody hates a complainer.
Low Road West #1-5 (2018-2019) CompleteLow Road West #1-5 (2018-2019) Complete
Low Road West #1-5 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 251.76 MB

Eisner Award-nominated writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (The Power of the Dark Crystal, Aquaman) and artist Flaviano (America, Grayson) present a new limited series. In the aftermath of a nuclear first strike that has left the East Coast uninhabitable, five teenagers are being sent west, away from the wreckage that was once their home. Halfway through the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, the shuttle that promised safety has broken down, stranding them in the middle of nowhere with only one another to count on. Their only hope seems to be a town just on the edge of the horizon, but the closer they get the stranger things become. If they want to survive, they will have to learn to trust one another - and with society crumbling around them, trust does not come easily.
Low Road West (2019)
English | CBR | 130 pages | 261.87 MB
Collects the complete 5-issue series.

Star Trek - The Next Generation - Terra Incognita #1-6 (2018-2019) CompleteStar Trek - The Next Generation - Terra Incognita #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Terra Incognita #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 191.83 MB

On the heels of the blockbuster THROUGH THE MIRROR miniseries comes a brand-new NEXT GENERATION series, featuring untold tales of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D! Following their clash with their villainous doubles from the Mirror Universe, the Enterprise crew returns to business as usual, little realizing the serpent in their midst - one of their own has been replaced! What does Mirror Barclay want, and what's to become of his Prime-universe counterpart?!
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Terra Incognita (2019)
English | CBR | 147 pages | 206.92 MB
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Mirror Universe Collection (2021)
English | CBR | 407 pages | 507.33 MB
Collects Mirror Broken, Through the Mirror, and Terra Incognita into one compendium!

Vagrant Queen #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
Vagrant Queen #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 240.48 MB

Former child queen Elida was driven from her throne at age ten and forced to wander the galaxy, evading the revolutionary forces that wanted her dead. When an old frenemy claims to know the whereabouts of Elida's long-lost mother, she is forced to return to her former kingdom and stage a rescue.
Vagrant Queen v01 (2019)
English | CBR | 168 pages | 379.56 MB

War is Hell 001 (2019)
War is Hell 001 (2019)
English | CBR | 25 pages | 45.51 MB

ALL-NEW WAR STORY! In honor of Marvel's 80th Anniversary and history with War Comics comes a brand new edition of WAR IS HELL with two fascinating and soul-crushing tales of War. "In the Mood" by Howard Chaykin takes you to the skies as the Luftwaffe and RAF battle over the English Channel for a battle tale of bitter irony and "War Glammer" by Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings you back to Earth in modern day Afghanistan with a story that will chill you to the bone.

The Spider King #1-4 + Frostbite (2018-2019) CompleteThe Spider King #1-4 + Frostbite (2018-2019) Complete
The Spider King #1-4 + Frostbite (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 272.22 MB

When a fleet of spaceships crashes into northern Europe in 956 AD, a group of unlikely Viking heroes are the last line of defense against a brutal intergalactic warlord. Equal parts science fiction and fantasy, The Spider King follows the adventures of Viking warriors as they defend their world against alien invaders armed with futuristic technology and impossible weapons.
The Spider King (2018)
English | CBR | 152 pages | 195.59 MB

Regression #1-15 (2017-2019) CompleteRegression #1-15 (2017-2019) Complete
Regression #1-15 (2017-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 741.35 MB

Adrian is plagued by ghastly waking nightmares. To understand and possibly treat these awful visions, Adrian reluctantly agrees to past life regression hypnotherapy. As his consciousness is cast back through time, Adrian witnesses a scene of horrific debauchery and diabolism. Waking, he is more unsettled than before, and with good reason - something has followed him back. Adrian descends into a world of occult conspiracy, mystery, reincarnation, and insanity from which there is no escape.
Regression v01 - Way Down Deep (2017)
English | CBR | 130 pages | 274.43 MB
Collects issues 1 through 5.
Regression v02 - Disciples (2018)
English | CBR | 126 pages | 159.08 MB
Collecting issues 6 through 10 of the harrowing horror series by CULLEN BUNN, DANNY LUCKERT, and MARIE ENGER.
Regression v03 - Sacrifice (2019)
English | CBR | 130 pages | 164.85 MB
Collecting issues 11-15.

Encounter #1-10 (2018-2019)Encounter #1-10 (2018-2019)
Encounter #1-10 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

A brand-new series by Tiny Titans creators Art Baltazar and Franco! Encounter is a new kind of hero; an alien escaped to Earth with pods that will eventually hatch to become his siblings, who can take any form he chooses, and decides to become a hero! With help from his talking dog Barko, he fights crime on our planet. But there is a mysterious figure who will try anything to defeat him. In volume 1, Encounter and Barko must defend the pods from villains such as Gadget Man, Cold Blaze the Thermodynamic Shark, and Ribbon Rhonda. No matter the odds, Encounter will always find a way to save the day!


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