Axcend #1-5 (2015-2016)Axcend #1-5 (2015-2016)
Axcend #1-5 (2015-2016)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | Ongoing

Superman Earth One co-creator SHANE DAVIS returns to comics for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! What happens when a video game decides to come to our reality to play? When there are no extra lives, and Armageddon looms on the horizon, when your life revolves around gaming like teenager Eric Morn, you Press Start. This special introductory issue features 28 full pages and no ads! Each issue of the series will feature a VS. linking cover variant by DAVIS showcasing the book's cast.

Heroes - Godsend #1-5 (2016) CompleteHeroes - Godsend #1-5 (2016) Complete
Heroes - Godsend #1-5 (2016) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 201.15 MB

This 5-part story arc focuses on Farah from Heroes Reborn, delving into her past as we find out how she became the woman she is today. The story begins while Farah is a student in New York City in 2001 and terrorists destroy the World Trade Center... Life for the world and Farah will never be the same again... And how will she cope with discovering her camouflage powers?

Think Tank - Creative Destruction #1-4 (2016) CompleteThink Tank - Creative Destruction #1-4 (2016) Complete
Think Tank - Creative Destruction #1-4 (2016) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 142.33 MB

An unknown enemy destroys the technological infrastructure of the United States. Panic and conspiracy theories spread as David Loren and his misfit science team continue work on the TALOS project, trying to make "Iron Man" suits a reality in California.

Wolf #1-9 (2015-2016) CompleteWolf #1-9 (2015-2016) Complete
Wolf #1-9 (2015-2016) Complete
English | CBR | 9 Issues | 420.81 MB

Bestselling new star writer ALES KOT teams up with white-hot artist MATT TAYLOR and DEADLY CLASS colorist extraordinaire LEE LOUGHRIDGE for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! The crime noir thrills and characters reminiscent of True Detective meet with mythical stakes worthy of Neil Gaiman's Sandman in this original fantasy/horror/crime saga for mature readers. Antoine Wolfe, a hard-boiled paranormal detective with a death wish, has to cope with sudden responsibility for an orphaned teenage girl who might be the key to the impending apocalypse, California-style. The road to hell and back begins in a MAX-SIZED FIRST ISSUE, with fifty-eight pages of story and no ads!

Velvet #1-15 (2013-2016) CompleteVelvet #1-15 (2013-2016) Complete
Velvet #1-15 (2013-2016) Complete
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 626.89 MB

ED BRUBAKER and STEVE EPTING redefined Captain America with the "Winter Soldier" saga... and everything they've done so far has been leading to VELVET!

Star Trek v11 (2016)
Star Trek v11 (2016)
English | CBR | 108 pages | 263.35 MB

The U.S.S. Enterprise is on a Five Year Mission of discovery into uncharted space. Volume 11 contains the stories "The Tholian Web" and "Deity," from issues #46–49 of the ongoing series and the one-shot Special "Flesh and Stone."

Guardians of Infinity #1-8 (2016)Guardians of Infinity #1-8 (2016)
Guardians of Infinity #1-8 (2016)
English | CBR | 8 Issues | Ongoing

Who are the Guardians 1000? Defending the galaxy is a good gig, but Drax isn't thrilled with the combat hours (not enough of them) and Rocket isn't thrilled with the compensation (not enough of it). They're off on an adventure to supplement both, and Groot is happy to come along. But instead of the perks they want, they're about to get more trouble than they can handle. Good thing the Guardians 3000 are on hand to help! But what about...the Guardians 1000!? Also in this issue, Latour and Cheung tell a one-off story of Ben Grimm and Rocket Raccoon; stuck on a planet where culture is based on Earth-style professional wrestling...but the stakes are life and death! This ain't Kayfabe, Brother!

The Shadow Master Series #1-13 (2014) CompleteThe Shadow Master Series #1-13 (2014) Complete
The Shadow Master Series #1-13 (2014) Complete
English | CBR | 13 Issues | 629.51 MB

Shadows and Light part 1! When bullet-riddled playboy Lamont Cranston Jr. stumbles into the hospital nearly dead, a shiver of fear runs through the city-what's happened to the Master? Is that really Lamont Cranston? With not time to waste, agents of the Shadow immediately spring to action-but so do the police!

Batman The Complete Hush (2005) (Digital HC)
Batman The Complete Hush (2005) (Digital HC)
English | CBR | 299 pages | HD | 432.97 MB

BATMAN: HUSH is a thrilling mystery of action, intrigue, and deception penned by Jeph Loeb (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN) and illustrated by comics superstar Jim Lee (ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER) in which Batman sets out to discover the identity of a mysterious mastermind using the Joker, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and the Dark Knight's other enemies--and allies--as pawns in a plan to wreak havoc. Collects BATMAN #608-619.

The Joker (2008) (Digital GN)
The Joker (2008) (Digital GN)
English | CBR | 131 pages | HD | 148.82 MB

Brian Azzarello brings to THE JOKER all the visceral intensity and criminal insight that has made his Vertigo graphic novel series 100 BULLETS one of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning series of all time. This original graphic novel tells the story of one very dark night in Gotham City. The Joker has been mysteriously released from Arkham Asylum, and he's none too happy about what's happened to his Gotham City rackets while he's been "away." What follows is a harrowing night of revenge, murder and manic crime as only The Joker can deliver it, as he brutally takes back his stolen assets from The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, Killer Croc and, of course, The Batman, and heaven help them all. Told through the eyes of his loyal (but naive) henchman Jonny Frost, JOKER is a true noir crime novel: a harrowing journey into a city of rain-soaked streets, dirty sheets and nothing but bad choices.


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