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Thunderbolts #1-9 (2016-2017)Thunderbolts #1-9 (2016-2017)
Thunderbolts #1-9 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 9 Issues | Ongoing

FROM THE ASHES OF AVENGERS: STANDOFF! They're a renegade team rampaging across the Marvel Universe under the direction of the Winter Soldier! But are the Thunderbolts heroes or villains—and do even they know for sure?

Thanos #1-3 (2017)Thanos #1-3 (2017)
Thanos #1-3 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

EVIL HAS BEEN UNLEASHED ON THE UNIVERSE. Thanos, possibly the most evil individual in the Marvel Universe, is back…and he's out for vengeance on all who would oppose him. Unfortunately for the Mad Titan, he's also heading for an unexpected reckoning…with his family. Take an ongoing walk on the dark side of the galaxy, following the deadly trail of destruction left in the wake of…THANOS!

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six #1-7 (2016-2017)Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six #1-7 (2016-2017)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six #1-7 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

HYDRA ATTACKS! With the events of SPIDER-VERSE and CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS behind him, things are looking up for Peter Parker! S.H.I.E.L.D. leader + respected hero + good standing with family = happy Spider-Man! What could go wrong? How about Doc Ock + Arnim Zola + Hydra?!

Spider-Woman #1-15 + One-shots (2016-2017)Spider-Woman #1-15 + One-shots (2016-2017)
Spider-Woman #1-15 + One-shots (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | Ongoing

Baby on board! Jessica Drew is a private investigator, a super hero and...a mom to be? Since we last saw her, Spider-Woman's got a whole new responsibility- she's super heroing for two now, after all! Ben Urich and Porcupine are still along for the adventure, too, and aren't making Jess' life any easier- half the time they won't even let her leave the car! How's a gal supposed to save innocent people and keep herself out of harm's way? See how in the mother of all Spider-Stories!

Spider-Man - Deadpool #1-13 (2016-2017)Spider-Man - Deadpool #1-13 (2016-2017)
Spider-Man - Deadpool #1-13 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 14 Issues

Because you demanded it! The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are teaming up for their first ongoing series ever! It's action, adventure and just a smattering of (b)romance in this episodic epic featuring the World's Greatest Super Hero and the star of the World's Greatest Comics Magazine. Talk about a real dynamic duo! Plus, a special bonus book Vision #1 included!

Solo #1-4 (2016-2017)Solo #1-4 (2016-2017)
Solo #1-4 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | Ongoing

The "One Man War on Terror" will get the job done! That's right — James Bourne, A.K.A. Solo, is on his own, right where he belongs! Deadly alien weapons are making their way into the hands of ordinary thugs – and Solo is going undercover to locate the source. Things are heating up, and Solo might just wish he had some backup! Deadpool was just the beginning. You haven't seen anything till you've met Solo!

Slapstick Infinite Comic #1-4 (2016-2017)Slapstick Infinite Comic #1-4 (2016-2017)
Slapstick Infinite Comic #1-4 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Steve Harmon was an average teenager who had an average job as your average clown, living in average New Jersey. But after being zapped by weird and mysterious extradimensional energy, Steve became Slapstick, a living, breathing cartoon! Now, after joining, and then quitting, Deadpool's Mercs for Money, Slapstick is striking it out on his own terms! Sure he's gotta move back in with his parents, but these new business ventures take time. And anyways, he gets to team-up with the Amazing Spider-Man in his first issue. That seems like he's doing pretty well to me!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-15 (2016-2017)Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-15 (2016-2017)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-15 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | Ongoing

Lunella Lafayette is a preteen super genius who wants to change the world- but learned the hard way that it takes more than just big brains. Fearful of the monstrous Inhuman genes inside her, life is turned upside down when a savage, red-scaled tyrant is teleported from prehistoric past to a far-flung future we call today. The pair is many things, and together the most amazing Marvel Team-Up. Marvel presents...Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur!

Infamous Iron Man #1-4 (2016-2017)Infamous Iron Man #1-4 (2016-2017)
Infamous Iron Man #1-4 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

There is a new Iron Man in town and his name is VICTOR VON DOOM. The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom's Master Plan?

Hulk Vol.4 #1-2 (2017)Hulk Vol.4 #1-2 (2017)
Hulk Vol.4 #1-2 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

JENNIFER WALTERS has survived the Civil War…barely…and having risen from the rubble, she re-enters the world a different kind of hero. Fueled by a quiet rage, she is determined to move forward, to go on with her life, but the pain of the past and all she's lost is always there – an undercurrent, a pulse, waiting to quicken and trigger Jen's transformation into the one thing she doesn't have control over…

Ghost Rider #1-3 (2017)Ghost Rider #1-3 (2017)
Ghost Rider #1-3 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

ROBBIE REYES IS BACK! It's hell on wheels as the Spirit of Vengeance makes his roaring return! A mysterious object from space crash-lands in southern California, drawing some of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe to Ghost Rider's backyard – including Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk! What mayhem will be unleashed as the High-octane Hothead comes face-to-face with the Jade Genius? And with Robbie still possessed by the ghost of his evil uncle Eli…who's really in the driver's seat? Then, meet the newest speed trap in Ghost Rider's life as his original creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore reunite for a special backup story and the debut of an all-new villain. Strap in and start your engines, True Believer, this one's gonna be a scorcher!

Extraordinary X-Men #1-18 + Annual (2015-2017)Extraordinary X-Men #1-18 + Annual (2015-2017)
Extraordinary X-Men #1-18 + Annual (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 19 Issues | Ongoing

The fate of mutantkind is decided here! Staring down the threat of extinction once more, veteran X-Man Storm pulls together the team she'll need to ensure her race's survival. Together, these Extraordinary X-Men will struggle with the familiar burden of being hated and feared, while facing threats the likes of which they've never seen. Here's hoping they survive the experience!

Carnage #1-16 (2016-2017)Carnage #1-16 (2016-2017)
Carnage #1-16 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 16 Issues | Ongoing

Get ready to scream! Carnage, the homicidal symbiote is back, and he's leaving a trail of bodies behind him. The FBI is hot on his trail, with a different playbook since their serial killer is a super villain. They're equipped with the latest sonic tech and a team including military hero/astronaut John Jameson and a reformed Eddie Brock/Toxin! But when Carnage escapes into an abandoned coal mine, the FBI's plan is starting to look like a trap... for them!

Black Panther #1-10 (2016-2017)Black Panther #1-10 (2016-2017)
Black Panther #1-10 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 10 Issues | Ongoing

A new era for the Black Panther starts here! Written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner TA-NEHISI COATES (Between the World and Me) and illustrated by living legend BRIAN STELFREEZE, "A Nation Under Our Feet" is a story about dramatic upheaval in Wakanda and the Black Panther's struggle to do right by his people as their ruler. The indomitable will of Wakanda -- the famed African nation known for its vast wealth, advanced technology and warrior traditions -- has long been reflected in the will of its monarchs, the Black Panthers. But now the current Black Panther, T'Challa, finds that will tested by a superhuman terrorist group called The People that has sparked a violent uprising among the citizens of Wakanda. T'Challa knows the country must change to survive -- the question is, will the Black Panther survive the change?

Annihilation Conquest #1-6 (2008) CompleteAnnihilation Conquest #1-6 (2008) Complete
Annihilation Conquest #1-6 (2008) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | HD | 234.88 MB

The Phalanx launched a sneak attack on the Kree Empire and the heroes, separated by distance but united by willpower, took their first steps to liberating a galaxy in peril. What are the Phalanx really after? What new players will change the game?

Annihilation Conquest Starlord #1-4 (2007) CompleteAnnihilation Conquest Starlord #1-4 (2007) Complete
Annihilation Conquest Starlord #1-4 (2007) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | 120.42 MB

Peter Quill is once again Star-Lord -- but what could possibly make him take on his former identity? And what brings together the motley crew that includes Bug, Captain Universe, Deathcry, Mantis, Groot and Rocket Raccoon?

Annihilation Conquest Quasar #1-4 (2007) CompleteAnnihilation Conquest Quasar #1-4 (2007) Complete
Annihilation Conquest Quasar #1-4 (2007) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | 152.68 MB

The new Quasar - - a.k.a. Phyla-Vell, daughter of Captain Marvel - - embarks on an epic journey that could bring an end to Conquest. What has happened to her home world? What classic foe of the Avengers is now hunting her?

Annihilation Conquest Prologue (2008)
Annihilation Conquest Prologue (2008)
English | CBR | 48 pages | 60.07 MB

In the grim aftermath of the Annihilation War, a devastated universe struggles to rebuild. What's next for the battle-weary heroes known as Nova, Peter Quill and Quasar? And what new adversary will threaten this newfound peace?

Annihilation Conquest Wraith #1-4 (2007) CompleteAnnihilation Conquest Wraith #1-4 (2007) Complete
Annihilation Conquest Wraith #1-4 (2007) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | 132.15 MB

Who is the haunted loner known as Wraith? What are his chilling powers, how did he get them, and what is the tragic quest that drives him?

Punisher Vol.7 #1-16 + Franken-Castle #17-21 + Annual (2009-2010) Complete
Punisher Vol.7 #1-16 + Franken-Castle #17-21 + Annual (2009-2010) Complete
English | CBR | 22 Issues | HD | 812.88 MB

The Punisher is perched atop a building on the Jersey shore with a high-powered Skrull rifle, his crosshairs trained on a target in Midtown Manhattan. But who is his target -- and why?


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