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Marvel Comics - Week 239 (June 14, 2017)
Marvel Comics - Week 239 (June 14, 2017)
English | CBR | 26 Issues | 1.24 GB

All-New Wolverine #21
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #8
Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #3
Black Panther And The Crew #3
Captain America Sam Wilson #23
Deadpool #32
Defenders #1
Generation X #3
Gwenpool The Unbelievable #17
Hulk #7
Kingpin #5
Marvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution #11
Ms. Marvel #19
Old Man Logan #25
Secret Empire #4 (of 10)
Secret Empire United #1
Secret Warriors #3
Star Wars #32
Thanos #8
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #21
Uncanny Avengers #24
Venom #151
Vision Director's Cut #1 (of 6)
Weapon X #4
X-Men Blue #5
Zombies Assemble #3 (of 4)

DC Comics - Week 305 (July 5, 2017)
DC Comics - Week 305 (July 5, 2017)
English | CBR | 14 Issues | 433.48 MB

Bane Conquest #3 (of 12)
Batman #24
Cyborg #14
Deathstroke #21
Green Arrow #26
Green Lanterns #26
Harley Quinn #23
Justice League #24
Nightwing #24
Shade The Changing Girl #10
Superman #26
Teen Titans Go! 045 (2017)
Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #11
Savage Things #5 (of 8)
Voodoo #1-4 (1997-1998) CompleteVoodoo #1-4 (1997-1998) Complete
Voodoo #1-4 (1997-1998) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | 128.60 MB

The most sensual of all the WildC.A.T.s returns to New Orleans, where she quickly lands a job as an exotic dancer. But dancers have been disappearing from the Lounge, victims of a killer seeking supernatural powers. Is Voodoo the next victim? Or can she close the door forever on this nightmare?

Silver Age #1-12 (2000) CompleteSilver Age #1-12 (2000) Complete
Silver Age #1-12 (2000) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | HD | 761.18 MB

12-Part event from DC Comics in 2000 appearing in 12 one-shots. The styles of the books were done in homage to the comics of the actual silver age.
Silver Age (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age 80-Page Giant (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age Secret Files (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Challengers of the Unknown (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Dial H for Hero (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Doom Patrol (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Flash (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Green Lantern (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Justice League of America (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Showcase (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: Teen Titans (2000) (DC Comics)
Silver Age: The Brave and the Bold (2000) (DC Comics)

Gen13 Vol.4 #1-39 (2006-2011) Complete
Gen13 Vol.4 #1-39 (2006-2011) Complete
English | CBR | 39 Issues | 941.73 MB

A teenager's life is always strange, but add in super-powers and things get a lot more confusing! Gen13 are outcast teens who quickly learn they have something in common: abilities far beyond those of their classmates. But what's the secret to these wonderful and scary powers?

Swamp Thing Vol.3 #1-20 (2000-2001) Complete
Swamp Thing Vol.3 #1-20 (2000-2001) Complete
English | CBR | 20 Issues | HD | 721.18 MB

Tefe Holland, daughter of the original Swamp Thing, takes center stage in a new ongoing series showcasing this very different inheritor to one of comics' best-loved horror legacies.

Strange Adventures (2014) (digital TPB)
Strange Adventures (2014) (digital TPB)
English | CBR | 154 pages | 205.92 MB

Don't miss this collection of science fiction short stories from some of Vertigo's all-time greats, as well as the hot new talents of tomorrow! From the far reaches of space to the not so distant future, this anthology is loaded with unsettling short stories that will hijack your imagination and take you to strange, mysterious places.

New Suicide Squad v04 - Kill Anything (2016)
New Suicide Squad v04 - Kill Anything (2016)
English | CBR | 158 pages | 226.33 MB

Killed in action. That’s the official story on the Suicide Squad, the crack team of the world’s most dangerous super-villains assembled to do the jobs too dirty for the good guys to handle. Also known as Task Force X, they’ve been X’ed out, leaving their minder and master, Amanda Waller, behind to pick up the pieces.
At least that’s what they want you to believe.
Thanks to Harley Quinn’s secret contact on the outside, the Squad has faked their deaths, leaving Harley, Deadshot, Cheetah and Diablo free to live life on their own terms…or so it seems. But by escaping both Waller and the walls of Belle Reve Prison, they may have dug their own graves. They’ve fallen into the clutches of the Fist of Cain, the insane death cult that helped them play dead—and who are now trying to make their ruse a reality!
To survive, the Suicide Squad must turn to their one-time captors—and Deadshot’s hated rival, Captain Boomerang—for help, or they’ll finally live up to their name…
It’s the end of an era for the team behind the blockbuster movie, as creators Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, BATMAN ETERNAL) and Juan Ferreyra (GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT) seal their fate in NEW SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 4: KILL ANYTHING! Collects issues (2014-2016) #17-22 and a special preview of SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH #1.

New Suicide Squad v03 - Freedom (2016)
New Suicide Squad v03 - Freedom (2016)
English | CBR | 139 pages | 194 MB

Get ready for this summer's anticipated movie SUICIDE SQUAD with the comics that inspired the film, including fan-favorite characters Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang!
Task Force X team members Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Black Manta and Parasite are killers being given a chance to do good for the U.S. government...not that they have a choice. One step out of line and their handler, Amanda Waller, can set off their surgically implanted bombs. But if they play along, this "Suicide Squad" might just be their shot at redemption.
When Waller discovers that Task Force X is being manipulated by a shadowy corporate conspiracy, she decides to take her team off the grid. Now, without their bombs to keep them in check, the only thing keeping the world's worst heroes from becoming full-blown villains again is their desire to see justice served.
Will that be enough to keep Waller's former prisoners from killing their jailer?
NEW SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 3: FREEDOM collects NEW SUICIDE SQUAD (2014-2016) #13-16 and SUICIDE SQUAD MOST WANTED: DEADSHOT AND KATANA, by writer Sean Ryan (FLASHPOINT: GRODD OF WAR) and artist Philipe Briones (UNCANNY X-FORCE), and also featuring Brian Buccellato (DETECTIVE COMICS), Mike W. Barr (BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON), Viktor Bogdanovic (BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT) and Diogenes Neves (BATMAN/SUPERMAN).

New Suicide Squad v02 - Monsters (2016)
New Suicide Squad v02 - Monsters (2016)
English | CBR | 145 pages | 194.78 MB

Writer Sean Ryan (Nova) and artist Philippe Briones (Captain America Corps) set villain against villain in an epic battle for the greater good in NEW SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 2: MONSTERS!
A splinter sect has broken off from the legendary League of Assassins. Like their predecessors, this new League is made up of some of the deadliest killers on the planet. But unlike Ra's al Ghul's followers, these renegade assassins have no plans to remain hidden in the shadows.
With countless innocent lives at stake, there's only one team ready to handle this new terrorist threat: Deadshot. Black Manta. Captain Boomerang. Harley Quinn. Reverse Flash. Parasite.
It's up to Amanda Waller's Task Force X to destroy this terrorist organization from the inside, and that means going deep undercover. They're being sent far behind enemy lines to face a foe like nothing they've ever encountered. And if they don't all make it back? That's why they're called the Suicide Squad.
Collects issues (2014-2016) #9-12, Annual #1 and DC SNEAK PEEK: NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #1.

New Suicide Squad v01 - Pure Insanity (2015)
New Suicide Squad v01 - Pure Insanity (2015)
English | CBR | 181 pages | 273.33 MB

Setting the world’s most dangerous super-criminals against the most insidious threats to national security: that’s the idea behind the elite black-ops unit officially designated as Task Force X. It’s perfect…on paper. But the real world rarely goes according to plan. Threats evolve. Teammates turn on each other. Blood and betrayals flow like rivers. And that’s why Task Force X is better known as the Suicide Squad. Vic Sage aims to change the equation. Replacing Amanda Waller as the puppet-master of Suicide Squad’s motley crew, he’s introducing wild cards like Deathstroke and the Joker’s Daughter to whip the existing team-Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Black Manta-into shape. But the world’s deadliest assassin and the Clown Princess of Crime have ideas of their own…and no explosive implants to keep them in line. Can this new Suicide Squad survive-or will it implode before it even begins? Find out in NEW SUICIDE SQUAD: PURE INSANITY, the first action-packed chapter of an all new Suicide Squad saga by writer Sean Ryan (BATMAN, SUICIDE SQUAD) and an elite squad of artists! Collects issues (2014-2016) #1-8.

Suicide Squad v05 - Apokolips Now (2016)
Suicide Squad v05 - Apokolips Now (2016)
English | CBR | 220 pages | 305.43 MB

Amanda Waller has lost her iron grip on the Suicide Squad, pushed aside in favor of a new commander. While she lays plans to take back Task Force X, a supernatural secret society is quietly moving in for the kill.
But an even more powerful enemy awaits—and it’s an enemy within. A traitor in the ranks is scheming to use the Squad as cannon fodder in a bloody power struggle. And the battle won’t take place in the war-torn Middle East, the shadowy streets of Gotham City or anywhere else on Earth. It’s happening someplace even deadlier, even darker.
Now the home of Darkseid, the embodiment of all evil, will be the scene of the greatest fight the Squad has ever faced. The full fury of his most merciless minions will be unleashed against Waller and her team—including Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Poison Ivy and more. And by the time it’s all over, the Suicide Squad will live up to its name…
Collecting the classic storyline by writers John Ostrander and Kim Yale and a squad of talented artists including John K. Snyder III, Luke McDonnell, Geof Isherwood and Grant Miehm, SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 5: APOKOLIPS NOW takes the DC Universe’s favorite twisted team to the most dangerous destination yet! Includes SUICIDE SQUAD (1987-1992) #31-39.

Suicide Squad v04 - The Janus Directive (2016)
Suicide Squad v04 - The Janus Directive (2016)
English | CBR | 290 pages | 434.75 MB

Amanda "the Wall" Waller has fought tooth and nail to keep her Suicide Squad of metahuman black ops agents in operation. Together with Checkmate, a covert government spy agency, these two teams make up Waller's Task Force X, taking on the missions that the United States government deems too dangerous for anyone else. But the members of Task Force X aren't the only ones doing the government's dirty work...
When Waller uncovers a conspiracy code named the "Janus Directive," it becomes clear that another government agency intends to wipe out Task Force X, and body count is not a consideration.
Is this the beginning of an all-out secret war between the country's most dangerous operatives, or is someone else pulling the strings to further their own endgame? And if that's the case, has someone finally done the impossible and outsmarted the Wall?
From an array of classic comics creators including John Ostrander, Paul Kupperberg, Kim Yale, John K. Snyder III, Steve Erwin, and many more, SUICIDE SQUAD: THE JANUS DIRECTIVE presents the classic crossover event in its entirety for the first time! Collects SUICIDE SQUAD (1987-1992) #26-30, CHECKMATE #15-18, MANHUNTER #14, FIRESTORM #86 and CAPTAIN ATOM #30.

Suicide Squad v03 - Rogues (2016)
Suicide Squad v03 - Rogues (2016)
English | CBR | 281 pages | 330.12 MB

Creators John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, Bob Lewis, and Karl Kesel continue their legendary run in SUICIDE SQUAD: ROGUES, collecting issues (1987-1992) #17-25 and ANNUAL #1 of the celebrated 1980s series.
The Squad will go on...
Or will it? Forget the terrorists occupying American soil, the guerrilla factions killing each other off, or the aliens invading Earth. It's the war at home that may spell the end of Director Amanda Waller and Task Force X.
Waller's "Suicide Squad" of incarcerated super-villains and troubled agents has worked effectively under the radar—until now. No one, not even her staff in the Belle Reve metahuman prison facility, trusts "The Wall." Plus, rising tensions among ever-changing Squad members mean that they've become a bigger threat to each other than to their opponents.
And when government officials with presidential aspirations discover the existence of Task Force X, Waller is forced to do whatever it takes to keep her team from being exposed to the world—even if it means crossing the thin moral line that separates her from the disposable villains recruited for her impossible assignments.

Suicide Squad v02 - The Nightshade Odyssey (2015)
Suicide Squad v02 - The Nightshade Odyssey (2015)
English | CBR | 291 pages | 360.47 MB

Discover John Ostrander’s classic series and the origins of the criminal cadre starring in next summer’s feature film, Suicide Squad! Friends or foes? That is the question that must be answered when Batman and the Justice League learn of the team’s existence. The Dark Knight confronts Amanda Waller, which leads to a standoff that could end the Suicide Squad forever. While the team is sent to take down the island headquarters of a Colombian drug cartel, Rick Flagg takes an all-new Suicide Squad on a deadly mission that sees them go head-to-head with the Doom Patrol! Finally, the Squad faces the Justice League in hostile territory—and it may not be possible for either side to survive. All of this leads to an extra-dimensional journey to discover who, or what, their teammate Nightshade actually is. This collection continues, in chronological order, the stories by series writer John Ostrander, who is joined by guest writers Keith Giffen, J.M. Dematteis and Paul Kupperberg, and acclaimed artists Luke McDonnell, Bob Lewis and Erik Larsen! SUICIDE SQUAD: THE NIGHTSHADE ODYSSEY collects SUICIDE SQUAD (1987-1992) #9-16, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #13, and DOOM PATROL/SUICIDE SQUAD #1.

Justice League Dark v03 - The Death of Magic (2014)
Justice League Dark v03 - The Death of Magic (2014)
English | CBR | 171 pages | 270.55 MB

"Transported to another dimension by the Books of Magic, Tim Hunter and Zatanna awake in a world where magic once ruled in peace until mad scientists banned magic and forced all of the magical creatures underground in exile.
Tim soon finds out that his ancestors are tied to this world and that only he, through the Books of Magic, can free the ""Wild World.""
Unsure of what transpired when Tim and Zatanna disappeared, the remaining members of JLD, with the help of Tim Hunter's father, manage to transport themselves to the ""Wild World"" and soon find that the rules of magic here are very different and very deadly.
This volume collects issues #14-21 of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK."

Justice League Dark v02 - The Books of Magic (2013)
Justice League Dark v02 - The Books of Magic (2013)
English | CBR | 214 pages | 290.85 MB

New York Times best selling author Jeff Lemire takes over Justice League Dark and just when you thought it couldn't get darker...
Vampires across the world have gone berserk, attacking anything with a pulse. Fearing her apocalyptic vision of the future has come to pass, Madame Xanadu mobilizes the team to intervene. But everything the Justice League Dark members know about how to slay a vampire is useless, for the world has changed.

Justice League Dark v01 - In the Dark (2012)
Justice League Dark v01 - In the Dark (2012)
English | CBR | 136 pages | 315.92 MB

As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics - The New 52 event of September 2011, a new type of super-team must come together when supernatural forces threaten the DCU - Justice League Dark!
The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing a wave of chaos that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna, Mindwarp and John Constantine may be our only hope - but how can we put our trust in beings whose very presence makes ordinary people break out in a cold sweat? Critically acclaimed writer Peter Milligan brings together an unorthodox team for the most unnatural threats. With stunning art by up and coming star Mikel Janin, Justice League Dark Vol. 1 visits the unexplored corners of the DCU!

Supergirl - Being Super #1-4 (2017)Supergirl - Being Super #1-4 (2017)
Supergirl - Being Super #1-4 (2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Flying and crushing coal into diamonds may come easy, but try popping a Kryptonian zit! Caldecott Honor-winning and Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer) teams with Eisner Award-nominated artist Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer) for a coming-of-age tale like you’ve never seen before. But while growing pains shake up Kara’s world, a deadly earthquake rocks the small town of Midvale beneath her feet! The Girl of Steel has a choice: let her world die, or overcome her adolescent insecurities and be super!

DC - Looney Tunes (2017)DC - Looney Tunes (2017)
DC - Looney Tunes (2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

See what happens when DC's iconic Super Heroes clash with Looney Tunes' favorite characters!
Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny Special (2017-) #1
Lobo/Road Runner Special (2017-) #1
Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian Special (2017-) #1
Batman/Elmer Fudd Special (2017-) #1
DC/Looney Tunes 100-Page Spectacular (2017-) #1
Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil Special (2017-) #1
Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam Special (2017-) #1


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