Deathstroke v04 - Family Business (2016)
Deathstroke v04 - Family Business (2016)
English | CBR | 158 pages | 240.07 MB

Slade Wilson, the unstoppable mercenary known as Deathstoke, has left more than his fair share of bodies in his wake.
And now one of them has come back to return the favor.
Five years ago, Deathstroke left his former partner Wardell Chambers for dead on a contract gone wrong in Kahndaq. Now calling himself Lawman, Chambers has returned, this time with the power to bend minds to his will, manipulating everyone around Slade in an elaborate game of deception in order to exact his revenge.
With the lives of his children, Rose and Jericho, at stake, Slade is forced to form an alliance with the last person he ever thought possible—none other than Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins. But Ra’s al Ghul never makes a move without an ulterior motive…
Caught between the League of Assassins on one side and an army of mercenaries led by Lawman on the other, there’s only one question left for Deathstroke to answer:
Who will be the last killer standing?
From writer James Bonny (THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN) and artists Tyler Kirkham (TEEN TITANS) and Paolo Pantalena (RED HOOD/ARSENAL), DEATHSTROKE VOL. 4: FAMILY BUSINESS brings the baddest villains in the DC Universe to the ultimate showdown! Also including DEATHSTROKE ANNUAL #2 by GREEN ARROW scribe Phil Hester, this volume collects issues #17-20 and a special preview of DEATHSTROKE: REBIRTH #1!

Deathstroke v03 - Suicide Run (2016)
Deathstroke v03 - Suicide Run (2016)
English | CBR | 137 pages | 216.23 MB

Nobody defeats Deathstroke. Slade Wilson has killed a Titan, held his own against the God of War and gone punch for punch with Superman and lived to tell the tale.
But someone has found the one chink in Deathstroke's armor...
Now his daughter, Rose, has gone missing, taken by none other than Harley Quinn. Harley intends to force Slade to make good on an old promise, and her ultimatum is simple: to find his daughter, he'll have to kill Amanda Waller, head of the Suicide Squad and Harley's jailor.
But how far can anyone trust the unbalanced Harley? When Deathstroke's intel pits him against everyone from Lex Luthor's army of Bizarros to Red Hood, it's clear that there's more to this puzzle than meets the eye. Deathstroke wants answers, but more importantly, he wants his daughter back. And he's not about to let anyone stand in his way!
Writers James Bonny (THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN) and Tony S. Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS) and artists Tyler Kirkham (TEEN TITANS) and Paolo Pantalena (RED HOOD/ARSENAL) set Deathstroke on his most important mission yet in DEATHSTROKE VOL. 3: SUICIDE RUN!
Collects issues #11-16.

Deathstroke v02 - God Killer (2016)
Deathstroke v02 - God Killer (2016)
English | CBR | 135 pages | 237.26 MB

The world's deadliest assassin faces the fight of his life.
If it can be killed, Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke the Terminator, assassin for hire, will find a way to kill it. At least, that's what he tells his employers. But this next contract may be too much for even Deathstroke to handle.
Slade's newest assignment comes from Hephaestus himself, armorer to the gods of Olympus. In order to reach his target Lapetus, the imprisoned god of mortality, Slade will have to travel through the gates of Tartarus on the Amazon homeland of Themyscira.
To protect her home and fellow Amazons, Wonder Woman will do whatever it takes to stop Slade on his fool's errand, and Superman is right by her side. With the Man of Steel, the God of War and an army of the undead out for his blood, this final fight might just be a dead end for Deathstroke!
DEATHSTROKE VOL. 2: GOD KILLER joins acclaimed writer and artist Tony S. Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS), along with writer James Bonny (THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN) and artists including Tyler Kirkham (TEEN TITANS) and Sandu Florea (BATMAN). Collects DEATHSTROKE #7-10, ANNUAL #1 and DC SNEAK PEAK: DEATHSTROKE #1.

Deathstroke v01 - Gods of War (2015)
Deathstroke v01 - Gods of War (2015)
English | CBR | 126 pages | 211.46 MB

Slade Wilson is the world’s deadliest assassin. His reputation doesn’t just precede him, it’s his most important asset. So when Slade is betrayed by his trusted friend and handler and left for dead, the world thinks Deathstroke has finally been terminated. Slade’s most valuable possession has been taken from him. Now, the world’s deadliest assassin has awoken with a completely different face and a completely new mission: find the man who arranged for his death, and who is building an army that will threaten every nation on Earth. Find Odysseus. But as Slade hunts Odysseus, Odysseus hunts the one man who will unlock his ultimate power and ultimate victory. And all three have one thing in common-a shared history that could destroy Deathstroke’s new life before he even has a chance to build it! DEATHSTROKE: GODS OF WAR collects issues #1-6.

Voodoo #0-12 (2011-2012) CompleteVoodoo #0-12 (2011-2012) Complete
Voodoo #0-12 (2011-2012) Complete
English | CBR | 13 Issues | HD | 497.62 MB

Who is Voodoo? Is she hero, villain--or both? Learn the truth about Priscilla Kitaen as she leaves a trail of violence across America. Discover the DC Universe through her eyes, because the things she sees are not always what they seem.
Priscilla Kitaen has just found out she's a monster. A half-alien hybrid, the woman known as Voodoo must confront the secrets of her past to make sense of the nightmare her life has suddenly become.

Legion Lost #0-16 (2011-2013) CompleteLegion Lost #0-16 (2011-2013) Complete
Legion Lost #0-16 (2011-2013) Complete
English | CBR | 17 Issues | HD | 523.43 MB

Seven heroes from the 31st century have traveled back to the present day. Their mission: save their future from annihilation. But when the future tech they brought with them fails, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish world!

Men Of War Vol.2 #1-8 (2012) CompleteMen Of War Vol.2 #1-8 (2012) Complete
Men Of War Vol.2 #1-8 (2012) Complete
English | CBR | 8 Issues | HD | 533.02 MB

Men of War vol. 2 was launched in 2011 as part of The New 52 initiative; the series was written by Ivan Brandon. In January 2012, DC announced that Men of War would be one of six titles cancelled following its eighth issue, to be replaced by a "second wave" of six new titles.

Justice League International #1-12 + Annual (2011-2012) CompleteJustice League International #1-12 + Annual (2011-2012) Complete
Justice League International #1-12 + Annual (2011-2012) Complete
English | CBR | 13 Issues | HD | 414.58 MB

As a part of the monumental DC Comics—The New 52 event, comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee bring you an all-new origin story for the Justice League!
In a world where inexperienced superheroes operate under a cloud of suspicion from the public, loner vigilante Batman has stumbled upon a dark evil that threatens to destroy the earth as we know it. Now, faced with a threat far beyond anything he can handle on his own, the Dark Knight must trust an alien, a scarlet speedster, an accidental teenage hero, a space cop, an Amazon Princess and an undersea monarch. Will this combination of Superman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman be able to put aside their differences and come together to save the world? Or will they destroy each other first?
In one of the most game-changing titles in comic industry history, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee re-imagine the classic heroes of the DC Universe for the 21st century.

The Flash Vol.4 #0-52 + Annual #1-4 + Special (2011-2016) CompleteThe Flash Vol.4 #0-52 + Annual #1-4 + Special (2011-2016) Complete
The Flash Vol.4 #0-52 + Annual #1-4 + Special (2011-2016) Complete
English | CBR | 61 Issues | HD | 2.43 GB

The Flash knows he can't be everywhere at once, but what happens when he faces an all-new villain who really can? As if that's not bad enough, this villain is a close friend!

Sword of Sorcery #0-8 (2012-2013) CompleteSword of Sorcery #0-8 (2012-2013) Complete
Sword of Sorcery #0-8 (2012-2013) Complete
English | CBR | 9 Issues | HD | 504.85 MB

Amethyst returns! Amy Winston has grown up on the road with her mother. Their life is strange, and it only gets weirder when she discovers she's the lost princess of Gemworld--and has powerful enemies hunting her!

Superman - Wonder Woman v05 - A Savage End (2016)
Superman - Wonder Woman v05 - A Savage End (2016)
English | CBR | 201 pages | 290.58 MB

A “power couple” no more, Superman and Wonder Woman need each other more than ever if they’re to defeat the immortal despot Vandal Savage. By stealing the Man of Steel’s powers, Savage has realized his master plan to draw back to Earth the comet that gave him his power eons ago. And this time, he’s confident it will grant him unspeakable might.
In his weakened state, Superman is a near-certain casualty at the hands of Savage and the super-powered genetic offspring that kill in his name. Diana appeals to the Olympian gods to heal him, knowing that they will first put his spiritual form through an emotionally grueling test to determine his worthiness. Should the God of War’s desperate gamble pay off, she and Superman must still contend with the immortal madman and his progeny. Will that epic battle move the estranged lovers to reaffirm their feelings for one another…or must one final tragedy bring them back into each other’s arms?
Critically acclaimed writer Peter J. Tomasi (SUPERMAN) and artists Doug Mahnke (JUSTICE LEAGUE), Cliff Richards (LOBO), Ed Benes (RED LANTERNS) and Jorge Jimenez (EARTH 2: SOCIETY) chronicle what appear to be the final days of the world’s most powerful couple in SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN VOL. 5, collecting issues #25-29 and collected edition exclusive SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #30-31.
Superman - Wonder Woman v04 - Dark Truth (2016)
Superman - Wonder Woman v04 - Dark Truth (2016)
English | CBR | 186 pages | 267.79 MB

The all-star creative team of Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN AND ROBIN) and Doug Mahnke (JUSTICE LEAGUE) continue the chronicles of the world's most powerful couple.
Superman, deprived of most of his power and outed to the world as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, is in trouble. Someone is targeting his human friends and hometown. Lana Lang has disappeared. The Kent family home has vanished. And graves have been desecrated within Smallville. With Wonder Woman at his side, Superman flies home to investigate.
Frustrated with Wonder Woman's growing vigilance over his weakened state, Superman leaves her behind in an effort to protect her when he realizes that whoever is targeting his friends and family might soon move on to her. But it is Wonder Woman who discovers the key to unlocking the mysteries plaguing Smallville: an imprisoned Lois Lane.
Batman - Superman v02 - Game Over (2014)
Batman - Superman v02 - Game Over (2014)
English | CBR | 217 pages | 282.69 MB

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel uncover a plot by the Toymaster to use a secret, potentially deadly element in his new video game, the characters created by players manifest in real life. The ultimate fighting game results--and a world-wide network of players must team up to create the most powerful, skilled Super Heroes imaginable with one goal: To kill Batman.
When Batman and Superman are corned by the Toymaster and Mongul, they are pitted against on another in a battle to the death, with their only hope being the The Worlds' Finest.
Collects Batman/Superman #5-9, Batman/Superman Annual #1, Worlds' Finest #20-21.

Batman - Superman v01 - Cross World (2014)
Batman - Superman v01 - Cross World (2014)
English | CBR | 140 pages | 236.33 MB

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel are close friends in the modern day--but the two weren't always such close allies. Discover how two of the World's Finest Super Heroes met for the first time in the New 52, and the mysterious adventure that takes them to a whole new world-the world of Earth 2! The heroes of the main DC Universe meet their Earth 2 counterparts for the first time! Collects BATMAN #1-4 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.1: DARKSEID.

Demon Knights #0-23 (2011-2013) Complete
Demon Knights #0-23 (2011-2013) Complete
English | CBR | 24 Issues | HD | 916.54 MB

In the dark ages of the DC Universe, a barbarian horde is massing to crush civilization. It’s fallen to Madame Xanadu and Jason Blood, the man with a monster inside him, to stand in their way – though the demon Etrigan has no interest in protecting anyone or anything other than himself! It’ll take more than their own power to stop an army fueled by bloodlust and dark sorcery, and some very surprising heroes – and villains – will have no choice but to join the fray!

The Movement #1-12 (2013-2014) CompleteThe Movement #1-12 (2013-2014) Complete
The Movement #1-12 (2013-2014) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | HD | 592.53 MB

What is the Movement? They are faceless. They are limitless. They see all. They do not forgive. And they're here to defend the powerless from the powerful.

DC Comics New 52 Crossover Event - Forever Evil - Villains Month (2013) Complete
DC Comics New 52 Crossover Event - Forever Evil - Villains Month (2013) Complete
English | CBR | 52 Issues | 1.9 GB

For the month of September, in conjunction with Forever Evil, approximately one third of the ongoing titles at the time published multiple "Villains Month" issues, while the rest skipped publication. All titles used the "point" system, replacing the current number system, which resumed in October 2013. Titles were known by both their normal publication title, as well as their "Villains Month" title.
The list of revealed villain issues is as follows.
Action Comics #23.1 as Cyborg Superman #1
#23.2 as Zod #1
#23.3 as Lex Luthor #1
#23.4 as Metallo #1
Aquaman #23.1 as Black Manta #1
#23.2 as Ocean Master #1
Batman #23.1 as Joker #1
#23.2 as The Riddler #1
#23.3 as The Penguin #1
#23.4 as Bane #1
Batman and Robin #23.1 as Two Face #1
#23.2 as Court of Owls #1
#23.3 as Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins #1
#23.4 as Killer Croc #1
Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1 as Ventriloquist #1
#23.2 as Mr. Freeze #1
#23.3 as Clayface #1
#23.4 as The Joker's Daughter #1
Batman/Superman #3.1 as Doomsday #1.
Detective Comics #23.1 as Poison Ivy #1
#23.2 as Harley Quinn #1
#23.3 as The Scarecrow #1
#23.4 as Man-Bat #1
Earth 2 #15.1 as Desaad #1
#15.2 as Solomon Grundy #1
The Flash #23.1 as Grodd #1
#23.2 as Reverse-Flash #1
#23.3 as The Rogues #1
Green Arrow #23.1 as Count Vertigo #1
Green Lantern #23.1 as Relic #1
#23.2 as Mongul #1
#23.3 as Black Hand #1
#23.4 as Sinestro #1
Justice League #23.1 as Darkseid #1
#23.2 as Lobo #1
#23.3 as Dial E #1
#23.4 as Secret Society #1
Justice League of America #7.1 as Deadshot #1
#7.2 as Killer Frost #1
#7.3 as Shadow Thief #1
#7.4 as Black Adam #1
Justice League Dark #23.1 as The Creeper #1
#23.2 as Eclipso #1
Superman #23.1 as Bizarro #1,
#23.2 as Brainiac #1
#23.3 as H'el #1
#23.4 as Parasite #1
Swamp Thing #23.1 as Arcane #1.
Teen Titans #23.1 as Trigon #1
#23.2 as Deathstroke #1.
Wonder Woman #23.1 Cheetah #1
#23.2 First Born #1

Batgirl v03 - Mindfields (2016)
Batgirl v03 - Mindfields (2016)
English | CBR | 198 pages | 280.58 MB

She rides a cool motorcycle, swings a mean right hook, and has backup from the best crime-fighters in the biz, but Batgirl's greatest weapon has always been her mind. As the brilliant Barbara Gordon, she's on the verge of a tech breakthrough that could transform her beloved Burnside neighborhood, and all of Gotham City to boot—though if it falls into the wrong hands, it could just as easily devastate them.
But how can Batgirl stop a hacker who can break into her brain itself?
A sinister figure has been haunting Batgirl's nightmares and stealing all her secrets, from her high-tech innovations to her hidden identity. And he'll use that knowledge to destroy her forever.
Now Batgirl must assemble a band of her best friends and closest allies—including Spoiler, Black Canary, Batwing and more—to stop the most dangerous enemy she's ever known, or Burnside and the entire Bat-family will burn...
It all comes down to this! The revolutionary creative team of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr bring the saga of the Batgirl of Burnside to a close in BATGIRL VOL. 3: MINDFIELDS. Be there for the shocking climax to one of the greatest Batgirl stories ever told!
Collects BATGIRL #46-52.

Batgirl v02 - Family Business (2016)
Batgirl v02 - Family Business (2016)
English | CBR | 168 pages | 182.89 MB

All-star creative team Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr continue their fan-favorite run in BATGIRL: FAMILY BUSINESS, featuring guest-appearances by Dick Grayson, Batwoman, Spoiler, the students of Gotham Academy and more!
Over the past few months, Barbara Gordon has made some big changes to her Batgirl alter ego. She has a new look, new support team and new home base in Burnside—Gotham's trendiest neighborhood. But just when she's hitting her stride, her father drops a bombshell: Babs isn't the only masked crime-fighter in the family anymore. Jim Gordon is the new Batman.
After the original Batman fell fighting the Joker, the former police commissioner was given a high-tech super-suit and asked to take up the mantle. With a team of G.C.P.D. officers watching his every move, Jim Gordon's new law-and-order Batman has zero tolerance for vigilantism. He's been ordered to arrest any unsanctioned superhero in Gotham—and Batgirl is next!

Batgirl v01 - Batgirl of Burnside (2015)
Batgirl v01 - Batgirl of Burnside (2015)
English | CBR | 178 pages | 191.53 MB

Burnside - the coolest neighborhood in Gotham - is a hub for young artists, fashionistas and techies. And now, it is also home to Batgirl. As the newest resident of the city's hippest zip code, Barbara has new roommates, a new school and a new costume.
But as Batgirl's popularity grows (along with her devoted online fan base), Burnside suddenly seems to have an excess of Batgirls. And one of these imposters is out to kill off the original!
Red-hot creative team Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr reinvent Barbara Gordon from the boots up in BATGIRL: BURNSIDE (collects #35-40).


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