The Simping Detective (2007)
The Simping Detective (2007)
English | CBR | 165 pages | 98.07 MB

Collects the stories of Wally Squad (undercover) Judge Jack Point, who poses as a private investigator dressed as a clown - or, as Mega City One slang describes anyone with the compulsion to dress like a fool, a "simp" (simpleton). Hence Point's nickname, the Simping Detective.

Alien vs. Predator - Fire and Stone #1-4 (of 04) (2014-2015) CompleteAlien vs. Predator - Fire and Stone #1-4 (of 04) (2014-2015) Complete
Alien vs. Predator - Fire and Stone #1-4 (of 04) (2014-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 151.06 MB

As the mercenary crew of the Perses leaves the horror of LV-223 behind them, one passenger reveals a terrible new danger and the crew soon find themselves in a deadly struggle between predator and prey! Collects issues #1-#4 of Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone!
Aliens, Predators, and Engineers will come together in 2014 when the Aliens, Predators, and Aliens Vs. Predator comics get completely rebooted, along with the first Prometheus comic series, and joined together in a single continuity.
Marvel NOW! - Week 113 (January 14, 2015)
Marvel NOW! - Week 113 (January 14, 2015)
English | CBR | 22 Issues | 955.32 MB

All-New Captain America #3
All-New Ghost Rider #10
All-New Ultimates #12
Amazing X-Men #15
Avengers #34.2
Avengers #40
Captain Marvel #11
Cyclops #9
Daredevil #12
Deadpool #40
Deathlok #4
George Romero's Empire Of The Dead Act Two #5 (of 5)
Guardians 3000 #4
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #9
Nightcrawler #10
S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
Silver Surfer #8
Spider-Verse #2 (of 2)
Star Wars #1
Thanos Vs Hulk #2 (of 4)
Wolverines #2
X-Force #14
DC Comics: The New 52! - Week 176 (January 14, 2015)
DC Comics: The New 52! - Week 176 (January 14, 2015)
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 427.03 MB

Batgirl #38
Batman Eternal #41
Constantine #21
Earth 2 World's End #15
Grayson #6
Green Lantern Corps #38
Justice League United #8
Klarion #4
New 52 Futures End #37
New Suicide Squad #6
Superman Wonder Woman #15
Worlds' Finest #30
Deathlok The Souls Of Cyber-Folk (TPB) (2015)
Deathlok The Souls Of Cyber-Folk (TPB) (2015)
English | CBR | 389 pages | 886.47 MB

Collects Deathlok (1991) 1-15, Annual #1.
As if being duped by his evil ex-employers into becoming the cyborg soldier Deathlok isn't enough, now Michael Collins is square in the sights of a mad villain collecting and disassembling cyborgs and androids. Can you guess the secret of Mechadoom? Hopefully, Deathlok can -- with a little help from the Fantastic Four and the X-Men! Then, what happens when the man in the body of a killing machine meets the killing machine in the body of a man? Find out when Deathlok and the Punisher team up! And the nightmare is far from over for Collins: When he finds himself in battle with Ghost Rider, it's time to fight hellfire with firepower! Though a pacifist at heart, Deathlok quickly gets to grips with the ever-volatile Marvel Universe!
The Adventures Of Chrissie Claus Graphic Novel Collection Vol 1(2014)
The Adventures Of Chrissie Claus Graphic Novel Collection Vol 1(2014)
English | CBR | 113 pages | 169.04 MB

Presenting the classic adventures of Santa's li'l elfin granddaughter, Chrissie Claus! This trade paperback contains all her published adventures from Adventures of Chrissie Claus #1-2, Flare #30, and Flare Adventures #18-19.
Usagi Yojimbo - Senso #1-6 (of 06) (2014-2015) CompleteUsagi Yojimbo - Senso #1-6 (of 06) (2014-2015) Complete
Usagi Yojimbo - Senso #1-6 (of 06) (2014-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 289.25 MB

Twenty years in his future, Miyamoto Usagi fights as a general for Lord Noriyuki, against the treacherous Lord Hikiji. In the fury of the final battle, a metal rocket crashes to earth - and inside is an enemy that neither side could have ever imagined! Witness the final fates of your favorite Usagi characters, in this all-new samurai epic with a startling science fiction twist!
From multiple - Eisner award-winning creator Stan Sakai!
An all new story set in Usagi's future!
Celebrating Usagi's 30th anniversary!
Usagi Yojimbo - Senso (2015)
English | CBR | 160 pages | 196.99 MB

Night Fisher (2005)
Night Fisher (2005)
English | CBR | 143 pages | HD 134.32 MB

R. Kikuo Johnson has created an intimate and compelling graphic novel-length drama of young men on the cusp of adulthood. First-rate prep school, S.U.V., and a dream house in the heights: This was the island paradise handed to Loren Foster when he moved to Hawaii with his father six years ago. Now, with the end of high school just around the corner, his best friend, Shane, has grown distant. The rumors say it's hard drugs, and Loren suspects that Shane has left him behind for a new group of friends. What sets Johnson's drama apart is the naturalistic ease with which he explores the relationships of his characters. It is at once an unsentimental portrait of that most awkward period between adolescence and young adulthood and that rarest of things: a mature depiction of immature lives. Visually, Johnson captures the languid tropical climate and strip mall tackiness of Hawaii in a rich chiaroscuro style reminiscent of Milton Caniff combined with the sensual ink work of Paul Pope or Jessica Abel.
Miles from Home (2013)
Miles from Home (2013)
English | CBR | 51 pages | 39.99 MB

A family drama unfolds as Maureen moves out of her father's home while her older sister serves prison time. Family duty and honor all come into play as the two sisters paths move further and further apart. Their father's heart aches for his family to reconcile. Can Maureen make it on her own? Ho Che Anderson's art evolves throughout the story as Maureen sees herself and who she can become without the many forces pulling her in different directions.
"Anderson uses a film noir style, with a Wellesian mastery of shadows and moods." -- Vibe
Lancaster T1-T2 (2013-2014) CompleteLancaster T1-T2 (2013-2014) Complete
Lancaster T1-T2 (2013-2014) Complete
English | CBR | 2 Issues | 108.37 MB
Mermin Book 03 - Deep Dive (2014)
Mermin Book 03 - Deep Dive (2014)
English | CBR | 163 pages | 125.30 MB

No one knows much about Mer, the underwater kingdom where Mermin the merman was born, but due to a rising conflict with the people of Atlantis, Mermin is needed back home immediately. Which means that his human friends get to accompany him and see all the aquatic wonders of Mer. But once again, Mermin is tight-lipped about his past - even when it's swimming right in front of him. And there are enemies lurking in the seedier depths of Mer, who've got their sights set not only on Mermin, but on Pete and his friends!
Cruisin' With the Hound - The Life and Times of Fred Toote (2012)
Cruisin' With the Hound - The Life and Times of Fred Toote (2012)
English | CBR | 132 pages | 212.04 MB

"They were all there, the pimps, the fags, the whores, the curious, the alcoholic, the weird of the late '50s... blues lovers, Canadian bikers, thrill seekers, junkies, insomniacs, hepcats..." So begins "Down at the Kitty Kat," one of the 20-plus never-before-collected memoirs and yarns by Spain Rodriguez, one of the original gang of Zap Comix provocateurs. Although he's best known for his two-fisted tales of the chopper-riding Trashman, Spain's blunt graphic style and uncompromising gift for caricature, rendered in eye-punishing slabs of black and white, work equally well for more subtle fare -- such as these memoirs of his misspent youth. Cruisin' with the Hound ranges from Spain's days as an innocent young churchgoer to his time as a member of the Road Vultures motorcycle gang, with stops along the way for his discoveries of science fiction and other, more adult pursuits ("The Birth of Porn") -- as well as the "The Education of an Underground Cartoonist," describing his journey from a pimply Captain Marvel-reading scribbler to his arrival as a professional artist. But the heart of this collection is a cycle of stories ) set during Spain's teenage days in the 1950s, often featuring the doomed, dot-eyed Fred Toot.
Dungeon Quest - Book 1-3 (2010-2012) Complete
Dungeon Quest - Book 1-3 (2010-2012) Complete
English | CBR | 25 Issues | 646.97 MB

One day Millennium Boy decided to grab his hobo stick, his bandanna, and his Swiss Army knife, bid his mom goodbye, and head off on a quest. Joined by his best friend Steve (weapon: baseball bat; clothing: wife beater, cargo pants and sandals), the two sort out a few of the details their adventure.
Dungeon Quest Book 01 (2010)
English | CBR | 138 pages | 190.59 MB
Collects Dungeon Quest Book One (2010) 1-5.
Dungeon Quest Book 02 (2011)
English | CBR | 135 pages | 210.47 MB
Collects Dungeon Quest Book Two (2011) 1-6.
Dungeon Quest Book 03 (2012)
English | CBR | 290 pages | 397.74 MB
Collects Dungeon Quest Book Three (2012) 1-14.


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