Threshold - Allure #0-4 (2019)Threshold - Allure #0-4 (2019)
Threshold - Allure #0-4 (2019)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The legendary title Threshold returns featuring not only our classic characters, but brand new ones! This series, Allure, features an all-new character Praxi! She's the Greek goddess of justice, Praxidike, now inhabiting a new body, and reunited with Pandora for adventures, as they have throughout time! This series features art from Rick Lyon, previously lost by the sands of time, but now finished and joined with new chapters from Christian Zanier! It's all topped off by the full story also Beautified in the back, for that extra sexy zest!

V-Wars - God of Death One-Shot (2019)
V-Wars - God of Death One-Shot (2019)
English | CBR | 35 pages | 50.13 MB

Michael Fayne was patient zero of the plague that exploded into the Vampire Wars. A cult of militant vampires wants to resurrect him. Luther Swann leads a strike team to prevent the rise of a vampire god. New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry returns with an all-new V-Wars tale.

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever (2019)
Betty & Veronica Friends Forever (2019)
English | CBR | 123 pages | 156.21 MB

Classic Betty and Veronica stories are back with this collection of tales that see the two iconic BFFs travel the world and get into all kinds of international adventures - loaded with friendship and fun!

Trust Fall 001 (2019)
Trust Fall 001 (2019)
English | CBR | 34 pages | 53.12 MB

Ash Parsons was raised to believe she's special. As someone with a quirk of genetics that lets her teleport things, she's the golden goose of her family - the foundation of a struggling criminal outfit. Ash is able to pop out whole fleets of cars and entire bank vaults. But while she can teleport valuables and her accomplices, she can't teleport herself - making every job a trust fall with her family there to catch her and escort her to safety. It's a perfect setup but as things begin to change and the Parsons move up in the world, Ash will find herself pushing back against her golden cage, with deadly results.

Incredibles 2 - Secret Identities #1-3 (2019) CompleteIncredibles 2 - Secret Identities #1-3 (2019) Complete
Incredibles 2 - Secret Identities #1-3 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 72.38 MB

It's tough being a teenager, and on top of that, a teenager with super powers! Violet feels out of place at school and doesn't fit in with the kids around her . . . until she meets another girl at school--an outsider with powers, just like her! Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Or are powers not the only thing her friend is keeping secret?
An original story arc set after Disney/Pixars Incredibles 2 feature film!
Disney-PIXAR Incredibles 2 Library Edition (2020)
English | CBR | 221 pages | 287.00 MB
Collects The Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life & Other Stories #1-3, The Incredibles 2: Secret Identities #1-3, and The Incredibles 2: Slow Burn #1-3.
Incredibles 2 - Secret Identities (2019)
English | CBR | 73 pages | 70.45 MB
Collects The Incredibles 2: Secret Identities #1-3.

The Umbrella Academy - Hotel Oblivion #0-7 (2018-2019)The Umbrella Academy - Hotel Oblivion #0-7 (2018-2019)
The Umbrella Academy - Hotel Oblivion #0-7 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 8 Issues

Our heroes are scattered after Sir Reginald Hargreeves‚ death. Number Five is a hired gun, Kraken stalks big game, Rumor is dealing with the wreckage of her marriage, a rotund Spaceboy runs around the streets of Tokyo, Vanya continues her physical therapy after being shot in the head‚ and no one wants to even mention Seance until issue #2. Hotel Oblivion #1 comes to you in October, but this special summer preview gives readers their first glimpse into the lives of these strange heroes in nearly ten years, but picks up the story directly from the events of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas.

The Empty Man Vol.2 #1-8 (2018-2019) CompleteThe Empty Man Vol.2 #1-8 (2018-2019) Complete
The Empty Man Vol.2 #1-8 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 8 Issues | 374.08 MB

Horror sensation Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, Bone Parish) returns to the world of Empty Man with artist Jesús Hervás (Lucas Stand, Clive Barker's Hellraiser) in this new ongoing series. The nation is in the grip of a terrible pandemic. The so-called Empty Man disease causes insanity and violence. Government quarantines are mandatory. One of the afflicted is Melissa Kerry, and the next step should be to quarantine her - but those who enter quarantine are never seen again. Melissa's family won't let that happen. All they have to do is care for her, keep her worsening condition a secret - and they'll do anything, trust anyone, to keep her safe.
The Empty Man - Recurrence (2019)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 199.87 MB
Collects The Empty Man Ongoing (2018-2019) #1-4.
The Empty Man - Manifestation (2019)
English | CBR | 107 pages | 240.65 MB
Collects The Empty Man Ongoing (2018-2019) #5-8.

Star Wars - Vader - Dark Visions #1-5 (2019) CompleteStar Wars - Vader - Dark Visions #1-5 (2019) Complete
Star Wars - Vader - Dark Visions #1-5 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 179.14 MB

WHO IS DARTH VADER? He has been many things: a SITH warrior, a commander, a destroyer. DARTH VADER is to many throughout the GALACTIC EMPIRE a symbol of fear and mysterious, otherworldly power. But there are some who have seen the DARK LORD in a different light. There are some corners of the galaxy so dark and desperate that even Vader can be a knight in shining armor. The first issue of a new STAR WARS limited series, writer Dennis Hopeless (CLOAK AND DAGGER, JEAN GREY) sheds new light on the many sides of the galaxy's greatest villain.
Star Wars - Vader - Dark Visions (2019)
English | CBR | 119 pages | 205.52 MB
Collects Star Wars: Vader - Dark Visions #1-5.

Gunning For Hits #1-6 (2019)Gunning For Hits #1-6 (2019)
Gunning For Hits #1-6 (2019)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Set in the shady New York City music scene of the mid-80s, GUNNING FOR HITS stars Martin Mills, a record company talent scout with an inscrutable past. Follow Martin as he attempts to sign a rock band that'll conquer the world in this music business crime thriller written by music producer JEFF ROUGVIE (David Bowie, Big Star) with art by MORITAT (The Spirit, Harley Quinn, Hellblazer). Plus: each issue will include a background feature and a Spotify playlist.

Giant-Man #1-3 (2019) CompleteGiant-Man #1-3 (2019) Complete
Giant-Man #1-3 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 111.11 MB

A WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS! At the behest of All-Mother Freyja, four men must rise to monstrous heights and infiltrate the most savage territory of New Jotunheim: Florida!

Calamity Kate #1-4 (2019) CompleteCalamity Kate #1-4 (2019) Complete
Calamity Kate #1-4 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 131.35 MB

Kate Strand reboots her destructive life and moves to LA to be the superhero she always wanted to be - Calamity Kate: gun-toting monster killer. With her latest career change, she faces new challenges, relationships, and competition; desperate to show she's worth a damn in a world overrun by zombies, vampires, demons, goblins, and the ultimate monster bounty: the Seven Fabled Beasts of Yore. From the Eisner and GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer of the breakout hit Kim & Kim and DC Comic's Eternity Girl with Gerard Way, and artist on IDW's Ghostbusters and X-Files, comes this modern-day adventure of heroes and monsters.

By Night #1-12 (2018-2019) CompleteBy Night #1-12 (2018-2019) Complete
By Night #1-12 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 477.93 MB

Eisner-Award winning author John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time) join forces for a story about coming home, discovering identity, and accidently smashing a hole to another dimension. Aspiring documentarian (and actual Chemistry major) Jane has recently reunited with her former best friend Heather, amateur urban explorer. When a trip into an abandoned industrial building leads them to another world, their plan begins to unfold - create a documentary about the world and become filthy, filthy rich. The other side of the portal is filled with monsters, magic and a chance for a whole new life. All they have to do is step through...
By Night v01 (2019)
English | CBR | 114 pages | 118.12 MB
Collects issues #1-4.
By Night v02 (2019)
English | CBR | 113 pages | 167.64 MB
Collects issues #5-8.
By Night v03 (2019)
English | CBR | 114 pages | 188.83 MB
Collects issues #9-12.

Asgardians of the Galaxy #1-10 (2018-2019) CompleteAsgardians of the Galaxy #1-10 (2018-2019) Complete
Asgardians of the Galaxy #1-10 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 10 Issues | 375.69 MB

Spinning out of the events of INFINITY WARS comes an epic space opera from DEADPOOL veterans Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli! Angela, the not-so-beloved half-sister of Thor. The hotheaded Valkyrie - and the human who shares her form, Annabelle Riggs. Skurge the Executioner, freshly returned from Hel. Throg, the mightiest frog of thunder. Kevin Masterson, the boy who took his father's mace to become the hero Thunderstrike. And the Destroyer, the Asgardian armor built to take down Celestials - its wielder unknown. The events of INFINITY WARS set NEBULA off on a quest to rule the galaxy - wielding an Asgardian weapon even Thor would fear - and it's up to this team of gods, assassins, frogs and heroes to stop her.
Asgardians of the Galaxy v01 - The Infinity Armada (2019)
English | CBR | 105 pages | 201.97 MB
Collects Asgardians Of The Galaxy (2018-2019) #1-5.
Asgardians of the Galaxy v02 - War of the Realms (2019)
English | CBR | 99 pages | 201.84 MB
Collects Asgardians of the Galaxy (2018-2019) #6-10.

Age of X-Man - The Marvelous X-Men #1-5 (2019) CompleteAge of X-Man - The Marvelous X-Men #1-5 (2019) Complete
Age of X-Man - The Marvelous X-Men #1-5 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 166.32 MB

ENTER THE AGE OF X-MAN! In an age of utopia, the Summers Institute for Higher Learning is the premiere school for the mutant community across the globe. Attendance is mandatory for all mutant children, as they learn to become the next generation of marvelous X-Men. But even in a utopian society, teenagers will always find a way to rebel... Follow Glob, Armor, Anole and Rockslide as they discover what it really means to live in an age of peace and harmony!

Prodigy #1-6 (2018-2019) CompleteProdigy #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
Prodigy #1-6 (2018-2019) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 271.25 MB

The greatest tragedy the world has ever known turned out to be the ultimate catalyst for change. In the wake of World War III, which decimated most of the world's population, the remaining survivors vowed to not continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past. Fortunately, they had something previous generations did not have - advanced technology. The year is 2117 and this once shattered civilization has become prosperous again. Innovative forms of technology have enabled them to abandon the old model and re-engineer a better way of living for all. Brain implants and genetic modifications have made an entire population educated, healthy, and kind. Despite the benefits of this technology, it has created some unforeseen side effects that threaten humankind's existence. When technology proves to be inept at solving the world's problem, a new hope emerges in the unlikeliest form - a young orphan girl.

Archie & Friends #80-159 + One-shots (1992-2019)
Archie & Friends #80-159 + One-shots (1992-2019)
English | CBR | 82 Issues | 897.34 MB

Archie and his friends present a collection of quarterly classic-style stories sure to be music to your ears! Follow Archie from the record store to the recording studio to the music awards in this collection of stories of musical mishaps and mirthful melodies!

Amber Blake #1-4 (2019) CompleteAmber Blake #1-4 (2019) Complete
Amber Blake #1-4 (2019) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 181.90 MB

Amber Blake was only a child when she was recruited to the Cleverland Institute, a school for gifted children. But predators hide in the school's administration, abusing the children they're meant to protect, and, on the verge of exposing them, Amber finds herself fleeing for her life from the very man who recruited her. But she's not dead yet - and she's not the only one who wants to see Cleverland's leaders burn.
Amber Blake (2019)
English | CBR | 116 pages | 282.85 MB


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