Daredevil - Back In Black v03 - Dark Art (2017)
Daredevil - Back In Black v03 - Dark Art (2017)
English | CBR | 106 pages | 197.26 MB

Collects Daredevil (2015-2018) #10-14.
The creepiest Daredevil story of the century! Losing a big case has landed A.D.A. Matt Murdock in hot water with the city, leaving him less time to clean up the streets as DD. But as his protégé, Blindspot, tries to take up the slack, the young hero gets in over his head when he stumbles upon a horrific crime scene - one that will terrify even the Man Without Fear! Muse - a serial killer who turns his victims into works of art - is on the loose, and Daredevil and Blindspot are no fans of his "masterpieces." But DD, for so long a solo hero, will have yet another partner on the case - an Inhuman! Muse's sadistic art installations will strike close to home - and there's nothing Matt can do about it!

Daredevil - Back In Black v01 - Chinatown (2016)
Daredevil - Back In Black v01 - Chinatown (2016)
English | CBR | 116 pages | 269.21 MB

Collects Daredevil (2015-2018) #1-5 and material from All-Different Point One #1.
Daredevil is back in black and back on his home turf as Matt Murdock begins a fresh life once again! He may have returned to New York City, but Matt's on a different side of the law now, with a job in the District Attorney's office. And he finds his new career quite the challenge when he locks horns with local crime lord, Tenfingers, duplicitous founder of the Church of the Sheltering Hands. Could this be a job for Daredevil? Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light - it's a whole new chapter for the Man Without Fear, and it comes with a protégé. Welcome to Hell, Blindspot - you'll soon find out that life with DD comes with a heaping helping of Hand ninjas out for your blood!

The EC Archives - The Haunt of Fear v04 (2017)
The EC Archives - The Haunt of Fear v04 (2017)
English | CBR | 218 pages | 574.21 MB

Features a foreword by Rob Zombie!
Delight in fright! This fourth volume of the EC Comics horror classic The Haunt of Fear collects a gruesome medly of unforgettable frights! Featuring art from the legendary talents of Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels, George Evans, Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, and Reed Crandall, this volume collects The Haunt of Fear #19 - #24.

The Battles of Bridget Lee v02 - The Miracle Child (2018)
The Battles of Bridget Lee v02 - The Miracle Child (2018)
English | CBR | 100 pages | 108.67 MB

A legendary hero in a sci-fi dystopian future must fight to protect a symbol of hope for humanity and an alien race before a tribe of invaders can destroy it . . .
En route to rescue an old friend from an abandoned outpost, Bridget Lee is dragged back to the battlefield where her husband died. There, she discovers the plans of the alien race known as the Kra'kuu to unite and rise up behind a new figure, but will it be enough to fend off the merciless Marauders when the time comes?
Ethan Young, the acclaimed writer and artist of the award-winning Nanjing: The Burning City, continues the saga of the battle-hardened hero Bridget Lee.

The Battles of Bridget Lee - Invasion of Farfall (2016)
The Battles of Bridget Lee - Invasion of Farfall (2016)
English | CBR | 83 pages | 88.99 MB

Face your fear - save the planet!
There is no longer a generation that remembers a time before the Marauders invaded Earth. Bridget Lee, an ex - combat medic now residing at the outpost Farfall, may be the world's last hope. But Bridget will need to overcome her own fears before she can save her people. Her legend begins here.
* Acclaimed Nanjing: The Burning City artist/writer Ethan Young creates a sci-fi series!
* Ethan Young won a 2007 Independent Publishers Book Award for Best Graphic Novel for Tails.

The Art of We Happy Few (2018)
The Art of We Happy Few (2018)
English | CBR | 168 pages | 315.05 MB

The official art book to the game! Two-hundred pages of mind-bending art and insightful creator commentary exploring the conceptualization and execution of We Happy Few!
October, 1964. The City of Wellington Wells is all that's left of England after the German invasion and four years of occupation. But it's still the swinging '60s, and everyone is fab, especially because they're taking happy pills--Joy--and wearing Happy Face masks so they're always smiling . . . everyone except the awful Downers who live in the abandoned Garden District and refuse to take their Joy.
Dark Horse Books and Compulsion Games are thrilled to present The Art of We Happy Few. Showcasing a unique retro-futuristic style, this book includes hundreds of pieces of concept art, paired with exclusive commentary from the team that created it! Don't be a Downer by missing out on this perfect companion to the psychedelic videogame experience!

The Art of Sea of Thieves (2018)
The Art of Sea of Thieves (2018)
English | CBR | 189 pages | 325.70 MB

A high-quality collectible art book featuring over 200 pages of behind-the-scenes content from the hotly anticipated, shared-world video game Sea of Thieves!
With Rare's new high seas multiplayer adventure Sea of Thieves, players will crew up in search of fortune and glory on their quest to become pirate legends. Now, with The Art of Sea of Thieves, Dark Horse Books is pleased to offer an unprecedented look at the ships, characters, and loot of this revolutionary online gaming experience! Featuring hundreds of pieces of art with commentary from the game's creators, this gorgeous volume explores the creation and development of a fantastical pirate world.

Kobato. v01 (2010)
Kobato. v01 (2010)
English | CBR | 163 pages | 56.82 MB

English translation of the Japanese manga Kobato. (こばと。).
Meet Kobato Hanato, a sweet and rather simple young girl on a quest to have her single, dearest wish granted. But first, she must learn the ways of the world from Ioryogi-san, a gruff blue dog whose bark is just as bad as his bite! Under his "tutelage" (read: constant verbal abuse), Kobato puts her efforts into passing various trials of common sense so that she may obtain the key to getting her wish - a magic bottle which must be filled with the suffering of wounded hearts that Kobato herself has healed. But with Kobato's common sense sorely lacking, she keeps flunking Ioryogi-san's trials left and right! It looks like the road that lies ahead of Kobato will be a long one indeed!

Backlash #1-32 (1994-1997) Complete
Backlash #1-32 (1994-1997) Complete
English | CBR | 32 Issues | HD | 1.14 GB

After an encounter with the Daemonite Syrn, Diane LaSalle is left in a coma and on the brink of death. Going rogue, Backlash is willing to do anything to save the woman he loves, even break a known terrorist out of prison. But can he survive an encounter with the super hitman Pike?!

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus v01 (2013)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus v01 (2013)
English | CBR | 490 pages | 273.15 MB

He's a doctor! He's a ninja! And now, his earliest exploits are collected in one mighty omnibus volume! Featuring stories from the very beginnings of the Dr. McNinja webcomic, prepare for a hefty dose of science, action, and outrageous comedy. This omnibus presents more than five-hundred pages of hilarious strips, some of them long out of print.

Flocks 001 (2012)
Flocks 001 (2012)
English | CBR | 36 pages | 12.61 MB

L Nichols, now a celebrated multi-disciplinary artist, engineer and father of two, was born in small town, rural Louisiana, assigned female and raised by conservative Christians. Flocks is his memoir of that childhood, and of the expectations of his family, friends and community, the flocks of Flocks, that shaped and re-shaped him as a child. Unexpectedly, L never takes the easy way out, never accuses, never rejects, never blames and never flinches in the telling of this personal history. L's irresistibly charming drawings demonstrate what makes Flocks so special: L's boundless empathy. Flocks tells more than a story of self-acceptance; it tells a story of acceptance itself.

FREE (2015-2016)
FREE (2015-2016)
(digital-Empire).cbz 31.08 MB

FREE (2016) (digital-Empire).cbz 48.78 MB

Drag Bandits (2011)
Drag Bandits (2011)
English | CBR | 36 pages | 12.36 MB

The family friendly comic about cross-dressing and bondage! Drag Bandits put a new spin on the 17th century highway robber legend of "the wicked lady". "The second in new line of mini-comics published by Box Brown, Drag Bandits features the delightful story of a cross-dressing couple who thrill in the danger of being thieves who reverse gender expectations. It's a great comic that treats the protagonists with respect and thumbs its nose as society." -Rob McMonigal of Panelpatter.com

DC Comics - Week 390 (Feburary 27, 2019)
DC Comics - Week 390 (Feburary 27, 2019)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 542.60 MB

Action Comics #1008
Batgirl #32
Batman Beyond #29
Books Of Magic #5
Detective Comics #999
Flash #65
Freedom Fighters #3 (of 12)
Heroes In Crisis #6 (of 9)
Hex Wives #5
Justice League Odyssey #6
Martian Manhunter #3 (of 12)
Old Lady Harley #5 (of 5)
Shazam #3
Sideways #13
Silencer #14
Terrifics #13
Wonder Woman #65
Marvel Comics - Week 328 (Feburary 27, 2019)
Marvel Comics - Week 328 (Feburary 27, 2019)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 776.34 MB

Age Of X-Man The X-Tremists #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man #16
Avengers No Road Home #3 (of 10)
Black Panther #9
Black Panther Vs Deadpool #5 (of 5)
Captain America #8
Captain Marvel Braver And Mightier #1
Cloak and Dagger - Negative Exposure 003 (2019)
Daredevil #2
Fantastic Four #7
Invaders #2
Marvel Comics Presents #2
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #40
Savage Sword Of Conan #2
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #29
Superior Spider-Man #3
West Coast Avengers #8
X-Force #3
DC Comics - Week 389 (Feburary 20, 2019)
DC Comics - Week 389 (Feburary 20, 2019)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 568.35 MB

American Carnage #4
Aquaman #45
Batman #65
Catwoman #8
Damage #14
High Level #1
Justice League #18
Lucifer #5
MAD Magazine #6
Naomi #2
Nightwing #57
Scooby-Doo Team-Up 093 (2019)
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #97
Teen Titans #27
Wild Storm #20
Marvel Comics - Week 327 (Feburary 20, 2019)
Marvel Comics - Week 327 (Feburary 20, 2019)
English | CBR | 20 Issues | 849.16 MB

Age Of X-Man The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 (of 5)
Avengers #15
Avengers No Road Home #2 (of 10)
Black Order #4 (of 5)
Black Widow #2
Doctor Strange #11
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3
Guardians Of The Galaxy #2
Hulkverines #1 (of 3)
Love Romances #1
Marvel's Avengers Endgame Prelude #3 (of 3)
Miles Morales Spider-Man #3
Old Man Quill #2 (of 12)
Return Of Wolverine #5 (of 5)
Shuri #5
Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #5 (of 7)
Uncanny X-Men #12
Unstoppable Wasp #5
Venom #11
Wolverine Infinity Watch #1 (of 5)

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