Black's Myth Vol.2 #1-5 (2023) CompleteBlack's Myth Vol.2 #1-5 (2023) Complete
Black's Myth Vol.2 #1-5 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 318.69 MB

It's back - the "moody tale that smartly blends familiar supernatural elements with the trappings of classic pulpy crime stories" (Comics Beat). In this new case, werewolf private eye Janie "Strummer" Mercado tries to prevent a young girl from becoming a monster, with the aid of her suave djinn assistant Ben Si'lat. But will Strummer gain an intern instead? And why is an old enemy sending mysterious packages to her house?

X-Men - Days of Future Past - Doomsday #1-4 (2023) Complete
X-Men - Days of Future Past - Doomsday #1-4 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 202.38 MB

THE CATACLYSM THAT LEADS TO THE X-MEN'S DYSTOPIC FUTURE! Return to the future in a tale that reveals the events leading up to the timeless original DAYS OF FUTURE PAST story that's inspired spin-offs, films and more! In a world where mutants are more than simply hated and feared, but not yet SLAIN and APPREHENDED, the assassination of Senator Kelly comes to pass, bringing with it the Mutant Control Act and SENTINELS on every corner. But with mutantkind on the back foot, what lengths will KATE PRYDE, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, STORM, BANSHEE, ANGEL, CYCLOPS, PROFESSOR X and the rest of the X-MEN go to in order to find some way to survive? And what scheme of MAGNETO will bring about their ultimate DOOMSDAY? Witness the thirty-year descent into the dystopic future, replete with the previously untold deaths of key mutant characters, as we flesh out one of the most celebrated X-MEN timelines in its own series for the first time!

Tales of the Coffinverse 001 (2021)
Tales of the Coffinverse 001 (2021)
English | CBR | 30 pages | 90.61 MB

The extinction-level villain Insurrectus builds a horrifying machine with a terrifying purpose. The dreaded Nihilist Engine enables his horrific progeny to invade the countless realities and timelines of the Infinityverse! Now no one is safe from the Deathocalypse! Can anti-heroes, scoundrels, outlaws and even heroes from other worlds prevail, or is the entire Coffinverse doomed?
Our first anthology series!

Lady Death (Chapter 01-17) (2016-2023)Lady Death (Chapter 01-17) (2016-2023)
Lady Death (Chapter 01-17) (2016-2023)
English | CBR | 17 Issues

Lady Death has always been the bad girl. But once upon a time, she was absolutely evil. Obsessed with annihilation, the diva of death sought to snuff out the entire human race and turn the earth into an endless graveyard. For generations, the evil seething within the witch's soul lied dormant.... forgotten... until now! Something has awakened-a sinister passion that leads Lady Death to the darkest corners of the globe. Leaving piles of bloody bodies in her wake, she seeks a mysterious power never before seen by mankind. But for what nefarious purpose? Featuring the key first appearance of the newest Coffinverse characters: Devilock, Demon hunter Muuaji and the hoodoo princess Madam Midnight. Also guest starring La Muerta!

La Muerta #01-07 (2016-2021)La Muerta #01-07 (2016-2021)
La Muerta #01-07 (2016-2021)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

Present day. Maria Diaz, a US soldier, returns from Afghanistan to be reunited with her family on the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. But her brother has fallen in with The Zavalas, a death-worshipping crime cartel led by the nefarious Mama Z. When they see the family celebrating, they believe they've been ripped off by them. The entire family is murdered in cold blood. Maria wakes out of a coma Eight months later to find her family dead and gone. She seeks justice and finds none. Daring the impossible, Maria decides to avenge her family and send the Zavala's to hell. Can one woman defeat an entire crime cartel and what will be the cost to her humanity?

Hellwitch #1-5 (2019-2023)Hellwitch #1-5 (2019-2023)
Hellwitch #1-5 (2019-2023)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The infamous sorceress who would become Hellwitch began as a nameless pit slave, the lowest caste in her Hive. Those in her clan were members of the Hellbourne-the one true race born in Hell, sworn enemies of the Fallen and the Damned. Through sheer determination, Hellwitch did the impossible. She rose through the ranks of her caste system to become a warrior and eventually challenged the Hive's tyrannical queen. Overcoming that challenge was the first step in her evolution from lowly slave to one of the most powerful witches in Hell. But that power came with a terrible price.

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1-7 (2023) CompleteUnstoppable Doom Patrol #1-7 (2023) Complete
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1-7 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 7 Issues | of 7

THE WORLD'S STRANGEST HEROES ARE BACK IN THE DC UNIVERSE! After the events of Lazarus Planet, more people than ever have active metagenes! Most of these new metahumans have become misfits, shunned and imprisoned by a fearful society. They are hidden away in the dark, lost to a system that only sees them as weapons or guinea pigs-ticking time bombs that can only be defused by the Unstoppable Doom Patrol! Robotman, Elasti-Woman, and Negative Man are joined by their brand-new teammates Beast Girl and Degenerate and led by Crazy Jane's mysterious new alter, the Chief, on a mission of saving the world by saving the monsters!

Tales of the Titans #1-4 (2023) CompleteTales of the Titans #1-4 (2023) Complete
Tales of the Titans #1-4 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | of 4

The Titans have stepped up to become the DCU's premier superhero team, and all eyes are on them! Who are Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and Beast Boy? Where do they come from, and what do they stand for? All will be revealed in Tales of the Titans, an all-new series of spotlight issues in the spirit of the beloved 1980s classic Tales of the New Teen Titans! First up is alien princess and warrior Starfire, whose huge heart, huger hair, and fiery fists have made her a fan-favorite member of the team! When a spaceship bearing Tamaranean markings crash-lands on Earth, Starfire goes on a solo mission to uncover its origins. But what awaits her on that journey will bring her back to the earliest days of her youth, to memories of two sisters eternally at war...and perhaps the chance to keep history from repeating itself.

Monomyth #1-6 (2023) CompleteMonomyth #1-6 (2023) Complete
Monomyth #1-6 (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 454.66 MB

What if the secret school of magic you were chosen for...was trying to kill you?
Magic is all but extinct. When the last ailing wizard casts a final desperate spell to summon the descendants of ancient bloodlines to a school for magic now in disrepair...those chosen ones find a horror of the likes they've never experienced. They will have to confront the deepest parts of themselves and defeat each other in order to survive the ordeal.

Wonderland Annual (2021-2023)Wonderland Annual (2021-2023)
Wonderland Annual (2021-2023)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Hundreds of years before the Liddles ever stepped foot there, and long before it was destined for its inescapable chaos and insanity, there was Wonderland, the realm of dreams. It was a peaceful land of hope and imagination, but under its surface grew a darkness waiting to spread its tendrils into all that was. And as it was finally released, the evil seeped out into this extraordinary world, pulling two sisters into the center of its plot to bring madness to the inhabitants of all it touched turning all it corrupted into nightmares of their former selves. A war has been building for the very soul of this realm, and madness aims to reign over all that resides there. But, can the hope of a few and the love of a sister keep the evil at bay and fight what is destined to be? Don't miss this over-sized Wonderland issue that sets the stage for all that comes after!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #1-4 (2023)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #1-4 (2023)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #1-4 (2023)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Eleven, Max, Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas are looking forward to a nonthreatening, fun-filled trip to New York City. With the gang hundreds of miles from Hawkins, they're sure to catch a break this time! That is, until they encounter a threat both bizarre and familiar... and some allies that are just bizarre! This summer, the kids from Hawkins meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Paladin of Axes (2023)
Paladin of Axes (2023)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 78.46 MB

GERRY DUGGAN & DAVID O'SULLIVAN of ANALOG fame reteam on the perfect comic book to celebrate Halloween.
It's the first appearance of HECTOR SMALLEY, a guitar tech known as THE PALADIN OF AXES. He's working for the world's biggest rock band, and when he and the whole band are killed in a plane crash, it's unexpectedly just the beginning of his bad times.
It's a sad tale of working yourself to death - literally. Equal parts Evil Dead and Time Bandits, this horror comedy will put a smile on your face on one page and punch it off on the page turn. Throw your horns in the air for THE PALADIN OF AXES!
Money Shot - Comes Again! #1-5 (2023)Money Shot - Comes Again! #1-5 (2023)
Money Shot - Comes Again! #1-5 (2023)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The XXX-plorers are back on their hands and knees for the good of humanity! When the giant ass space jellyfish who run the ordered universe arrive on earth, the porn-stars-cum-science explorers must put away grudges, crushes, and side-hustles to once again take one (or two! or three!) for the team.
An epicly sexy new arc begins, which takes aim at dumb billionaires and bad optics, and guest stars a LEGENDARY underground comix heroine! NEW ARTIST Gisele Lagace puts her sexy spin on the book!

Love and Rockets #1-14 (2016-2023)Love and Rockets #1-14 (2016-2023)
Love and Rockets #1-14 (2016-2023)
English | CBR | 14 Issues

The comic book event of 2016! Love and Rockets is back as an all-new, ongoing comic book series (Vol. IV for those keeping track at home)! On Jaime's side: What do you do when none of your old punk friends want to be punk any more? And just who does the evil Princess Animus think she is? (Hint: She doesn't know, she has amnesia.) On Gilbert's side: Family drama takes center stage when a Fritz discovers a grandchild she didn't know existed! Old fans and new fans are sure to enjoy the most diverse cast of characters in comics, including Maggie, Hopey, Pipo, Fritz, Tonta, Baby, and many more! Plus other surprises! Grrrowl!

Hallows' Eve #1-5 + The Big Night (2023) Complete
Hallows' Eve #1-5 + The Big Night (2023) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 135.85 MB

Spinning out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Hallows' Eve gets her own series!
Janine Godby's world has been blown up several times in her life, but this time. she has a bag of super-powered masks and a chip on her shoulder. She's on the run from the police, but there's someone else after her too. Don't miss this breakout character break even bigger!
Hallows' Eve (2023)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 229.24 MB
Collects Hallows' Eve (2023) #1-5.

Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly + Annual + Special (2020-2023)Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly + Annual + Special (2020-2023)
Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly + Annual + Special (2020-2023)
English | CBR | 14 Issues

For centuries the Order of the Secret Circle has lurked in the shadows, reinventing itself for each new generation and going by many names; the Order of the Temple of the East, the Order of Knights and The Hellfire Club, it seeks to bend the nine demons of hell to its will.
In 1912 Allister Crowley took control of Hellfire and attempted to bring the Great Beast under his control. While ultimately failing, the ripples from that dark spell echo to the present, calling forth a new congregation who seek to reform Hellfire and tap into the evil power it promises.

Savage Squad 6 #1-4 (2023)Savage Squad 6 #1-4 (2023)
Savage Squad 6 #1-4 (2023)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

The year is 2037. A brutal world war has left humanity in shambles. The remnants of civilization are tracked down and systematically eliminated by The Scourge. For the people of the central colonies, only one hope remains, an elite team deployed into the deadliest location on the planet: Savage Squad 6!

Sea of Thieves (2021-2023)Sea of Thieves (2021-2023)
Sea of Thieves (2021-2023)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

A gripping, uproarious and treacherous pirate adventure! Two crews sail the sea of thieves in a race to track down ancient treasure. Along the way they'll deal with undead hordes, devious traps and their own bitter rivalries, but who will ultimately claim the legendary loot? Based on the shared-world adventure multiplayer game from Rare, due for release early 2018 on Xbox One and Windows 10. Written by Jeremy Whitley (Princessless, Thor Vs. Hulk) and illustrated by Rhoald Marcellius (The Incredible Hulk, Warren Ellis' Supergod).

The Lonesome Hunters - The Wolf Child #1-4 (2023)The Lonesome Hunters - The Wolf Child #1-4 (2023)
The Lonesome Hunters - The Wolf Child #1-4 (2023)
English | CBR | 4 Isssues

From Russ Manning Award-winning and Eisner-nominated Harrow County cocreator Tyler Crook comes this supernatural fantasy about loss, power, and destiny. Monster hunters Howard and Lupe are on their way to get rid of the powerful sword, but car trouble leaves them stranded in a small town that is being terrorized by a magical wolf and a mysterious child in a wolf mask. While waiting for car repairs, Lupe befriends the child and she and Howard are drawn into a war between the townspeople and the deadly beasts. • Coming-of-age fantasy adventure!

Star Trek - Holo-Ween #1-4 (2023)Star Trek - Holo-Ween #1-4 (2023)
Star Trek - Holo-Ween #1-4 (2023)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Acclaimed writer Chris Sequeira (Justice League Adventures and Sherlock Holmes: Dark Detective) and Eisner-nominated artist Joe Eisma (Morning Glories and Engineward) are bringing horror to the holodeck in a new four-issue miniseries in the month of October! After enduring an anxiety-ridden passage through a solar storm, Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise take to celebrating Halloween to reset the mood. But while the Earth holiday involves sweet treats and other festivities, they soon learn that fear is in season when crew members begin to go missing one by one.


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