Phantom on the Scan #1-5 (2021)Phantom on the Scan #1-5 (2021)
Phantom on the Scan #1-5 (2021)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

Twenty years ago, a comet fell to earth. Since that night, Matthew has been haunted - haunt-ed by a spirit that gives him incredible psychic abilities. But these abilities come with a price...and payment is due. Every time Matthew uses his gifts, he draws closer to death, and other psychics - all of whom gained their powers on the night the comet fell - are dying in the most horrible of ways. To save himself, Matthew gathers a group of psychics to solve the mystery of their powers before it's too late. Retailers: See ordering sheet for incentive cover information.

The Beauty - All Good Things (2021)
The Beauty - All Good Things (2021)
English | CBR | 49 pages | 48.48 MB

JEREMY HAUN and JASON A. HURLEY, along with artist MATTHEW DOW SMITH, return to the devastating world of THE BEAUTY for a 48-page special, showcasing the finale of the ground-breaking horror series. #BEAUTYFREE

The Witcher - Witch's Lament 01-04 (2021) CompleteThe Witcher - Witch's Lament 01-04 (2021) Complete
The Witcher - Witch's Lament 01-04 (2021) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 161.23 MB

Flames rise as a witch is burned at the stake. As Geralt searches for his next job, disturbing images of the fatal persecution appear before him, bringing an ominous warning.
The Witcher v06 - Witch's Lament (2021)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 179.97 MB
Collects the four-issue miniseries.

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr 01-05 (2021) CompleteThe Many Deaths of Laila Starr 01-05 (2021) Complete
The Many Deaths of Laila Starr 01-05 (2021) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | (of 05)

* A powerful new series for fans of The Wicked + The Divine and The Dreaming from Ram V (Justice League Dark) and Filipe Andrade (Captain Marvel) that explores the fine line between living and dying in Mumbai through the lens of magical realism. * With humanity on the verge of discovering immortality, the avatar of Death is fired and relegated to the world below to live out her now-finite days in the body of twenty-something Laila Starr in Mumbai. * Struggling with her new-found mortality, Laila has found a way to be placed in the time and place where the creator of immortality will be born... * But will Laila take her chance to permanently reverse the course of (future) history...or does a more shocking fate await her?

Sinister War #1-4 (2021) Complete
Sinister War #1-4 (2021) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | of 4

DOCTOR OCTOPUS IS BACK! AND THE SINISTER WAR HAS BEGUN! Ock's got a new Sinister Six and if you think he's thought big in the past, think again. What Ock DOESN'T know is that the VULTURE has a sextet of his own: THE SAVAGE SIX! It's an all-out WAR between two of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and the only person they hate more than each other is SPIDER-MAN! Spidey's in deep trouble with the toughest battle that he's ever faced. Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley team up for this epic Spider-Man story guaranteed to shock readers everywhere!

Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2021)Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2021)
Robyn Hood Annual (2020-2021)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

A year ago, Robyn Hood's best friend, Marian Quin, suffered a horrible loss. In order to save our world, Marian had to make a hard sacrifice. She sent her wife, Sam, to an unknown fate across the universe, to a world torn apart by gigantic hideous monsters once only imagined in nightmares. But now, she has a found a way to get there, and with the help of Robyn she hopes to save Sam from the savage world she was banished to.
Don't miss this giant-sized story sure to rock the world of Robyn for years to come!

Miles to Go 01-05 (2020-2021)Miles to Go 01-05 (2020-2021)
Miles to Go 01-05 (2020-2021)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

Amara Bishop is a newly single mother with a long-buried past. Raised by an alcoholic father in a rundown trailer, Amara was a child when she learned to kill. And she hasn't killed anyone since she was thirteen. When her aging mentor is murdered, and her daughter is threatened, that will soon change...

Geiger #1-6 (2021)Geiger #1-6 (2021)
Geiger #1-6 (2021)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

The critically acclaimed team of writer GEOFF JOHNS and artist GARY FRANK unites with superstar colorist BRAD ANDERSON to bring their first creator-owned hero to Image Comics! Set in the years after a nuclear war ravaged the planet, desperate outlaws battle for survival in a world of radioactive chaos. Out past the poisoned wasteland lives a man even the Nightcrawlers and Organ People fear. Some name him Joe Glow, others call him the Meltdown Man. But his name... is Geiger.

Jules Verne's - Lighthouse #1-5 (2021) CompleteJules Verne's - Lighthouse #1-5 (2021) Complete
Jules Verne's - Lighthouse #1-5 (2021) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 232.51 MB

At the edge of the galaxy, there is a giant supercomputer known as the Lighthouse. The only brain powerful enough to navigate ships through a sargasso of naturally occurring wormholes, potentially cutting months or even years off a spaceship's journey. Three humans, one alien, and a nanny bot have manned the remote station for years in relative peace until the arrival of Captain Kongre and his band of cutthroat pirates threatens the future of civilization and reveals that each of the Lighthouse crew has been hiding a shocking secret.
He who controls the Lighthouse controls this part of the galaxy.
From the team that brought you THE MARKED and SONATA comes this double-sized sci-fi thriller set on the high seas of space, based on the work of master storyteller JULES VERNE.
Jules Verne's Lighthouse (2021)
English | CBR | 171 pages | 248.58 MB

Commanders in Crisis #1-12 (2020-2021)Commanders in Crisis #1-12 (2020-2021)
Commanders in Crisis #1-12 (2020-2021)
English | CBR | 12 Issues

The last survivors of the Multiverse live among us under new, superheroic identities, five survivors of doomed worlds...taking a second chance to ensure our world lives on. A new twist on strange superhero comics, with a bleeding-edge eye on the modern moment, COMMANDERS IN CRISIS follows in the footsteps of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts as five unexpected heroes come together to solve a murder unlike any other. The victim? Compassion itself... This is ideacide! A new series by acclaimed writer STEVE ORLANDO (Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol: Milk Wars, Martian Manhunter) and artist DAVIDE TINTO (Marvel Action: Spider-Man), an intense, weird action thriller reminding us about the importance of compassion and hope in the present moment, and putting fists to faces along the way!

Copra #1-31, 38-41 (2012-2021)Copra #1-31, 38-41 (2012-2021)
Copra #1-31, 38-41 (2012-2021)
English | CBR | 35 Issues | 1.35 GB

A band of misfit renegade mercenaries gather one more time to clear their names and exact their revenge.

Bandette #1-21 (2012-2020)Bandette #1-21 (2012-2020)
Bandette #1-21 (2012-2020)
English | CBR | 21 Issues | Ongoing

The adventures of Bandette, a young costumed "artful dodger", leader of a group of urchins dedicated to serving justice, except when thieving proves to be a bit more fun. The story of Bandette treads a thin line between Tintin and Nancy Drew, with a few costumes thrown in. Bandette and her crew at turns join forces and cross swords with the mysterious master thief known only as Monsieur, and one B.D. Belgique, perhaps the most harassed police inspector of all time.


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