Pencil Head #1-5 (2016) CompletePencil Head #1-5 (2016) Complete
Pencil Head #1-5 (2016) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 153.01 MB

PENCIL HEAD is Ted McKeever's semi-autobiographical take on the whacked-out world of the comic book industry. Journey along as we witness protagonist Poodwaddle's trials and tribulations of working, and sustaining, his place in the absurd world of comics, where what happens behind the scenes is far more twisted, and bizarrely hilarious, than anything on the printed page.

The Tomorrows #1-6 (2015-2016) CompleteThe Tomorrows #1-6 (2015-2016) Complete
The Tomorrows #1-6 (2015-2016) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 343.73 MB

**WHO OWNS YOUR FUTURE?** A bold new speculative-fiction comic from the mind of writer Curt Pires, with each issue illustrated by a different brilliant artist! The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutalunless the Tomorrows can stop it. They told you the counterculture was dead. They were wrong. Welcome to the new reality. A critical dissection of the bloated culture machine that holds power through sedation, and is as structurally fragile as it is monolithic. This is everything you signed up for when you pick up a book from Curt Pires, and more.Bloody Disgusting
The Tomorrows (2016)
English | CBR | 188 pages | 280.84 MB
The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutal - unless the Tomorrows can stop it. Artists, terrorists, they fight with explosives, they fight with ideas, they fight to reclaim the future we sold. Collects issues #1 - #6 of the series.

Adventure Time - Ice King #1-6 (2016) CompleteAdventure Time - Ice King #1-6 (2016) Complete
Adventure Time - Ice King #1-6 (2016) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 186.40 MB

What's to Love: The Ice King is probably one of the most tragic and hilarious characters in the Land of Ooo, but we've never had the chance to really focus exclusively on him before. Now we're taking a look at just what makes the Ice King tick!What It Is: Ice King wakes up one morning to find Gunter missing and a ransom note from someone called Dark Magister Templi Marble! Panicking over his sweet Gunter, Ice King goes to Wizard City to find help and discovers the coolest, most intimidating secret society of wizards who are also looking for Marble.
Adventure Time - Ice King (2016)
English | CBR | 155 pages | 168.8 MB
Zombie International #1-3 + Jezus (2014-2015) CompleteZombie International #1-3 + Jezus (2014-2015) Complete
Zombie International #1-3 + Jezus (2014-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 137.35 MB

All Undead On The Western Front
Towards the end of World War I the German high command began a series of experiments on soldiers involving snake poison discovered on a Pacific island. According to legend, if used correctly it could pass on the gift of superhuman powers and immortality.
Desperate to change the course of the war, the high command ordered a platoon of men to be injected with the chemically modified poison and to be sent into battle, even though it had not been thoroughly tested.
The following footage was shot by a British soldier who witnessed the battle that day.
The shocking events were kept secret after the war until now.
Born in a stable as the son of a carpenter and virgin, yet destined one day to become the leader of an entire generation. This was something nobody would ever have predicted of baby Jezus. However, thanks to clever marketing and effective PR stunts Jezus was quickly able to attract hordes of believers to his cause,
most notably those who made up his crew - the twelve Disciples. This is the story of one of them: Judaz, allegedly the traitor. Here he gives us his view of things. Based on what was said at the time and only recently discovered, his account forms the second part of the Gospel according to Judaz.
The story of Zombie-ism now has to be rewritten.
Night Force Vol.2 01-12 (1996-1997)Night Force Vol.2 01-12 (1996-1997)
Night Force Vol.2 01-12 (1996-1997)
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 130.45 MB

Night Force Vol.1 #1-14 (1982-1983) CompleteNight Force Vol.1 #1-14 (1982-1983) Complete
Night Force Vol.1 #1-14 (1982-1983) Complete
English | CBR | 14 Issues | 281.10 MB

Night Force was a comic book published by DC Comics. Written by Marv Wolfman, it was considered by many fans DC's answer to Marvel Comics' Tomb of Dracula.
The main character of the series was Baron Winter, a sorcerer who would assemble a team of chosen individuals to fight supernatural threats. The Baron himself did not participate in the missions and would manipulate, sometimes unethically, others to do so for him. This was because, for reasons not revealed, he could not leave Wintergate Manor, the labyrinthine mansion in Washington D.C. where he lived. The mansion was located in special juncture in time and space, allowing him to send his team to different places and times.
The team had a rotating membership, but notable members included:
* Vanessa Van Helsing - Granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing and a powerful psychic.
* Jack Gold - Vanessa's husband, a reporter.
* Donovan Caine - A professor of parapsychology who lost an arm and a leg on one of the missions.
* Zadok Grimm - Apparently, an ancient warrior in the time of King David. He has an unexplained connection to Baron Winters.

Night Force Vol.3 #1-7 (2012) CompleteNight Force Vol.3 #1-7 (2012) Complete
Night Force Vol.3 #1-7 (2012) Complete
English | CBR | 7 Issues | HD | 390.68 MB

Marv Wolfman re-imagines his classic adventure series for the new millennium! When supernatural threats arise, the sorcerer Baron Winters assembles a team of individuals to combat the darkness. From Wintersgate Manor arises the Night Force!

Wolverine - The End #1-6 (2003-2004) CompleteWolverine - The End #1-6 (2003-2004) Complete
Wolverine - The End #1-6 (2003-2004) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | HD | 167.53 MB

Many years have passed since his days in the X-Men. Many of his friends are dead and buried. Logan, the mutant formerly known as Wolverine, lives a peaceful life in the wilderness. But the death of someone important draws him out one last time.

Batman - Ego and Other Tails (2007)
Batman - Ego and Other Tails (2007)
English | CBR | 192 pages | 186.73 MB

Eisner-award winning artist and accomplished writer Darwyn Cooke's (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER) iconic imagery culminates in this collection of pulse-pounding stories featuring unique visions of Batman and Catwoman. This volume includes his acclaimed EGO one-shot, the original graphic novel SELINA'S BIG SCORE, and stories from the BLACK AND WHITE series and SOLO.


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