Archie Milestones Comics Digest #1-16 (2019-2022)Archie Milestones Comics Digest #1-16 (2019-2022)
Archie Milestones Comics Digest #1-16 (2019-2022)
English | CBR | 16 Issues

Archie Comics has been around for over 75 years, and we've had our finger on the pulse of pop culture the entire time! This new digest series will highlight some of the biggest trends in each decade of Archie-including special cameos, fashion fads and historical moments! This series will not only spotlight trends in American culture, but also milestones within the comics, featuring characters' first appearances, landmark stories and more!

Stranger Things (2018-2022)Stranger Things (2018-2022)
Stranger Things (2018-2022)
English | CBR | 36 Issues

The nostalgia-igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down. Written by award-winning comics veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic). Based on Will's unseen journey during season 1 of hit Netflix show Stranger Things.
Stranger Things v01 - The Other Side (2019)
English | CBR | 96 pages | 176.25 MB
Collects Stranger Things (2018-2019) #1-4
Stranger Things - SIX (2019)
English | CBR | 98 pages | HD | 189.42 MB
Collects the four-issue miniseries.
Stranger Things - Into the Fire (2020)
English | CBR | 114 pages | 247.65 MB
Collects issues 1 - #4 of the series.
Stranger Things - The Bully (2020)
English | CBR | 72 pages | 66.79 MB
Stranger Things - Zombie Boys (2020)
English | CBR | 74 pages | 91.97 MB
Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons (2021)
English | CBR | 93 pages | 101.72 MB
Collects the four-issue miniseries!
Stranger Things - Science Camp (2021)
English | CBR | 113 pages | 131.75 MB
Collects Stranger Things: Science Camp #1-4.
Stranger Things - Tomb of Ybwen (2022)
English | CBR | 99 pages | 98.81 MB
Collects Stranger Things: Tomb of Ybwen #1 - #4.
Stranger Things - Erica the Great (2022)
English | CBR | 74 pages | 80.45 MB
Stranger Things Library Edition v01 (2021)
English | CBR | 208 pages | 408.61 MB
Collects Stranger Things: The Other Side and Stranger Things: Science Camp.
Stranger Things Library Edition v02 (2021)
English | CBR | 188 pages | 255.74 MB
Explore more eighties-inspired horror in this collection of Stranger Things: Six and Stranger Things: Into the Fire.
Stranger Things Omnibus - Afterschool Adventures (2022)
English | CBR | 211 pages | 249.76 MB
Collects: Stanger Things: Zombie Boys, Stanger Things: The Bully, and Stanger Things: Erica The Great

Stranger Things - Kamchatka #1-4 (2022) CompleteStranger Things - Kamchatka #1-4 (2022) Complete
Stranger Things - Kamchatka #1-4 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 124.20 MB

Demogorgon terror in Russia! A Russian scientist is kidnapped by Soviet troops, leaving nothing for his two teenage children but a mysterious case and a whole lot of questions. While their father is dragooned into weaponizing a monster brought back from the US, the two teenagers embark on a harrowing and perilous journey to find him with help from an unlikely ally: an old bad@$$ KGB spy.
Stranger Things - Kamchatka (2022)
English | CBR | 101 pages | 141.24 MB
Collects Stranger Things: Kamchatka issues #1-4.

Spider-Gwen - Gwenverse #1-5 (2022) Complete
Spider-Gwen - Gwenverse #1-5 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | of 5

NOT ENOUGH GWENS! When Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider, she gained arachnid-like super-powers and started a crimefighting career as Spider-Woman (or as she's affectionately known to her peers, Ghost-Spider)! But what would have happened if instead she had picked up the enchanted hammer, Mjolnir? Or if she received the Super-Soldier Serum? Or built a high-tech suit of armor? Or... you get the idea! Find out in this new five-issue miniseries by Tim Seeley (HEROES REBORN: MARVEL DOUBLE ACTION) and Jodi Nishijima (UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA) as Ghost-Spider tumbles through time and comes face-to-face with herselves!

Wolverine - Patch #1-5 (2022) Complete
Wolverine - Patch #1-5 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | of 5

RETURN TO MADRIPOOR WITH THE MAN CALLED PATCH! ALL-NEW action, intrigue and espionage awaits you as legendary creator Larry Hama returns with a story set before his original run on WOLVERINE! The mutant known as LOGAN has made a name for himself on the mysterious island of MADRIPOOR, where the locals know him as PATCH. From their haunt at the PRINCESS BAR, what starts as a simple recon mission lands PATCH and ARCHIE knee-deep in a paramilitary struggle that will surface some SURPRISE REVELATIONS and characters! And is that NICK FURY, DIRECTOR OF S.H.I.E.L.D.? Yes, two patches for the price of one! A must-have for long-standing readers, and a welcome entry point for new readers of WOLVERINE!

We Live - Age of the Palladions #1-5 (2022)We Live - Age of the Palladions #1-5 (2022)
We Live - Age of the Palladions #1-5 (2022)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

We are back into the hopeful, apocalyptic world of Tala and Hototo.
Year 2090. Six years have passed since Salvation Day, when Palladions, with their majestic powers, emerged as the protectors of humanity, saving the five remaining Megalopolis and securing the future of the human species.

New Masters 01-06 (2022) CompleteNew Masters 01-06 (2022) Complete
New Masters 01-06 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | (of 06)

2019 Creators for Creators Grant recipients, Nigerian brothers SHOBO and SHOF, present NEW MASTERS, a groundbreaking blend of science fiction, adventure, drama, and vibrant Afrofuturism. In a striking vision of West Africa under the thumb of alien colonizers, a motley crew of outcasts find themselves caught up in a power struggle for control of an ancient artifact with immense power.

Magic - Ajani Goldmane 001 (2022)
Magic - Ajani Goldmane 001 (2022)
English | CBR | 42 pages | 60.87 MB

This new standalone tale offers a deeper look at the events in Dominaria, in an adventure that will push fan favorite planeswalker Ajani Goldmane to his limits. But does a steadfast, valiant protector have an unexpected dark side?

Bunny Mask - The Hollow Inside #1-4 (2022)Bunny Mask - The Hollow Inside #1-4 (2022)
Bunny Mask - The Hollow Inside #1-4 (2022)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Her name is Bunny Mask... and she's back to ask the question... is there sickness? The hit horror series returns!
Her footfalls don't exist. She leaves no marks. Her eyes are a white abyss. Her name is Bunny Mask, and she's free from her cave and moving through the city, searching for sickness and enacting her own unfathomable sense of justice. Can Tyler Severin control her? Does he want to? The answers are still hidden, but what's clear is that Bunny Mask is back to grab you by your eyeteeth, and never let go.

G.I.L.T. #1-5 (2022) CompleteG.I.L.T. #1-5 (2022) Complete
G.I.L.T. #1-5 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 235.26 MB

Meet Hildy Winters, a tough, outspoken survivor of New York City's Upper West Side-with her very own time-travel portal. For Hildy belongs to G.I.L.T., the Guild of Independent Lady Temporalists. Their prime directive: Do not alter the past without co-op board approval! A snappy, stylish urban fantasy by novelist/comics writer Alisa Kwitney (Rogue: Untouched, The Sandman Presents) and artist Mauricet (Star Wars Adventures, Dastardly & Muttley).

Farmhand #1-20 (2018-2022)Farmhand #1-20 (2018-2022)
Farmhand #1-20 (2018-2022)
English | CBR | 20 Issues

Jedidiah Jenkins is a farmer - but his cash crop isn't corn or soy. Jed grows fast-healing, plug-and-play human organs. Lose a finger? Need a new liver? He's got you covered. Unfortunately, strange produce isn't the only thing Jed's got buried. Deep in the soil of the Jenkins Family Farm, something dark has taken root, and it's beginning to bloom. From ROB GUILLORY, Eisner-winning co-creator and artist of Image Comics' CHEW, comes a new dark comedy about science gone sinister and agriculture gone apocalyptic. Nature is a Mother.
Farmhand v01 (2019)
English | CBR | 153 pages | 189.41 MB
Collects FARMHAND #1-5
Farmhand v02 - Thorne in the Flesh (2019)
English | CBR | 144 pages | 171.78 MB
Collects FARMHAND #6-10
Farmhand v03 - Roots of All Evil (2020)
English | CBR | 148 pages | 184.48 MB
Collects FARMHAND #11-15

Dejah Thoris Vol.3 #1-12 + Specials (2019-2022) CompleteDejah Thoris Vol.3 #1-12 + Specials (2019-2022) Complete
Dejah Thoris Vol.3 #1-12 + Specials (2019-2022) Complete
English | CBR | 14 Issues | 718.00 MB

"Barsoom has always been a dying world. Closer to death these days, perhaps." From DAN ABNETT (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Justice League Odyssey) and rising star VASCO GEORGIEV comes an all-new vision of the Princess Of Mars! Dejah has been many things: Wife, mother, royalty. But now, she is a determined scientist, dedicated to discovering why her world is freezing, and which political factions know the secret of this global catastrophe? Experience glittering palace intrigue and visceral adventure in the new ongoing adventures of DEJAH THORIS!

The Swamp Thing #1-16 (2021-2022) CompleteThe Swamp Thing #1-16 (2021-2022) Complete
The Swamp Thing #1-16 (2021-2022) Complete
English | CBR | 16 Issues | 1.89 GB

Swamp Thing returns in a new 10-issue series that stars Levi Kamei as the next Guardian of the Green. Unable to control his transformation into the monstrous Swamp Thing, Levi is thrust into the harsh, unforgiving mystery of grisly murders committed by a supernatural desert legend.
Levi must revisit past events in his homeland of India and face the deadly reality of a ravenous new villain in order to comprehend what he is truly, and horrifyingly, becoming. A new era of global action and horror blossoms here, and Swamp Thing will be at the root of it!
The Swamp Thing v01 - Becoming (2021)
English | CBR | 143 pages | 718.81 MB
Collects Future State: Swamp Thing (2021) #1-2 and Swamp Thing (2021-2022) #1-4.
The Swamp Thing v02 - Conduit (2022)
English | CBR | 144 pages | 717.27 MB
Collects The Swamp Thing (2021-2022) #5-10.
The Swamp Thing v03 - The Parliament of Gears (2023)
English | CBR | 142 pages | 697.18 MB
Collects The Swamp Thing (2021-2022) #11-16.

Robin #1-17 + Annual (2021-2022)Robin #1-17 + Annual (2021-2022)
Robin #1-17 + Annual (2021-2022)
English | CBR | 18 Issues

After learning of the deadly League of Lazarus tournament, Damian Wayne has a new mission: winning the tournament and prove he is the greatest fighter in the DC Universe! But first he must find the secret island where it's all going down! This brand-new solo Robin series will force Damian Wayne to find his own path away from both sides of his family! New mysteries! New supporting cast! First appearances of new characters! And lots of fights!

Olympus - Rebirth 001 (2022)
Olympus - Rebirth 001 (2022)
English | CBR | 47 pages | 185.20 MB

An adventure of mythic proportions! After years of bitter and violent conflict, the Greek pantheon of gods stands united to welcome their latest goddess... Hippolyta of Themyscira! Due to her heroic efforts in the mortal realm, the former queen has earned her rightful place among the gods and plans to use her newfound powers to take care of her Amazon sisters from beyond. Little does she know, some of the gods are wary of the new future Hippolyta brings and will do just about anything to stop it! Join the Wonder Woman writing duo of Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad-along with artist Caitlin Yarsky (Black Hammer) in her DC debut-for an unforgettable new adventure on Mount Olympus. It's only the beginning of many exciting things to come for Wonder Woman and her world of characters!

Batman - White Knight Presents - Red Hood #1-2 (2022)Batman - White Knight Presents - Red Hood #1-2 (2022)
Batman - White Knight Presents - Red Hood #1-2 (2022)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

The world of Batman: White Knight continues to expand in this exciting new miniseries! With things heating up in Neo-Gotham, Jason Todd revisits his post-Robin past to find the one ally he believes will help him turn the tide in the battle against Derek Powers.
"Bruce Wayne is Batman." Four words that saved Jason's life and destroyed his future forever. Banished by his mentor and damaged by The Joker, the former Robin is left to become something different, something stronger, a relentless force for justice in the city... Red Hood! With nobody to answer to, he walks the dangerous line between hero and villain. That is until he meets Gan, a local girl from East Backport who needs his help to save her neighborhood from a super-criminal terrorizing its citizens. And she's willing to fight alongside him, whatever it takes!


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