Dune - House Atreides v03 (2022)
Dune - House Atreides v03 (2022)
English | CBR | 110 pages | 715.76 MB

The conclusion to the first ever graphic novel adaptation of the New York Times best-selling Dune: House Atreides, the prequel to Frank Herbert's iconic Dune, adapted by authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
THE OFFICIAL PREQUEL TO THE GROUNDBREAKING DUNE CONCLUDES... After his father's untimely death, young Leto ascends to Duke of House Atreides while Duncan Idaho starts down the path to become one of Leto's right-hand men. Meanwhile, Baron Harkonnen wastes no time moving against the new Duke by stoking the centuries-long feud between the Harkonnens and Atreides. A new dawn rises when Crown Prince Shaddam successfully ousts his father from the throne of the Imperium.And Pardot Kynes, now considered a prophet among the Fremen, continues forging a path to make the desert planet an oasis. The first ever adaptation of the New York Times best-selling Dune: House Atreides concludes, adapted & scripted by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, authors of the eponymous prequel novel based on Dune creator Frank Herbert's notes, and illustrated by artist Dev Pramanik (Paradiso). Collects Dune: House Atreides #9 - 12

Republic of the Skull Part 01-02 (2022)Republic of the Skull Part 01-02 (2022)
Republic of the Skull Part 01-02 (2022)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

The dashing Captain Sylla plies the Caribbean with his close-knit crew: The Marquis, a former slave who sports a powdered periwig; the clever, craggy-faced Dutch; the burly, bearded Lenoir; and first mate Olivier, given to gloom and considered a bringer of bad luck. This is likely because he spends his time composing log entries addressed to a fictive British "Commodore" who will someday capture them. But perhaps he is the only clear-eyed one among them: luckless outcasts of imperial navies, these pirates' days of freedom and fraternity are numbered, as the forces of law, order, and capital bear down on them.

Punisher War Journal Classic v01 (2016)
Punisher War Journal Classic v01 (2016)
English | CBR | 208 pages | 369.54 MB

Collects Punisher War Journal (1988-1995) #1-8.
Angry and dangerous loners are famed for keeping journals, and Frank Castle is no exception! The Punisher confronts deadly enemies from both war and peacetime, but a vacation in Africa introduces him to a far different legacy of the past: dinosaurs! But the wild man waiting to throw down on him is no throwback. It's Wolverine! Guns vs. claws for the historic first time! Guest-starring Daredevil!

How Do We Relationship v01-v07 (2020-2022)
How Do We Relationship v01-v07 (2020-2022)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

English translation of the Japanese manga Tsukiatte agete mo ii ka na (付き合ってあげてもいいかな).
Shy Miwa has always dreamed of finding love, but living in small-town Japan made finding the right match difficult - especially since she likes girls! Even going away to college didn't seem to help, until one day her outgoing classmate Saeko suggests they might as well start dating each other since it's not like either of them has other options.
At first it seems like things won't work out as their personalities clash and misunderstandings abound. But when their casual friendship starts to become something more, Miwa begins to wonder - can a pragmatic proposal lead to true love?


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