ET-ER #1-2 (2021-2022)ET-ER #1-2 (2021-2022)
ET-ER #1-2 (2021-2022)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Intergalactic virus liquefy one of your heads? Feeling a bit "off" ever since you drove through that black hole? Then visit the ET-ER, the galaxy's leading medical facility. This interplanetary crew of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and technicians is uniquely qualified to cure what ails you. There's no planet too far, no asteroid too small, no patient too, well alien - and they accept most forms of insurance. This super-sized debut special includes two stories of medical madness that are out of this world.

Blade Runner Origins #1-12 + FCBD (2021-2022)Blade Runner Origins #1-12 + FCBD (2021-2022)
Blade Runner Origins #1-12 + FCBD (2021-2022)
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 529.57 MB

Los Angeles: 2009
Uncover the story behind the first Blade Runners!
A Tyrell Corporation scientist is dead - the victim of an apparent suicide.
But when LAPD Detective Cal Moreau is called to investigate, he uncovers secret documents revealing a new kind of Replicant and a conspiracy that could change the world.
Features an all-star creative teams with K. Perkins (Supergirl), Mellow Brown (American Gods) and with co-writer Mike Johnson (Blade Runner 2019).

Barbarella #1-10 (2021-2022)Barbarella #1-10 (2021-2022)
Barbarella #1-10 (2021-2022)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

The Siren of Space returns for a series of all-new adventures by a dynamic new creative team! Multi-award winning author SARAH HOYT and rising star artist MADIBEK MUSABEKOV are at the controls as Barbarella leaves space dock on a new mission fraught with unseen layers of danger, duplicity and perhaps a dose of romance! Camelot is home to the rich and powerful class seeking escape from an increasingly crowded and decaying galactic empire. Desperate clandestine transmissions from an enslaved underclass bring Barbarella to investigate, uncovering secrets that lead to more secrets - and the distinct possibility that someone knew she was coming. High concept sci-fi meets the greatest aspects of the human soul in a series that will reveal wonders that both terrify and delight, plus covers by fan-favorites LUCIO PARILLO, DERRICK CHEW, BRIAN BOLLAND and more!

The Goon #1-14 (2019-2022) CompleteThe Goon #1-14 (2019-2022) Complete
The Goon #1-14 (2019-2022) Complete
English | CBR | 14 Issues | 510 MB

The next era in the legacy of The Goon starts here! This all new series marks The Goon's return to Albatross Funnybooks and is just in time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the book. Eric Powell takes the series to its humor-based roots as Goon & Franky return from strange adventures abroad to find a horde of unsavory characters have filled the void left in his absence from Lonely Street.
The Goon v01 - A Ragged Return to Lonely Street (2019)
English | CBR | 129 pages | 248.99 MB
This volume collects issues 1-8 of the 2019 Albatross Funnybooks series THE GOON.
The Goon v02 - The Deceit of a Cro-Magnon Dandy (2020)
English | CBR | 111 pages | 270.01 MB
This volume collects issues 5-8 of the 2019 Albatross Funnybooks series THE GOON.
The Goon v03 - Fishy Men, Witchy Women & Bitter Beer (2021)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 215.57 MB
This volume collects issues 9-12 of the 2019 Albatross Funnybooks series THE GOON.

Star Trek - Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century #1-4 (2022) CompleteStar Trek - Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century #1-4 (2022) Complete
Star Trek - Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century #1-4 (2022) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | of 4

Travel to the far future of STAR TREK in this all-new miniseries spotlighting the cast of the hit television series! Up first is the secret history of the queen herself: GRUDGE THE CAT! Discover how she met Book and claimed her place as the greatest feline spacefarer of all!

Oblivion Song #1-36 (2018-2022)Oblivion Song #1-36 (2018-2022)
Oblivion Song #1-36 (2018-2022)
English | CBR | 36 Issues

A decade ago, 300,000 citizens of Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government made every attempt to recover them, but after many years, they gave up. Nathan Cole...won't. He makes daily trips, risking his life to try and rescue those still living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Oblivion. But maybe...Nathan is looking for something else? Why can't he resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?
Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici v01 (2018)
English | CBR | 144 pages | 182.12 MB
Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici v02 (2019)
English | CBR | 135 pages | 176.96 MB
Collects OBLIVION SONG #7-12
Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici v03 (2019)
English | CBR | 129 pages | 170.79 MB
Collects OBLIVION SONG #13-18
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici v04 (2020)
English | CBR | 128 pages | 169.09 MB
Collects OBLIVION SONG #19-24
Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici v05 (2021)
English | CBR | 142 pages | 209.61 MB
Collects OBLIVION SONG #25-30


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