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Carthage 01 - The Breath of Baal
Date published: 23/06/2010
Writer: DAVID Fabrice , LASSABLIÈRE Grégory
Colorist: LUBIÈRE Romain
Illustrator: KOEHLER Ana-Luiza
SUMMARY: The priests of the city of Carthage venerate their God Baal Hamon. This ceremony, the "Molk", is a major event within the city, because it must make the Gods good for the future. During this rite, the priests sacrifice 12 young children of noble families. If one of the children survives, he joins the "children of Tanit", who represent the elite soldiers of Carthage. They are indeed feared in the rest of the world. Jolkmar, one of the senators, is offended by this barbarous and cruel ceremony. He speaks with his friend Arbalan of the political model that Carthage must adopt to modernize in the eyes of the world. However, he is far from unanimous: his words can turn against him in the very heart of the Senate. For the time being, the Senate is debating its commercial problems, as well as its military position in Sicily, which puts them at odds with Rome. Their Sicilian allies are asking for help to rid them of Roman legions. The Senate speaks and sends a troop to empty Sicily and restore the authority of Carthage. General Hamilcar takes command of some ships to lead the children of Tanit into battle. They also bring Gallic mercenaries, Numidian figures and horsemen who are stationed in Carthage...

Carthage 02 - The Flame of Venus
Date of publication: 26/10/2011
Writer: DAVID Fabrice , LASSABLIÈRE Grégory
Colorist: LUBIÈRE Romain
Illustrator: KOEHLER Ana-Luiza
Pax Romana reigns over the Mediterranean since the defeat of Carthage. Before dying, Hamilcar Barca swore an oath to Hannibal, his son: dedicate his life to the destruction of Rome! In Cartagena, even the oldest warriors bow to the strength and intelligence of the young "Child of Tanit". Nothing seems to be able to stop walking forward. Behind the scenes, Rome worries and plots to push him to the fault. How could they suspect that it is a young slave who will definitely change the fate of the two Empires and mark the epic of Hannibal the Great?
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