Yuna T01 - T03 (2009-2011)Yuna T01 - T03 (2009-2011)
Yuna T01 - T03 (2009-2011)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 175 MB

Noah T01 - T02 (of 4) (2012)Noah T01 - T02 (of 4) (2012)
Noah T01 - T02 (of 4) (2012)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | 134.6 MB

This man is called Noah. Far from the image of Patriarch that we added to the character of the Bible, he looks more like a warrior. It looks like a Mad Max out of the bottom of the ages. in the world of Noah, mercy has no place. With his wife and three children, he lives in a land arid and hostile, since the great drought. A world marked by violence and barbarity, delivered to the savagery of the clans which draw their reason to survive the war and cruelty.

The Order of the Dragonknights T01-T05 T07-T10 (2009-2013)
The Order of the Dragonknights T01-T05 T07-T10 (2009-2013)
English | CBR | 9 Issues | 366.05 MB

The beautiful Krista, accomplished Knight and célèbre, disappeared in opaque and murky land of southern jungle. Rumors running out his subject are contradictory... Is Krista dead? Has she subjected to madness? To find it, a young Knight the inexperience Marly, following her footsteps. But a dragon appeared in the jungle, and all the dark in a démence étrange area, while Marly, little out, sinking to the center of the darkness... and its own obscurity. Indeed, why has the order of the Knights Dragon sent Marly there? To save Krista... or to the judge?
Three dragon-knights wake up in pitch darkness.They lie bound and gagged on the fl oor of a cell, in an unknown place with no windows on the outside world.Who brought them here? And how?And above all, why…?
Three Red Wings, the flying ships of The Dragon Knight Order fight a dragon in the skies. The monster hits a plane that crashes in the middle of the desert in the middle of the Veill. Among the survivors, apprentices of the Order, a mother with her child, a young man with a mysterious past and the ship’s second in command. They must survive, cross these dry grounds. The dragon that haunts the desert could be the lesser evil…
Black Gas Vol.1 + Vol.2 (2006-2007) Complete
Black Gas Vol.1 + Vol.2 (2006-2007) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | HD | 231.09 MB

Warren Ellis, the creator of TRANSMETROPOLITAN and PLANETARY, unleashes a new kind of zombie horror. A tiny little island off the east coast of America sit on a fault in the underlying tectonic plate. On a night beset by a fierce storm and an earthquake simultaneously, the fault line cracks, releasing something foul from the Earth's guts, blown across the little coastal town of Smoky Island. The only two people on the island who were outside the reach of the black gas are now trapped on a spit of rock with a population that aren't what we'd call "people" anymore. After all, they started eating each other an hour ago... and it's about to get worse.


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