May 27, 2024 New Releases
English | CBR | 88 Issues

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Edge Of Spider-Verse Vol.4 #1-4 (2024) Complete
Edge Of Spider-Verse Vol.4 #1-4 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 256 MB

The now perennial Spider-Hit is back as we start the build to the biggest Spider-Versal story we've EVER DONE! We all know who Weapon X is, but WHO IS WEAPON VIII?! In their universe, when Weapon X escapes from his facility, they call on their greatest previous success to get him back. SPIDER-BYTE RETURNS! You may not have realized that the digital avatar Spider-Character who made her big screen debut in Across the Spider-Verse came from the comics first! She's back in comics now and you don't want to miss her!

The Wrong Earth - Dead Ringers #1-2 (2024)The Wrong Earth - Dead Ringers #1-2 (2024)
The Wrong Earth - Dead Ringers #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

The ultimate Multiverse series returns as both the gritty Dragonfly and his campy counterpart Dragonflyman find themselves trapped on the annoyingly cheerful Earth-Alpha. IN COLOR!
AHOY's acclaimed multiverse comic returns with a third volume by the original creative team! Dragonflyman and Stinger are back where they belong, on campy Earth-Alpha - but Earth-Omega's gritty Dragonfly and Stinger II are now trapped there too. Will their vigilante violence infect the planet's innocent, code-approved culture? And what happens when two heroes want to share Dragonflyman's civilian identity, billionaire Richard Fame? The agonizing answers will shake Fortune City to its foundations!

Primer 003 (2024)
Primer 003 (2024)
English | CBR | 40 pages | 129.82 MB | of 4

With a father in prison, Ashley Rayburn has bounced from foster home to foster home and represents a real challenge to the social workers who try to help her - not because she's inherently bad, but because trouble always
seems to find her. But her luck might just be changing when a new couple offers to take her in.

Power Girl Vol.3 #1-9 + Uncovered (2023-2024)Power Girl Vol.3 #1-9 + Uncovered (2023-2024)
Power Girl Vol.3 #1-9 + Uncovered (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

Pretty, punchy, and powerful! After the events of Knight Terrors, a long-dormant Kryptonian threat has returned to take down Superman and his family. Who could possibly stop it? Well, according to the Man of Steel, it's Power Girl! Witness a road trip race against time as Paige reconnects with her roots to save the world from her deadly past. Power Girl Special writer Leah Williams returns with artist Eduardo Pansica (Supergirl) for an ongoing series of epic proportions!

Nexus - The Newspaper Strips v02 - Battle for Thuneworld 01-02 (of 05) (2024)
Nexus - The Newspaper Strips v02 - Battle for Thuneworld 01-02 (of 05) (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Having narrowly evaded the world-destroying being known as Gourmando, Nexus is now confronted with the formidable task of his planet's reconstruction. Still concerned about the long overdue absence of his beloved friend, Dave, Nexus finds himself dealing with the added nuisance of Earth journalist, Nipsey Conniption, suspicious of his immense powers and determined to disgrace him within her loyal galaxy of followers. Steve Rude revives Nexus in a new comic strip format, as he takes on the roles of writer, penciller, letterer, inker, and cover artist.

Batman - The Brave and the Bold Vol.2 #1-13 (2023-2024)Batman - The Brave and the Bold Vol.2 #1-13 (2023-2024)
Batman - The Brave and the Bold Vol.2 #1-13 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 13 Issues

Coming off the spectacular success of Batman - One Bad Day: The Riddler, the Eisner Award-winning team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads reunite for a horrifying four-part retelling of the first bloody clash between The Joker and the Batman. A tale of loathing, lies, and laughter, this may be the most frightening Joker story in a generation. Everyone is going to be shocked. Everyone is going to be talking about it. The Justice League may be gone, but its enemies aren't. Who'll protect the world from the worst of the worst? Ed Brisson and Jeff Spokes pick up the story started in the Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special as Director Bones and his new covert StormWatch team travel the globe on black-ops missions to take super-powered weapons of mass destruction off the board. But this is StormWatch, and as always, not all is as it seems. "Down with the Kings" starts here! Superstar artist Dan Mora (Batman/Superman: World's Finest, Detective Comics) makes his writing debut kicking off a new series of Batman Black & White short stories. In a Gotham City overrun by the cybernetic henchmen of The Joker, the only person who can save us is the mysterious motorcycle-riding, bat-costumed hero of urban legend... In "The Order of the Black Lamp-Part I," from writer Christopher Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire co-creator, Briar, Iron Man) and artist Javier Rodríguez (Daredevil, Defenders), Superman finds a decoder ring with a secret message-"Save me"-which sends him on a quest to solve a mystery with ties to the Man of Steel's past.

Harley Quinn Vol.4 #1-40 + Annuals + Specials (2021-2024)Harley Quinn Vol.4 #1-40 + Annuals + Specials (2021-2024)
Harley Quinn Vol.4 #1-40 + Annuals + Specials (2021-2024)
English | CBR | 45 Issues

Ahem! You better read this closely, 'cause we've got a red-hot relaunch on our hands here-and I should know! Harley Quinn here to let everyone know that I got a brand-new monthly series here with a brand-new status quo. I'm coming back to Gotham City to make up for the sins of my past, and help the city recover from "The Joker War"!
But there's no welcoming committee waiting for me, your favorite Maid of Mischief! And between you and me, some real creeps are working to keep the city broken. We can't let that happen, can we?
Rising-star writer Stephanie Phillips, my new partner in crime, takes me into a bold new era with her partner in artistic crime Riley Rossmo, who I gotta say designed a real nice new costume for me. You're not gonna wanna miss this one, folks!

Batman - Dark Age #1-3 (2024)
Batman - Dark Age #1-3 (2024)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | of 6

Meet Bruce Wayne, Gotham's favorite delinquent son. In an origin story like no other, witness the boy become a dark knight shaped by a city in turmoil as it marches towards its prophesied doom. Set against the backdrop of actual historical events, Gotham comes alive, filled with the iconic characters who've loved and hated Batman over the years like you've never seen them before. Spinning out of the Eisner-nominated Superman: Space Age, Mark Russell and Mike Allred return to give audiences a look at Batman as a figure in American history fighting for justice in a world gone mad.

Chaotica (Chapter 01) - Spellbound 001 (2024)
Chaotica (Chapter 01) - Spellbound 001 (2024)
English | CBR | 52 pages | 145.05 MB

In hopes of taming her unpredictable powers, Lady Death's daughter Chaotica journeys to Salem, Massachusetts, home of a shadowy society of witches. What she finds instead is a one-way ticket to a strange alternate earth - a reality in which witches and warlocks rule humankind. This "witch world" appears to be a harmonious paradise. But soon, Chaotica discovers looks can be oh so deceiving. Featuring a special guest appearance by Lady Death!

La Muerta #1-9 (2016-2023)La Muerta #1-9 (2016-2023)
La Muerta #1-9 (2016-2023)
English | CBR | 9 Issues

Present day. Maria Diaz, a US soldier, returns from Afghanistan to be reunited with her family on the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. But her brother has fallen in with The Zavalas, a death-worshipping crime cartel led by the nefarious Mama Z. When they see the family celebrating, they believe they've been ripped off by them. The entire family is murdered in cold blood. Maria wakes out of a coma Eight months later to find her family dead and gone. She seeks justice and finds none. Daring the impossible, Maria decides to avenge her family and send the Zavala's to hell. Can one woman defeat an entire crime cartel and what will be the cost to her humanity?

Hellwitch #1-6 (2019-2024)Hellwitch #1-6 (2019-2024)
Hellwitch #1-6 (2019-2024)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

The infamous sorceress who would become Hellwitch began as a nameless pit slave, the lowest caste in her Hive. Those in her clan were members of the Hellbourne-the one true race born in Hell, sworn enemies of the Fallen and the Damned. Through sheer determination, Hellwitch did the impossible. She rose through the ranks of her caste system to become a warrior and eventually challenged the Hive's tyrannical queen. Overcoming that challenge was the first step in her evolution from lowly slave to one of the most powerful witches in Hell. But that power came with a terrible price.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth - Archive Edition #1-2 (2024)Jim Henson's Labyrinth - Archive Edition #1-2 (2024)
Jim Henson's Labyrinth - Archive Edition #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 03)

It's a nightmare come true for one teenage girl when goblins tear her baby brother from her grasp! Journey back to the iconic fantasy realm of the 1986 classic in this brand new edition of the original Marvel Comics adaptation.
Adapted by Sid Jacobson with enchanting artwork by John Buscema, this archive-worthy edition is a can't-miss collectible for fans of the seminal film, available for the first time in over 35 years.
This facsimile release features the original cover by John Buscema, as well as an all-new variant cover by Miguel Mercado!

Uncanny Valley #1-2 (2024)Uncanny Valley #1-2 (2024)
Uncanny Valley #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 06)

Oliver is a seemingly typical 12 year old boy... except for a mysterious family history that seems to start and end with his mother, and unexplainable powers, that is.
He can do things other boys can't, to the point of landing him in some trouble. Baffled by the surreal cartoonish nature of his abilities and followed by a murder of peculiar crows, the mystery behind Oliver's family history finally unfolds!
Written by fan-favorite writer Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Local Man) and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dave Wachter (Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), discover what makes Oliver special and strange as he searches for his place in the world.

Briar #1-5 (2022-2024)Briar #1-5 (2022-2024)
Briar #1-5 (2022-2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

What if Sleeping Beauty never got her happily ever after... and instead had to save herself? Set in a brutal fantasy world that time forgot, this isn't the fairy tale you know!

Unnatural Order #1-4 (2023-2024)Unnatural Order #1-4 (2023-2024)
Unnatural Order #1-4 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD

Chris Yost, co-creator of X-23, writer of hundreds of X-men issues and films and shows like Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian, returns to comic books with Val Rodrigues to weave together Dark Fantasy and action-packed SciFi in UNNATURAL ORDER!
After the fall of the Britons and the Roman invasion of Hibernia, the captive known only as the Druid is released, sending a darkness across the age of horrors, of fire and entrails. As the innocent burn in the Wicker fields, those who would resist learn of the existence of a man who even the Druid fears. For it is this prisoner, a soldier from a different time, who alone knows the Druid's secret: this is not how the world is supposed to be.

Sunshine Patriots #1-4 (2024)Sunshine Patriots #1-4 (2024)
Sunshine Patriots #1-4 (2024)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

You think you've read everything about Hollywood? Think Again!
And when legendary creator Howard Chaykin is in the director's chair, expect the unexpected.
Follow the adventures of two former members of Roosevelt's Rough Riders cavalry, who arrive in Hollywood in 1913 and find themselves caught in the web of a dangerous new world. As the first Sicilian mobsters make their way to the City of Angels, the two heroes find themselves recruited as mercenaries for
the movie studios and drawn into the cutthroat world of cinema, with a front- row seat to the building of a new American empire.
With its action-packed narrative and exciting new historical setting, Sunshine Patriots is a must-read for fans of the Western genre and anyone interested in the early days of Hollywood and the formation of one of the most important facets of modern American culture. Written, drawn and delivered by Howard Chaykin (Hey Kids, Comics!, American Flagg,... ).

The Expanse - Dragon Tooth #1-12 (2023-2024) CompleteThe Expanse - Dragon Tooth #1-12 (2023-2024) Complete
The Expanse - Dragon Tooth #1-12 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 812 MB

Picking up after the final season of the acclaimed and beloved sci-fi series and filling in the missing years between The Expanse: Babylon's Ashes and The Expanse: Persepolis Rising, the secret history of your favorite characters are revealed for the first time!
Everything comes together in this epic 12-issue story, tying together the threads of the show and answering lingering questions that will bring readers and viewers alike far beyond the stellar horizon.
Across this monumental maxi-series, superstar comics writer Andy Diggle (Green Lanterns, James Bond) and artist Rubine (Voltron: Legendary Defender) broadens The Expanse universe in ways that will change how fans view the entire series forever!

Pine and Merrimac #1-5 (2024) CompletePine and Merrimac #1-5 (2024) Complete
Pine and Merrimac #1-5 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 576 MB

On the corner of Pine and Merrimac sits a small, unassuming town... Just a simple place, simple people, and one horrifying secret that could change everything...
After a lifetime of witnessing the worst that humanity has to offer, former homicide detective Linnea Kent has decided to put all of that behind her.
Alongside her husband, a former professional MMA fighter and the unofficial brawn to her brains, she's moved far from the busy city to open up a quiet little detective agency.
At first, the simple cases this nook of the world has to offer were exactly what she was looking for, but there's more to the quaint hamlet than Linnea could have possibly imagined, and something truly sinister pulling the strings...
Eisner-nominated scribe Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place, Creepshow) is joined by fan-favorite artist Fran Galán (The Amazing Spider-Man) for an unexpected detective tale perfect for readers of Reckless and The Department of Truth!

Love Me - A Romance Story #1-2 (2024)Love Me - A Romance Story #1-2 (2024)
Love Me - A Romance Story #1-2 (2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | of 4

New York City, sometime in the far future, where robots like JoJo have taken over the tasks humans no longer want to perform... like driving a taxi. JoJo is pretty happy with his lot in life but feels as though something is missing... then he meets Gilda and it's love at first sight. But the course of true love is a bumpy one and JoJo is going to find that out firsthand when he discovers that Gilda is entangled with the mafia that runs his beloved city, and they're very much against this potential union for their own reasons. Watch out, JoJo!


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