The Hellblazer #1-24 (2016-2018) CompleteThe Hellblazer #1-24 (2016-2018) Complete
The Hellblazer #1-24 (2016-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 24 Issues | 736.73 MB

John Constantine's lost weekend in New York City was fun, but London's where his heart is - only a pissed-off demon and a curse on his soul stand in his way. Even Constantine's questionable ethics are pushed to the limit when he puts eight million souls on the line to get what he wants...

Marvel Comics - Week 297 (July 25, 2018)
Marvel Comics - Week 297 (July 25, 2018)
English | CBR | 20 Issues | 1.07 GB

Amazing Spider-Man #2
Deadpool Assassin #4 (of 6)
Hunt For Wolverine Mystery In Madripoor #3 (of 4)
Infinity Wars Prime #1
Marvel Spotlight July 2018 (2018)
Marvel Two-In-One #8
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #33
Moon Knight #197
Mr. And Mrs. X #1
Multiple Man #2 (of 5)
Old Man Logan #44
Punisher #228
Sentry #2
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #22
Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #3 (of 5)
Venom #4
Wakanda Forever X-Men #1
X-23 #2
X-Men Blue #32
X-Men Grand Design Second Genesis #1 (of 2)
DC Comics - Week 360 (July 25, 2018)
DC Comics - Week 360 (July 25, 2018)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | 661.14 MB

Action Comics #1001
Aquaman #38
Batman Beyond #22
DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1
Detective Comics #985
Doomsday Clock #6 (of 12)
Flash #51
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #49
Hellblazer #24
Justice League Dark #1
Looney Tunes #244
Mera Queen Of Atlantis #6 (of 6)
Mother Panic Gotham A.D. #5
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #40
Silencer #7
Teen Titans #20
Terrifics #6
Wonder Woman #51
Songs for the Dead #1-4 (2018) Compleet
Songs for the Dead #1-4 (2018) Compleet
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 213.11 MB

Bethany is a minstrel with a heart full of adventure, a would-be hero determined to find a missing boy from the town of Llyne, and a friend to all woodland critters. But mostly the dead ones. Because Bethany is also a necromancer. Captured by the vile Lord Rolland, Bethany will make an unlikely friend, who is all-too-good at providing more corpses to raise.

Mera - Queen of Atlantis #1-6 (2018) CompleteMera - Queen of Atlantis #1-6 (2018) Complete
Mera - Queen of Atlantis #1-6 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 226.29 MB

From the pages of AQUAMAN comes a brand-new adventure starring Mera, in her own title for the first time ever! As the brutal Atlantean Civil War rages, Mera must keep the peace between the surface world and Atlantis as its newly anointed queen in exile. But when Aquaman's brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, learns of his homeland's fate, he'll stop at nothing to return to Atlantis as its king and savior!

Saga #1-54 (2012-2018)Saga #1-54 (2012-2018)
Saga #1-54 (2012-2018)
English | CBR | 54 Issues | HD | Ongoing

Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war. The adventure begins in a spectacular DOUBLE-SIZED FIRST ISSUE!
The Punisher Vol.11 #1-17, 218-228 + Annual (2016-2018) CompleteThe Punisher Vol.11 #1-17, 218-228 + Annual (2016-2018) Complete
The Punisher Vol.11 #1-17, 218-228 + Annual (2016-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 29 Issues | 1.19 GB

FRANK CASTLE LOSES CONTROL! A by-the-numbers drug bust is about to take Frank Castle by surprise... and he HATES surprises. The horrible fallout threatens to send The Punisher into the heart of darkness, but Castle won't make that journey alone: A DEA agent is on his trail and attempting to get into his head... but what horrors will she find there, and will she survive the experience?

Red Fury #1-9 (2015-2017)
Red Fury #1-9 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 9 Issues

Nika Chaikina, the best thief in the world, is recruited by agent Delta from International Control Agency. "ICA" was created in the late 40's for one purpose - to prevent armed conflicts around the world, and it copes with its task perfectly (for example, the peaceful outcome of the Cuban missile crisis is the merit of "ICA"). Nika, who was codenamed "The Red Fury", begins her most exciting and dangerous adventure ever...

Moonshine #1-12 (2016-2018)Moonshine #1-12 (2016-2018)
Moonshine #1-12 (2016-2018)
English | CBR | 12 Issues

Set during Prohibition, and deep in the backwoods of Appalachia, MOONSHINE #1 tells the story of Lou Pirlo, a city-slick "torpedo" sent from New York City to negotiate a deal with the best moonshiner in West Virginia, one Hiram Holt. What Lou doesn't figure on is that Holt is just as cunning and ruthless as any NYC crime boss. Because not only will Holt do anything to protect his illicit booze operation, he'll stop at nothing to protect a much darker family secret...a bloody, supernatural secret that must never see the light of day... or better still, the light of the full moon.

Exlibrium #1-13 (2015-2018)
Exlibrium #1-13 (2015-2018)
English | CBR | 13 Issues

«EXLIBRIUM» (from the Latin 'ex libris', «of the books» and 'equilibrium', «balance») - a magic seal that helps the mysterious order of sorcerers to guard the border between the real world and the world of fiction. For many centuries members of the order have been successfully preventing creatures from the works of art and lliterature from escaping into our world. But sometimes the order fails to do so and some of those characters manage to break the walls between realities...

Danger Doll Squad - Galactic Gladiators #1-4 (2018) CompleteDanger Doll Squad - Galactic Gladiators #1-4 (2018) Complete
Danger Doll Squad - Galactic Gladiators #1-4 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 180.01 MB

The popular Danger Zone team-up event series returns!! Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and DollFace come together again, and this time they're forced into battle... in space! When a new cosmic threat plucks the girls from Earth and places them into their galactic combat arena, can our lethal ladies measure up against the baddest gladiators from across the cosmos??
The next Zombie Tramp universe crossover starts here, with covers from some of the series' hottest artists (each with their own risqué variant as well)!

Spirit Hunters #1-12 (2016-2018) CompleteSpirit Hunters #1-12 (2016-2018) Complete
Spirit Hunters #1-12 (2016-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 541.26 MB

Ghosts and spirits have been with us since man first started walking the earth. What are they and what do they want? Why do some haunt places and seem to only mean us harm? One team of paranormal investigators sets out to answer that question, hunting the vengeful spirits that cross over to into our world and facing the most terrifying hauntings man has ever known.

Pathfinder - Spiral of Bones #1-5 (2018) CompletePathfinder - Spiral of Bones #1-5 (2018) Complete
Pathfinder - Spiral of Bones #1-5 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 251.28 MB

As the Pathfinder plunge into the history and mysteries below Kaer Maga - the no-holds-barred 'City of Strangers' - Valeros plunges far deeper into the great beyond, defending his immortal soul in the courts of the dead! From Pathfinder author Crystal Frasier comes this scintillating tale of life, death, and what lingers when we're gone. Bonus: Starfinder backup story! Thousands of years in Pathfinder's future, the Starfinder Society spreads adventure across the solar system!

Lucy Dreaming #1-5 (2018) CompleteLucy Dreaming #1-5 (2018) Complete
Lucy Dreaming #1-5 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 238.82 MB

Max Bemis (Moon Knight writer and lead singer of Say Anything) and Michael Dialynas (The Woods) present a sweeping, coming-of-age fantasy about living your dreams - literally. In her dreams, Lucy is the hero of all her favorite stories, living each night as a grand adventure. These journeys will teach her more about herself and the real world around her than she ever expected.

Hillbilly #0-12 (2015-2018)Hillbilly #0-12 (2015-2018)
Hillbilly #0-12 (2015-2018)
English | CBR | 13 Issues

An exclusive ComiXology original short story introducing Eric Powell's new series Hillbilly!
An Appalachian fantasy epic that tells the story of Rondel. A lonely figure who wanders the hills among witches and magical creatures as a folktale hero to those that dwell in this gritty dream world.

X-Men - Wakanda Forever 001 (2018)
X-Men - Wakanda Forever 001 (2018)
English | CBR | 34 pages | 51.50 MB

Former Dora Milaje member and eternal troublemaker Nakia, A.K.A. Malice, has set a trap to lure the Black Panther into her obsessive clutches! Step One: Take out the Panther's one true love, Storm of the X-Men! But Nakia didn't count on the interference of her former warriors-in-arms, the fierce Dora Milaje - and they're hot on her trail. Can Okoye, Ayo and Aneka capture Malice before she wreaks havoc on their king's life - again? The talented Ray-Anthony Height joins best-selling author Nnedi Okorafor for the second installment of WAKANDA FOREVER!

Punks Not Dead #1-6 (2018)Punks Not Dead #1-6 (2018)
Punks Not Dead #1-6 (2018)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

As if being an awkward, bullied 15-year-old isn't bad enough, "Fergie" Ferguson suddenly discovers he can see dead people. Well, one dead person specifically - the ghost of a certain punk rocker named Sid. Sid's spirit was trapped in London's Heathrow Airport for 40 years until the day he met Fergie. Sid's ghost is now stuck to Fergie - as if Fergie doesn't have enough on his plate, being raised by a single mum whose idea of parenting is strictly fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. Now Fergie has to contend with an unruly ghost sidekick and some weird, uncontrollable new "abilities." How does the father Fergie never knew fit into this mayhem? And why is the Department for Extra-Usual Affairs showing an interest? Never Mind the Bollocks - all of this plus fish fingers, chunky chips, and endless pints of anarchy in the new monthly series PUNKS NOT DEAD!

Green Hornet #1-5 (2018)Green Hornet #1-5 (2018)
Green Hornet #1-5 (2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

Britt Reid Jr., the scion of the Daily Sentinel publishing empire, vanishes during a wild party on his friend's yacht. Meanwhile, crime spikes in the streets of Century City with the mysterious criminal/secret vigilante the Green Hornet absent. It's only a matter of time before SOMEONE puts two and two together, and it's up to Kato, former partner of Britt's father, and his daughter Mulan to protect the city AND the Green Hornet legacy, while finding out what happened to Britt. Amy Chu (Red Sonja, Poison Ivy, KISS) picks up where Kevin Smith left off with an action packed mystery.

Descender #1-32 (2015-2018) CompleteDescender #1-32 (2015-2018) Complete
Descender #1-32 (2015-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 32 Issues | 1.89 GB

One young robot's struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. A rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity against machine, and world against world, to create a sprawling space opera from the creators of Trillium, Sweet Tooth, and Little Gotham.

DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special 001 (2018)
DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special 001 (2018)
English | CBR | 86 pages | 90.63 MB

It's summertime in the DCU and the bad guys are taking over! Beat the heat with 10 all-new stories by top comics talent starring DC's most spectacular super-villains! In this issue, find out what Mr. Freeze does on the hottest day of the Gotham City summer! Learn what made Grodd such a bad gorilla! Then, while in a small beach town, Deathstroke gets hired for murder by the last person he'd expect! And The Joker and Bizarro team up for a truly weird summer bromance!


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