Cedric #1-5 (2008-2015)Cedric #1-5 (2008-2015)
Cedric #1-5 (2008-2015)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

Cedric is a little 8-year-old boy, a grumbler with a big heart, who shares his life with his parents, his grandpa, his school, his mates, and Chen, the love of his life, to whom he doesn’t dare declare his feelings. It’s not easy being a little boy! But Cedric works hard to preserve the peace. Luckily, Grandpa is always there for the hard knocks and the blue moods…

Kenya #1-5 (2001-2008) CompleteKenya #1-5 (2001-2008) Complete
Kenya #1-5 (2001-2008) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 142.29 MB

Kenya, 1947. According to ancient legend, there are things hidden in the foothills of Africa's highest peak: Kilimanjaro. Strange things as old as the world itself. Terrible things that shouldn't be disturbed. When an American safari expedition disappears a beautiful and mysterious young woman is sent to Mombasa to investigate...
Kenya #1 - Appearances (2001)
Kenya #2 - Encounters (2003)
Kenya #3 - Aberrations (2004)
Kenya #4 - Interventions (2006)
Kenya #5 - Illusions (2008)

Melusine #1-5 (2007-2014)Melusine #1-5 (2007-2014)
Melusine #1-5 (2007-2014)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 303.37 MB

Melusine is a sorcerer’s apprentice, funny and dynamic, who does everything possible to become a powerful witch. Unfortunately, she’s not always successful, and very often her tricks turn against her and her circle. Pumpkins, all sorts of monsters, a haunted castle, a charming prince—everything is there for the greatest pleasure of the readers.

Lady S. 1-6 (2008-2013)Lady S. 1-6 (2008-2013)
Lady S. 1-6 (2008-2013)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Espionage, action, suspense… Who is hiding behind the cryptic Lady S?
Lady S. 1 - Heres to Suzie! (2008)
Adopted daughter and principal collaborator of James Fitzroy, roving ambassador, special correspondent for the American Secretary of State in Europe, Susan is a clever, multilingual young woman, in full bloom and perfectly happy in the eyes of an attentive father. But this too-perfect happiness hides many faults, sorrows and mysteries. Trapped by her past, Susan will have to play her most dangerous role in a life already rich with adventure: Lady S, high-class spy in a diplomatic environment.
Lady S. 2 - Latitude 59 degrees north (2010)
Suzan Fitzroy is in Sweden, where her adopted father is filling in for the American Ambassador. The most exciting prospect on her agenda is the Nobel Prize ceremony. But her quiet life in Stockholm is disrupted when the mysterious Orion, the secretive anti-terror agent, contacts her: He has another job for her. The “simple task” turns into something much more complex, and before long Suzan is deeply involved in a conspiracy that has links to her past–and to her heart
Lady S. 3 - Game of Fools (2011)
Suzan and her father are taking a well-deserved break in the south of France. But their holidays are cut short when several men burst into the house and kidnap James Fitzroy. What Suzie doesn’t know is that the attackers are actually CIA operatives: The Agency is offended by the existence of an unofficial European counterterrorist outfit. But in their attempt to use Lady S. to draw her employers out, it’s the American spooks who may be made the fools…

The Bellybuttons #1-7 (2009-2015)The Bellybuttons #1-7 (2009-2015)
The Bellybuttons #1-7 (2009-2015)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | Ongoing

Clifton #1-7 (2005-2014)Clifton #1-7 (2005-2014)
Clifton #1-7 (2005-2014)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

One evening, Colonel Clifton is engrossed in a horror story he is reading, being passionate about ghost tales. Soon after the book is finished, Clifton and Miss Partridge’s night is troubled by strange goings-on…Could the house be haunted? Our friend cannot believe it. As he heads an investigation in order to discover the naughty joker, his research quickly leads him to Mr. Wilkinson, an artist. A few days later, an unexplainable theft occurs; Is Wilkinson involved?

Lucky Luke #1-66 (2006-2017)Lucky Luke #1-66 (2006-2017)
Lucky Luke #1-66 (2006-2017)
English | CBR | 66 Issues | 2.06 GB

The comic strip character who can shoot faster than his own shadow... The character of Lucky Luke became a myth thanks to Morris (his creator) and Goscinny. These two giants of the 9th art collaborated with passion for more than 20 years until the death of the famous scriptwriter. Goscinny is the author of the well-known Astérix, which he launched with Uderzo. He also co-authored Iznogoud with Tabary. In 1992, Morris received the “Grand Prix Spécial 20ème Anniversaire” from the international comics show at Angoulême, and in 1998, the French Minister of Culture decorated him with the rank of “Officier des Arts et des Lettres”.

Alone T01-T10 (2007-2015)Alone T01-T10 (2007-2015)
Alone T01-T10 (2007-2015)
English | CBR | 10 Issues | 674.85 MB

After the sudden and unexplained disappearance of the residents of Fortville, five surviving children to fend for themselves in a world without adults.

Billy & Buddy #1-6 (2009-2016)Billy & Buddy #1-6 (2009-2016)
Billy & Buddy #1-6 (2009-2016)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 187.74 MB

Together, Billy and Buddy get up to all sorts of mischief, gently tormenting those around them. The family setting overflows with love and tenderness, and the duo's pranks are guaranteed to give readers of all ages a good chuckle.

XIII Mystery #1-4 (2014-2015)XIII Mystery #1-4 (2014-2015)
XIII Mystery #1-4 (2014-2015)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

He was XIII’s most dogged enemy from the start, but who really was the Mongoose, that mysterious assassin-for-hire who nearly killed the amnesiac hero so many times? During an encounter between him and Kim Rowland - an event that took place just before the start of the XIII series - the merciless hitman tells the story of his childhood and how he became a contract killer. ‘Anyone would have in my circumstances’, he claims. But would they? You be the judge.

Wayne Shelton #1-6 (2013)Wayne Shelton #1-6 (2013)
Wayne Shelton #1-6 (2013)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 129.97 MB

Wayne Shelton, a Vietnam veteran in his fifties, specialises in "odd jobs''. Specializing in delicate missions, it sells very expensive services. The billionaire Horace T. Quayle, president of the Texas Investment Trust, is about to sign the contract of the century with the Khalakjistan - FSU - which owns the richest deposit of germanium metal coveted by all major powers. Unfortunately, a grain of sand has jammed the machine: Rene Loiret, a truck driver. This moron had an accident that caused the death of General Selmjov, Minister of Defence Khalakjistan. He was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment, and the severity of the sentence has forced France to retaliate by an embargo. Negotiations are blocked, and the only solution is to remove the cause of the embargo: Loiret must be released and repatriated to France.
Shelton is in charge of the mission, and he has only seventy days to escape Zaporitzka of Loiret, the high security prison, and leave the country.
To achieve this spectacular escape - supposed to be conducted discreetly - Shelton recruits, around the world, a few faithful friends temporarily busy doing other things, an authentic English baronet, a Spanish stuntman and an entertainer very gironde with whom he shares some privacy. It also loads a comedian originally from Khalakjistan needy, and a former seedy Parisian lawyer who seems to have his personal reasons for joining Zaporitzka.
Pack includes:
Wayne Shelton - 01 - The Mission
Wayne Shelton - 02 - The Betrayal
Wayne Shelton - 03 - The Contract
Wayne Shelton - 04 - The Survivor
Wayne Shelton - 05 - The Revenge
Wayne Shelton 6 - The Hostage (2007)

XIII #1-22 (2010-2017)XIII #1-22 (2010-2017)
XIII #1-22 (2010-2017)
English | CBR | 22 Issues | 1.36 GB

A man washes ashore—barely alive, a bullet hole in his head. On his shoulder, a tattoo of the Roman number XIII. And not a single memory of who he was, or how he got there. No sooner has he been nursed back to his feet by kind rescuers than armed goons track him down and attempt to kill him. Relentlessly pursued by assassins and secret agents, the man known as XIII begins a long quest to explore his past and recover his identity… From a presidential assassination to a coup d’état in South America; from a deadly conspiracy within the corridors of Washington DC to a break-out from a high-security prison for the criminally insane; through an ever increasing list of aliases… XIII will forge on against formidable odds and powerful, merciless opponents, until he knows, at last, who he is.

Thorgal #1-18 (2007-2017)Thorgal #1-18 (2007-2017)
Thorgal #1-18 (2007-2017)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | 742 MB

Thorgal is a critically acclaimed Belgian comic book series by the Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and the Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. It first appeared in serial form in the "Tintin" magazine in 1977, and has been published in hardcover volumes by Le Lombard from 1980 on. Translations exist in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Danish, Finnish (in the Finnish "The Phantom" comic), Swedish (in the Swedish "The Phantom" comic), Norwegian (in the Norwegian "The Phantom" comic), Turkish, Greek and other languages. In 2002, a new story was invented for a point-and-click adventure game, titled Thorgal: Curse of Atlantis, that was released for Windows by Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The comic unites many themes and legends into one consistent world, ranging from Norse mythology and Atlantean fantasy to science fiction, and including such genres as dark drama, horror and adventure stories.
Thorgal is one of the most popular French language comics. In 2006, Album 29 was the fifth best selling new comic in French, with 280,000 copies published.

The Last Templar #1-4 (2016)The Last Templar #1-4 (2016)
The Last Templar #1-4 (2016)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Acre, 1291. The last Crusader city in the Holy Land is about to fall. Two Knights Templar, obeying the grandmaster’s orders, manage to escape the invading Muslim army on the order’s last ship. New York City, nowadays. During the unveiling of an exhibition of some of the Vatican’s treasures, four men disguised as Templars attack the Metropolitan Museum and steal several artefacts, including a centuries-old decoder – a loss that horrifies the Church.

The Survivors #1-4 (2014-2017)The Survivors #1-4 (2014-2017)
The Survivors #1-4 (2014-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

100 years before Kim Keller’s adventures on Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and Antares, a few humans already faced the dangers of an unknown planet. Another chapter of the Worlds of Aldebaran saga!

Spirou & Fantasio (2009-2017)Spirou & Fantasio (2009-2017)
Spirou & Fantasio (2009-2017)
English | CBR | 15 Issues

The Spirou character was created in 1938 and is still hugely successful around the world.

Barracuda #1-6 (2013-2016)Barracuda #1-6 (2013-2016)
Barracuda #1-6 (2013-2016)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | HD

Emilio, a young servant disguised as a woman to escape the pirates’ blood thirst. Maria, daughter of a Spanish grandee, captured by the same pirates. Raffy, son of Captain Blackdog of the pirate ship Barracuda. All three of them taken to Puerto Blanco, all three of them left behind when the Barracuda leaves to seek a fabulous diamond. What twisted fates await them on the island, amidst the various groups that vie for dominance there?

Gomer Goof Vol. 01 - Mind the Goof! (2017)
Gomer Goof Vol. 01 - Mind the Goof! (2017)
English | CBR | 48 pages | 124.1 MB

Gomer Goof is a master loafer. He’s also a genius, if absent-minded, inventor. His laziness, his gadgets and his sheer bad luck create havoc at Spirou Magazine and drive his colleagues crazy - but he’s such a likeable guy!

Valerian & Laureline 1-22 (2010-2017)Valerian & Laureline 1-22 (2010-2017)
Valerian & Laureline 1-22 (2010-2017)
English | CBR | 23 Issues

Galaxity, capital of the Terran Empire in the 28th century. Valerian and Laureline are agents who protect mankind from rogue time travellers. Now they are sent to New York in 1986 to intercept Galaxity’s worst megalomaniac, Xombul—except that in 1986, the world is in ruins and New York is about to be swallowed by the ocean. The two agents must navigate the shifting waters of the past to make sure that the future will exist.
Valerian and Laureline are exploring Syrte, capital planet of a system of 1,000 worlds. Their mission is to discover whether the Syrtians could present a danger to Earth. What they find is a decaying empire led by decadent aristocrats, a population ripe for revolution, and a mysterious caste of masked wise men who discreetly pull the strings from hidden fortresses. Swept up by the winds of history, the agents of Earth will have to choose a side…
When a rogue planet threatens a new Human colony, Valerian and Laureline are sent to investigate and discover a barren, rocky surface… and a whole world beneath it! The people who live inside Zahir have never seen the stars. Divided along gender lines, torn by a senseless and bloody war, they are unaware that their planet is hurtling towards disaster. To stop it, the two agents of Galaxity will have to infiltrate both sides and force a reconciliation.
Valerian and Laureline 04 - Welcome to Alflolol (2012)
Technorog is a planet essential to the economy of the Terran empire. For 200 years, it has been a centre of industry, research and agriculture. Suddenly, the indigenous population—believed long extinct—comes back to the planet they know as Alflolol. Earth’s laws are strict: They must be allowed back on their ancestral grounds. But when Valerian and Laureline are assigned to facilitate their “reinsertion,” they see the difference between the letter of the law and its spirit...

The Bluecoats #1-10 (2008-2017)The Bluecoats #1-10 (2008-2017)
The Bluecoats #1-10 (2008-2017)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

A humorous cult series about the misadventures of Sergeant Cornelius M. Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch of the Union Army’s 22nd Cavalry.


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