Block 109 (2012-2014)
Block 109 (2012-2014)Block 109 (2012-2014)
Block 109 (2012-2014)
French/English | CBR | 5 Issues

Ritter Germania (2012)
February 1950, Wilhelm Frick, Reichsieiter, was discovered hanged in an alley in Berlin. Crime is clearly signed: Ritter Germania. Frick is the second senior official of the regime to fall victim to the former star of the Reich and all indications are that it will not be the last. The case can no longer be left to the police, the Reichsführer Reinhardt Heydrich seizes and entrusts the investigation to SS-Brigadeführer hennins Von Tresckow. The manhunt is then started ... In the world of urchronique Block 109, Ritter Germania takes you on a breathless thriller.
Block 109 - SHARK (2014)
November 1946, a survivor of a nuclear holocaust, Australia became the last refuge of the Allied forces, but also a huge prison for tens of thousands of German soldiers. In the middle of the Tanami Desert, Prison Rabbit Flat contains many former Nazis monitored by a handful of guards tired. The arrival of Worth, an off-the-Australian law, and especially fascist indomitable will make the explosive situation ...
Block 109 (2010) (Scanlation)
After having destroyed the west, the Third Reich suffers in its turn under the blows of the Red Army. For Zytek, the ruler of Germany, there remains only one solution: a major viral attack.
Despite the refusal of the High Council, the virus is already ravaging the ruins of Marienburg. The infected, transformed into bloodthirsty monsters attack isolated soldiers from both camps. Only Sergeant Steiner's squad has ever managed to escape a close encounter.
Are Steiner and his comrades-in-arms humanity's last chance? And what is the true objective of Zytek, the omnipotent ruler of the Reich?
Enter a world at war.
Block 109 - New York 1947 (2011)
December 18, 1947, the six members of the commando unit constituted for "Operation Extraction," are dumped on top of one of the few buildings still standing in New York.
They have twenty-four hours to retrieve top secret documents from the vault of a bank in the metropolis ravaged by nuclear fire and an experimental virus.
Block 109 - Operation Leaden Sun (2010)
October 1946, the SS enters the Belgian Congo, to take control of its uranium and coltan mines. The local resistance commanded by colonel Leclers, puts heavy strain on the German forces. Thus, the Reich decides to send a unit made up of men from the penal legions. Its mission: find Leclerc and his men, and eliminate them.

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Comment #1 (22 May 2014 18:53)
SHARK is in French language!Do you have it in English?
feys1978 Info:
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Comment #2 (24 December 2016 18:45)
Any idea of when "Block 109 - Maruta (2016jun)" might show up?

Authors: Ryan Lovelock , Vincent Brugeas
Colorist: Giusy Gallizia
Release date: June 2016
Hardcover - 225 × 300 - 72 pages - 9782355741821 - 14,50 €

SUMMARY: Six months after the success of their Australian mission, Worth and his men became pirates in Japanese waters. Isolated and without supplies, their daily life becomes more and more difficult, until the day they intercept a cargo carrying a mysterious cargo. The latter is intended for Professor Shiro, a Japanese scientist guilty of the worst exactions on the Chinese populations of Manchuria and whose allies had lost track. Worth and his men now know where to find him ...
kansascornfed Info:
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