Weird Melvin #1-5 (1995) CompleteWeird Melvin #1-5 (1995) Complete
Weird Melvin #1-5 (1995) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 243.41 MB

A young comic collector discovers his favorite monster-killing superhero in the flesh. Six-issue mini-series from 1995.
Near Death v02 (2012)
Near Death v02 (2012)
English | CBR | 145 pages | 235.67 MB

Collects NEAR DEATH #6-11
In this second collection of the series BRIAN K. VAUGHAN calls "a killer crime book with a very sharp hook," former hitman Markham has relocated to Los Angeles, where he continues his efforts to balance the scales by saving people instead of killing them. But try as he might, Markham can't outrun his dark past. If you like THIEF OF THIEVES and FATALE, you'll love NEAR DEATH. ]
Near Death v01 (2012)
Near Death v01 (2012)
English | CBR | 122 pages | 199.07 MB

Collects NEAR DEATH #1-5 plus bonus materials!
The critically acclaimed crime series is collected for the first time, featuring exclusive bonus material. Meet Markham, a professional killer who has a near death experience during a botched mission. Determined to avoid ever returning to the hell he glimpsed, Markham has dedicated himself to balancing the scales. He's going to save a life for every life he's taken. And he's taken a lot of lives...
Anthem #1-5 (2014) Complete
Anthem #1-5 (2014) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 226.70 MB

ANTHEM is a darker saga of an alternate Earth, and of the super-heroes who were created to save it. In this world, Pearl Harbor wasn't just an attack by Japanese planes on a sleepy Hawaiian base. It was a full-blown assault on the US West Coast by Imperial Japanese forces spearheaded by a towering monster that could mop up the ocean with Godzilla, and on the East Coast by Nazi shock troops . . . and ray-firing flying saucers!

Minimum Wage v01 - Focus On the Strange (2014)
Minimum Wage v01 - Focus On the Strange (2014)
English | CBR | 162 pages | 228.68 MB

Three years after Rob Hoffman said "I do," concluding the original run of MINIMUM WAGE, he finds himself divorced, back home with mom, trying online dating, and transitioning from doing comics for adult magazines to redefining himself as artist on a superhero franchise. Juggling mutant horseshoe crabs, new girlfriends, and more, Rob and the gang are back in this collection of the first all-new arc of BOB FINGERMAN's slice-of-life series. Featuring tons of bonus material!
Collects MINIMUM WAGE #1-6
Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires (2005)
Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires (2005)
English | CBR | 81 pages | 93.82 MB

Night is coming and the local baby-sitters club needs an extra sitter. That strange new family in town is expecting four warm bodies... Peculia, that mysterious and clever young waif, returns in her first full-length story!
MAD Presents - Spy Vs. Spy - The Top Secret Files! (2011)
MAD Presents - Spy Vs. Spy - The Top Secret Files! (2011)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 171.80 MB

Spy vs. Spy' has been one of the most popular features in MAD Magazine. The diabolical duo of double-crosses and deceit (one dressed in black, the other in white) have continued to one-up each other until death do they part. This new edition of Spy Vs. Spy spotlights the work of Peter Kuper who continues the series following the death of Antonio Proh'as, the original creator.
Ordinary #1-3 (2014) CompleteOrdinary #1-3 (2014) Complete
Ordinary #1-3 (2014) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 189.23 MB

Imagine a world where everyone has superpowers. That is, except you. You are the same old turgid, miserable, lonely loser you've always been.
But when it comes to superpowers, apparently you can indeed have too much of a good thing. With everyone able to destroy tower blocks with a single punch, any minor fracas escalates into a city-leveling combat, and the world is now in ruins as terrorism and war threaten the very survival of the planet.
What's needed is a return to normality, to devolve back from Superhuman to just human - and there's only one man for the job: down-at-heal, divorced New York plumber, Michael Fisher.
Sally of the Wasteland #1-5 (2014) CompleteSally of the Wasteland #1-5 (2014) Complete
Sally of the Wasteland #1-5 (2014) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 219.19 MB

She's a gloriously-grindhouse gorehound glamor girl!
Southern Louisiana, 82 years after the Fall. The apocalypse has come and gone, leaving behind a withered, ravaged landscape of wreckage and mutant crawfish. Still, you gotta laugh, and Sally does, often using her beloved shotgun, Bertha, as the punchline!
Inspired more by lust than common sense, and by a teenage desire to protect Tommy, the object of her desires, Sally leaves her bar job and joins the deranged crew of the Mississippi Duchess on a mission into the remains of New Orleans.
Saving the remains of civilisation plays second best to keeping her sweetheart safe as our smart and sexy princess of the wild frontier runs a gauntlet of gigantic genetic freaks and roving gangs of blood-hungry barbarians!
The ever-so-cute but ever-so-slightly-insane Sally is the wayward daughter of writer Victor Gischler (X-Men, Angel & Faith, Noir) and artistic up-and-comer Tazzio Bettin. This first issue in a fantastic new series proves Armageddon can be fun!
Sally of the Wasteland (2014)
English | CBR | 122 pages | 215.24 MB

DC Comics: The New 52! - Week 172 (December 17, 2014)
DC Comics: The New 52! - Week 172 (December 17, 2014)
English | CBR | 16 Issues | 605.51 MB

Batman #37
Batman And Robin #37
Batman Eternal #37
Batman Superman #17
Batwoman #37
Catwoman #37
Earth 2 World's End #11
Green Lantern New Guardians #37
Justice League #37
Multiversity Thunderworld #1
New 52 Futures End #33
Red Hood And The Outlaws #37
Supergirl #37
Teen Titans #5
Trinity Of Sin #3
Wonder Woman #37

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