Batman - Aliens #1-2 (1997) + 2 #1-3 (2002) CompleteBatman - Aliens #1-2 (1997) + 2 #1-3 (2002) Complete
Batman - Aliens #1-2 (1997) + 2 #1-3 (2002) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 396.99 MB

He's seen many faces of terror from his years watching over Gotham City - he's seen murderous clowns, strange creatures and all forms of psychopathic killers. But he's never seen anything like this. Amongst the Mayan ruins of the Amazon forest, the Dark Knight of Gotham is out of his element as he faces an intergalactic infestation of... Aliens!
A Gotham City construction crew uncovers a sealed vault housing an unspeakable horror! Eighty years ago, an expedition to the South Pole uncovered a crashed spaceship - a spaceship containing bloodthirsty Aliens. Now, after years in hibernation, a nearly desiccated Alien is unleashed upon the modern world. And it's very, very hungry! Only one man has a chance of stopping this murderous beast - the Dark Knight Detective known as Batman! Co-published with Dark Horse Comics.

Wild Thing - My Life as a Wolf (2019)
Wild Thing - My Life as a Wolf (2019)
English | CBR | 155 pages | 185.84 MB

Wild Thing Or: My Life as a Wolf is the story of an affectionate and inquisitive Labrador named Silver, who grew up on a farm with his master and his hundreds of sheep. But Silver dreams of adventure, bored by the monotony of his farm life... What is beyond the hills? Where does the river flow? Which animals live in the forest? So many questions without answers...
One night, Silver meets a trio of hungry wolves. Attracted by their unhindered life-as enticing as it is dangerous-he decides to follow them, and learns to live the wild life with the pack, which is rough and exhilarating at the same time. Along the way he discovers love, and the ravages of human civilization that are reducing the living space of animals, threatening their very existence.
A charming stand-alone, fable-style story with broad age range appeal, Wild Thing was recently nominated for Best Young Fiction and Best New Artist for this year's HQMix Comics Awards (the 'Brazilian Eisners'). The book features an expanded sketchbook section by the author that gives a look behind the scenes into the development of this captivating original graphic novel adventure.

Dune - House Harkonnen v02 (2024)
Dune - House Harkonnen v02 (2024)
English | CBR | 115 pages | 317.08 MB

The hit prequel comics adaptation of the legendary science fiction epic from NY Times bestselling authors Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson continues!
Spanning from Arrakis to Wallach IX, formative moments from major characters' past in the Dune universe come to light driven by the ruthless machinations of House Harkonnen! Chaos ensues across planets with tense rescue missions, impossible choices, meanwhile events on Ix turn explosive, and Bene Gesserit plotting finally comes to fruition. As the Harkonnens brutality abounds on Arrakis, Liet and Warrick are pitted against each other in the name of love, Leto finds himself in a fateful meeting elsewhere, and Duncan takes a significant step toward who he's destined to be... The tension rises in the thrilling prequel adaptation by authors Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, artist Fran Galán (Creepshow), and colorist Patricio Delpeche (Fissure), where deadly choices and conflicts will shape the future of Arrakis and the entire Dune universe! Collects Dune: House Harkonnen #5 - 8.

Dune - House Harkonnen v01 (2023)
Dune - House Harkonnen v01 (2023)
English | CBR | 113 pages | 279.23 MB

Discover the crucial backstory of House Atreides' bitter rivals that no Dune fan will want to miss!
Delve into the past of Gurney Halleck, Leto Atreides, Lady Jessica, and Liet Kynes, and discover how the complex and brutal machinations of House Harkonnen shaped their future! What difficult choices will tear Leto apart as Baron Harkonnen plots against not just House Atreides, but the Bene Gesserit and the Emperor himself? And who watches Duke Atreides from afar? This dangerous figure holds untold significance for his future and lineage... The second NYT Bestselling prequel to Dune is adapted for the first time by award-winning novelists Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and artist Michael Shelfer (Domino), unveiling a closer look at the rising conflict between beloved characters and bitter villains. Collects Dune: House Harkonnen #1-4.

Beyond Real #1-2 (2023-2024)Beyond Real #1-2 (2023-2024)
Beyond Real #1-2 (2023-2024)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

An artist's discovery. When struggling artist June is injured in a severe car accident that leaves her boyfriend in a coma, she begins to experience strange visual phenomena. Soon, she's able to see that we are all actually living in a computer simulation. June must set out on a journey of possibility and peril into the metaphysical layers of the simulation to reach the world's creator and save her true love from death.

End After End #1-9 (2022-2024) CompleteEnd After End #1-9 (2022-2024) Complete
End After End #1-9 (2022-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 9 Issues | HD | 438 MB

Life is nothing if not a series of endings.
School. Jobs. Friendships. Love.
Until THE end.
Walter Willem's end was fast and unexpected. His was an unremarkable life. So, how is it that his story continues as cannon fodder in an endless war waged against an insatiable darkness hellbent on consuming all of existence?
And is Walter right in believing he's arrived in the midst of this titanic battle as the one destined to finally end it?


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