Batman - A Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1-3 (1993-1995)Batman - A Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1-3 (1993-1995)
Batman - A Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1-3 (1993-1995)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | HD | 230.47 MB

A series of annual Halloween one-shots by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale as part of the Legends of the Dark Knight series. Like the main series, these were set during the early parts of Batman's career.
The three specials are titled "Choices" ( released in 1993), "Madness" (released in 1994) and "Ghosts" (released in 1995). The first special, "Choices", features the Scarecrow as Batman chases him across Gotham on a Halloween night. The second special, titled "Madness", is set early in Batman's career and a young Barbara Gordon is kidnapped by the Mad Hater as he plans to make her one of his Alices. The last special, based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Bruce is visited by three spirits on Halloween, in the form of Poison Ivy (Halloweens Past), The Joker (Halloweens Present), and a spirit version of Batman (Halloweens Future).
These specials served as the inspiration, along with editor Archie Goodwin, for Loeb and Sale to go on to create the now classic trilogy of Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome.
Dober-Man #1-2 (2013-2015)Dober-Man #1-2 (2013-2015)
Dober-Man #1-2 (2013-2015)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Do you like fun? Do you like adventure? Then look no further! Dober-Man and Beagle are here! The Canine Crusaders are ready to bring you light-hearted adventures in the spirit of your favorite Silver Age comics. Appropriate for all ages, and intended for people that enjoy a good laugh with their slice of action!
The Loving Dead 1-3 (2013)The Loving Dead 1-3 (2013)
The Loving Dead 1-3 (2013)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 186.43 MB

A thrilling post-apocalyptic zombie love story where the hands of time are just as deadly as the undead menace. Alan was a simple carpenter until a freak accident ended his life. Now he is among the undead, in a world where 95% of the population are sentient zombies. While on the run from the many - both live and dead - violent factions dotting this post-apocalyptic landscape, Alan finds the girl of his dreams - the decaying, yet beautiful, Lynn. As their bodies rapidly disintegrate, Alan and Lynn make one last, desperate effort to live and love again by hunting down an experimental serum that might just save them. Stefano Raffaele ( Pandemonium, DC Comics' Birds of Prey ), employs his signature macabre, yet gorgeous, style in this truly original horror tale: a zombie romance.
The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 5 Dripping With Fear (2015)
The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 5 Dripping With Fear (2015)
English | CBR | 221 pages | 410.66 MB

Dripping With Fear: The Steve Ditko Archives Volume 5 features another 200-plus meticulously restored, full-color pages from Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko in his early prime, at the time working in near anonymity for Charlton Comics in the then-popular horror/suspense genre. Comics like Tales of The Mysterious Traveler and This Magazine Is Haunted saw an explosion in Ditko's ingenuity, as he manipulated the traditional comic-book page layout with masterful results. It was during this time that Ditko and his art-school colleague, the famed fetish artist Eric Stanton, began sharing a studio in Manhattan. The introduction by editor Blake Bell examines Ditko's stylistic evolution and delves deep into his association with Stanton. Ditko's secret collaborations with Stanton on his female bondage material remain a highly controversial topic, and Bell's introduction highlights numerous examples that prove the allegedly shy and private Ditko contributed with wild abandon to these risqué tales of titillation. This fifth volume stands as the best example yet of the Steve Ditko that would soon begin crafting such iconic classics as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange alongside Stan Lee at Marvel Comics.
Marvel Comics - Week 142 (August 5, 2015)
Marvel Comics - Week 142 (August 5, 2015)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 674.36 MB

Age Of Apocalypse #2
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #5 (of 5)
Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #10
Civil War #2
Darth Vader #8
Future Imperfect #4
Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX #3
Groot #3
Guardians Of Knowhere #2
Guardians Team-Up #9
Infinity Gauntlet #3
Ms Marvel #17
Red Skull #2 (of 3)
Siege #2
Spider-Island #2 (of 5)
Ultimate End #4 (of 5)
DC Comics - Week 205 (August 5, 2015)
DC Comics - Week 205 (August 5, 2015)
English | CBR | 8 Issues | 262.98 MB

Batman Beyond #3
Bat-Mite #3 (of 6)
Detective Comics #43
Green Lantern #43
Lobo #9
Midnighter #3
Omega Men #3
Looney Tunes #226

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