Rogue Sun #1-18 (2022-2024)Rogue Sun #1-18 (2022-2024)
Rogue Sun #1-18 (2022-2024)
English | CBR | 18 Issues

Yesterday: New Orleans' greatest hero, ROGUE SUN, was murdered.
Today: rebellious teenager DYLAN SIEGEL discovers that Rogue Sun was his estranged father, Marcus - and that he's inherited his father's mantle. Tasked with protecting our world from the forces of the supernatural - and solving his father's murder - Dylan will be forced to come to terms with the man he's spent the majority of his life hating.
From acclaimed writer RYAN PARROTT (Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers, Dead Day) and rising star artist ABEL (Harley Quinn, Crimes of Passion) comes A SUPERNATURAL MURDER MYSTERY that explores the complicated bond between father and son and cements itself squarely in a corner of the IMAGE COMICS SUPERHERO UNIVERSE!

Daredevil - Black Armor #1-4 (2024) Complete
Daredevil - Black Armor #1-4 (2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | of 4

D.G. Chichester returns to Hell's Kitchen to spin an all-new DAREDEVIL story set during his landmark run with the character! Joined now by rising star NETHO DIAZ with covers by industry legend MARK BAGLEY, this is one DAREDEVIL series you can't afford to miss!

Batman - City of Madness #1-3 (2023-2024) CompleteBatman - City of Madness #1-3 (2023-2024) Complete
Batman - City of Madness #1-3 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 3 Issues |

Buried deep beneath Gotham City there exists another Gotham. This Gotham Below is a living nightmare, populated by twisted mirrors of our Gotham's denizens, fueled by the fear and hatred flowing down from above. For decades, the doorway between the cities has been sealed and heavily guarded by the Court of Owls. But now the door swings wide, and the twisted version of the Dark Knight has escaped... to trap and train a Robin of his own. Batman must form an uneasy alliance with the Court and its deadly allies to stop him-and to hold back the wave of twisted super-villains, nightmarish versions of his own nemeses, each one worse than the last, that's spilling into his streets! Visionary writer-artist Christian Ward unleashes his cosmic-horror take on Batman's world, in a tribute to disturbing Dark Knight classics like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Gothic! You'll never look at Batman's villains the same way again... you simply won't have the stomach for it!

A Splatter Western One-Shot #1-4 (2023-2024) CompleteA Splatter Western One-Shot #1-4 (2023-2024) Complete
A Splatter Western One-Shot #1-4 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | (of 4)

A chance encounter between a sideshow owner and a man with his fair share of secrets unleashes an unholy terror on the folk of Randall's Oasis and Professor Morris' Pageant of Curiosities. A grisly murder brings the attention of fastidious Sheriff Jacob Dillon. What will he discover in the desert, and how will he stop it? Read the darkly comedic Splatter Western Swallower of Shades to find out those shocking answers!

Superman - Lost #1-10 (2023-2024) CompleteSuperman - Lost #1-10 (2023-2024) Complete
Superman - Lost #1-10 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 10 Issues | HD | 993 MB

After Superman is called away on a routine Justice League mission, Lois Lane awakens to find a complete stranger standing in her living room. The Man of Steel, home much sooner than expected, reveals he has, in fact, been lost in space for 20 years. Nothing and no one seem familiar to him anymore, and the timeless bond between them has been severed...or has it? Can love conquer all? Superman's 85th anniversary celebration continues with this allnew blockbuster 10-issue series from the creators of the Eisner-nominated Deathstroke series!

IDW Endless Summer (2023)IDW Endless Summer (2023)
IDW Endless Summer (2023)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Do you ever wish summer could last forever? Well, at IDW, it can! We're bringing you an endless summer with everyone's favorite characters in four unique one-shots!
Presto, Sheila, Hank, Bobby, Eric, and Diana have been trapped in the Realms for months now, and they're exhausted. They've also missed out on their entire summer vacation back home! So when they find a beach more pristine than any back on Earth, they're more than happy to take a load off and enjoy the sand and surf. But when Eric finds a baby dragon, the kids find out that even a short summer can be very, very hot!

Coda Vol.2 #1-5 (2023-2024) CompleteCoda Vol.2 #1-5 (2023-2024) Complete
Coda Vol.2 #1-5 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 319 MB

In this brand new adventure in the Eisner Award-Nominated apocalyptic fantasy world of Coda, the despondent bard Hum finds a slice of tranquility with his wife, the Urken named Serka, in an ever-darkening, magic-less apocalypse - or so it seems.
Prophecies of paradise and the return of magic? Hum is skeptical, while Serka faces difficult moral decisions on the road, with winter quickly approaching...
New and returning fans alike shouldn't miss the highly anticipated return of Coda from GLAAD Media Award- winning writer Simon Spurrier (Damn Them All, The Flash) and EW's 2019 Artist of the Year Matías Bergara (Step By Bloody Step)!

Alice Never After #1-5 (2023-2024) CompleteAlice Never After #1-5 (2023-2024) Complete
Alice Never After #1-5 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 324 MB

Alice finally got her wish. Wonderland has become her new home, but with her abuser's avatar with the uncanny grin turning the mad residents of a moonstruck world against her, she's clawing for a little rationality amongst the chaos.
As Alice's sister Edith and her childhood friend Earl fight for a way to bring her back, Alice has to contend with whether or not her torment is due to her father, herself, or maybe a curious combination of both...
Superstar writer Dan Panosian (Unkindness of Ravens, Black Tape) and artist Giorgio Spalletta (007: For King & Country) explore the morbid side of escapism in this twisted tale that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

Universal Monsters - Dracula #1-4 (2023-2024) CompleteUniversal Monsters - Dracula #1-4 (2023-2024) Complete
Universal Monsters - Dracula #1-4 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | HD | 552.45 MB

THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH creators JAMES TYNION IV (**W0RLDTR33, _Something is Killing the Children_**) and **MARTIN SIMMONDS** reteam to tell a new tale of the monster who started it all!
When Dr. John Seward admits a strange new patient into his asylum, the madman tells stories of a demon who has taken residence next door. But as Dr. Seward attempts to apply logic to the impossible... his surrogate daughter Lucy begins to fall under the spell of the twisted _Count Dracula_!

The Cull 01-05 (2023-2024) CompleteThe Cull 01-05 (2023-2024) Complete
The Cull 01-05 (2023-2024) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | HD | 240.03 MB

Eisner-winning writer KELLY THOMPSON (BLACK CLOAK) and superstar artist MATTIA DE IULIS (Captain America) team up for their first creator-owned work together!
Something is Killing the Children horror vibes mix with The Goonies-style adventure as five friends set off to shoot a short film on a forbidden rock near their home the summer before they all go their separate ways. But that's not really why they're there. One of them has lied. And that lie will change their lives forever.

A Very Valiantine's Special (2024)
A Very Valiantine's Special (2024)
English | CBR | 67 pages | 222.77 MB

Love is in the air! Join us as we explore love Valiant style. In this saucy 50-page anthology, we feature four tales of lost love with Doctor Mirage, family love with Bloodshot, young love on the rocks with Faith and Archer, and lastly, 'The Many Loves of Ninjak'---self-explanatory. We know our heroes save the day, but can they save their hearts as well?


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