Marvel Comics - Week 405 (September 14, 2020)
Marvel Comics - Week 405 (September 14, 2020)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 685.86 MB

Aero (2019-) #11
Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn (2020-) #1
Captain America (2018-) #23
Conan: Battle For The Serpent Crown (2020) #5 (of 5)
Excalibur (2019-) #12
Giant-Size X-Men: Storm (2020) #1
Hellions (2020-) #4
Immortal Hulk (2018-) #0
Immortal Hulk (2018-) #37
Iron Man (2020-) #1
Star Wars (2020-) #6
Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020-) #5
Thor (2020-) #7
X-Men (2019-) #12
X-Men: Marvels Snapshot (2020) #1
DC Comics - Week 470 (September 14, 2020)
DC Comics - Week 470 (September 14, 2020)
English | CBR | 13 Issues | 648.74 MB

Batman (2016-) #99
Batman: Curse of the White Knight
Batman Day Batman - The Adventures Continue 001 (2020)
Batman Day Batman Tales - Once Upon a Crime 001 (2020)
The Batman's Grave (2019-) #10
Catwoman (2018-) #25
The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child Deluxe Edition
Detective Comics (2016-) #1027
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020-) #13
Injustice: Year Zero (2020-) #6
Justice League (2018-) #53
Metal Men (2019-) #10
Teen Titans (2016-) #45
Billionaire Island #1-6 (2020) CompleteBillionaire Island #1-6 (2020) Complete
Billionaire Island #1-6 (2020) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 220.75 MB

A savage satire reuniting the critically acclaimed team behind DC's The Flintstones, Mark Russell (Second Coming) and Steve Pugh (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass), in an all-new creator-owned series! Welcome to Billionaire Island, where anything goes...if you can afford it. But the island's ultra-rich inhabitants are about to learn that their ill-gotten gains come at a very high price. Every AHOY comic also features extra prose stories and illustrations.

Join the Future #1-5 (2020)Join the Future #1-5 (2020)
Join the Future #1-5 (2020)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

The Future. Ultra-modern megacities reward millions of their citizens with a completely funded life, with every need met, from food to housing and healthcare, in order to com-pete in an economic power struggle in which population is key. But a few rural residents still cling to their independence in what last American small towns are left. When a nearby megacity pressures the people of a small town join up or else, a young teenage girl named Clem will learn how far she'll go to defend her prin-ciples. Written by Zack Kaplan (LOST CITY EXPLORERS) with art from Piotr Kowalski (Port of Earth, Eclipse, Sex, Marvel Knights: Hulk, The Dark Tower), JOIN THE FUTURE is a sci-fi western that examines a future where everyone must ask what your values are truly worth.

Finger Guns #1-5 (2020) CompleteFinger Guns #1-5 (2020) Complete
Finger Guns #1-5 (2020) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 239.49 MB

The darker side of home life has Sadie pushing Wes to help discover more about their powers. The true discovery ends up being a friendship built - in no small part - around Bryan Adams sing-a-longs and a dog named Chester. If only the good days could stop the bad.
Finger Guns v01 (2020)
English | CBR | 138 pages | 392.18 MB
Collects the complete five issue series.

Conan - Battle For The Serpent Crown #1-5 (2020) CompleteConan - Battle For The Serpent Crown #1-5 (2020) Complete
Conan - Battle For The Serpent Crown #1-5 (2020) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 167.53 MB

A DEADLY QUEST AND A DARING HEIST... IN THE AGE OF MARVELS! CONAN wanders the desert, and as he reaches the city, no Stygian temple nor Vendyhan fortress greets him. No, something far stranger: the lights of fabulous Las Vegas! Conan is far from home, and it's time for him to tread the thrones of the Marvel Universe under his sandaled feet! The City of Sin is just the beginning for Conan's solo jaunt by Eisner award-winner Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT, MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN) and Luke Ross (STAR WARS: ALLEGIANCE, SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN), as the barbarian finds himself on a quest for a relic that predates even his Hyborian Age: the Serpent Crown of Atlantis! But will his battle for this crown earn Conan his own kingdom, or doom him to a nefarious trap set forth by MEPHISTO? Featuring a wide array of Marvel heroes and villains, this is an adventure you can't afford to miss!
Conan - Battle for the Serpent Crown (2021)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 179.11 MB
Collects Conan: Battle For The Serpent Crown (2020) #1-5.

Batman Day Batman Tales - Once Upon a Crime 001 (2020)
Batman Day Batman Tales - Once Upon a Crime 001 (2020)
English | CBR | 24 pages | 18.76 MB

Gotham City is filled with stories-of heroes and of villains, of police and criminals, of families both lost and found. But the enchanted short stories in Batman Tales are brought to life with a classic fairy-tale twist that will fill you with wonder. Once upon a crime in Gotham... Damian Wayne dreams of becoming a real boy wonder-as long as he can avoid telling lies and making his nose grow. Batman's butler takes an unexpected trip through the looking glass and finds himself in a topsy-turvy world, for Alfred's in Wonderland! Gotham City Police Department detectives interrogate Gotham's most dangerous criminals looking for the princess who stole the pea. And Batman meets a snow queen who leads him on a dangerous quest. Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen, the creative team behind Batman: Li'l Gotham, return to their Bat-roots-this time with a fairy-tale flair!

Batman - Curse Of The White Knight #1-8 + Specials (2019-2020) CompleteBatman - Curse Of The White Knight #1-8 + Specials (2019-2020) Complete
Batman - Curse Of The White Knight #1-8 + Specials (2019-2020) Complete
English | CBR | 10 Issues | 398.31 MB

In this explosive sequel to the critically acclaimed blockbuster BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT from writer/artist Sean Murphy, The Joker recruits Azrael to help him expose a shocking secret from the Wayne family's legacy - and to run Gotham City into the ground! As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from danger, the mystery of his ancestry unravels, dealing a devastating blow to the Dark Knight.
Batman - Curse of the White Knight (2020)
English | CBR | 267 pages | 330.47 MB
Collects Batman: Curse of the White Knight (2017-2018) #1-8 and Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1.

Dark Knight Returns - The Golden Child - The Deluxe Edition (2020)
Dark Knight Returns - The Golden Child - The Deluxe Edition (2020)
English | CBR | 82 pages | 97.29 MB

The deluxe edition of Frank Miller's return to the Dark Knight Universe!
It's been three years since the events of Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Lara has spent the time learning to be more human, and Carrie Kelley has been growing into her new role as Batwoman. But a terrifying evil has returned to Gotham City, and Lara and Carrie must team up to stop this growing threat--and they have a secret weapon. Young Jonathan Kent, "the golden child," has a power inside of him unlike anything the world has ever seen, and it's about to be unleashed...
Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child is Frank Miller's triumphant return to the world of the Dark Knight and joining him is the superstar artist Rafael Grampá, the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Mesmo Delivery. Following work in advertising and film, this incredible collaboration marks Grampá's first comics work in six years, bringing his extraordinary detail and storytelling to the Dark Knight saga, resulting in a Dark Knight story like nothing you've ever seen before.


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