Stargate Atlantis Singularity #1-3 (2018)Stargate Atlantis Singularity #1-3 (2018)
Stargate Atlantis Singularity #1-3 (2018)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Stargate: Atlantis is back with a brand new monthly comic book series that continues the television series continuity and is jam packed with fun extras! Comic illustrating legend, Greg LaRocque (Flash Return of Barry Allen, Web of Spider-Man), joins the team of Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn (Fox's 24) to deliver the next official chapter in Stargate: Atlantis mythology. Following the destruction of the Super Hive ship Atlantis and her crew find themselves stranded on Earth. But a startling discovery sends the team in search of a new Gate system and reveals that the horrors of the Pegasus Galaxy are not far away. A new threat rises to challenge the crew and stop the city from returning to its rightful place.

Marvel Comics - Week 310 (October 24, 2018)
Marvel Comics - Week 310 (October 24, 2018)
English | CBR | 19 Issues | 997.07 MB

Amazing Spider-Man #8
Black Panther Vs Deadpool #1 (of 5)
Infinity Wars Arachknight #1 (of 2)
Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #2 (of 4)
Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #2 (of 2)
Marvel Super Hero Adventures - Captain Marvel - Halloween Spooktacular 001 (2018)
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #36
Moon Knight #200
Punisher #3
Return Of Wolverine #2 (of 5)
Sentry #5
Spider-Geddon #2 (of 5)
Spider-Girls #1 (of 3)
Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #1
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #25
Star Wars Reads 2018 Previews
What If? Thor #1
X-Men Black Juggernaut #1
X-Men Red #9
DC Comics - Week 373 (October 24, 2018)
DC Comics - Week 373 (October 24, 2018)
English | CBR | 16 Issues | 530.65 MB

Action Comics #1004
Batgirl #28
Batman Beyond #25
Batman Kings Of Fear #3 (of 6)
Books Of Magic #1
Detective Comics #991
Flash #57
Justice League Odyssey #2
Old Lady Harley #1 (of 5)
Raven Daughter Of Darkness #9 (of 12)
Scarlet #3 (of 5)
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #43
Silencer #10
Terrifics #9
Titans #28
Wonder Woman #57
My Little Pony - Ponyville Mysteries #1-5 (2018) CompleteMy Little Pony - Ponyville Mysteries #1-5 (2018) Complete
My Little Pony - Ponyville Mysteries #1-5 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 162.18 MB

Welcome to a new series of mystery and intrigue! The Cutie Mark Crusaders discover their inner detectives and solve crimes nopony else can! Will they be able to discover who is stealing supplies from Ponyville hospital and get their schoolwork done at the same time?

Betty 'The Slayer' Mitchell #1-2 (2018)Betty 'The Slayer' Mitchell #1-2 (2018)
Betty 'The Slayer' Mitchell #1-2 (2018)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 05)

A spate of grisly murders leads to a desperate plea for help from renowned monster hunter Betty 'The Slayer' Mitchell. This one is personal though, when she finds out that the brutal killer is none other than Spring-Heeled Jack. It was he that attacked Betty previously and led her to the path that she is now on, hunting down monsters of legend, and she wants some closure!

Army Of Darkness v1 #1-13 + Special (2005-2018) Complete
Army Of Darkness v1 #1-13 + Special (2005-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 14 Issues | HD | 597.34 MB

The Army of Darkness story that features the crossover no one ever expected to see: Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator! Ash Vs. West! The Ultimate battle! Ash finds himself committed to Arkham Asylum, and it's here that he runs afoul of a rather ghoulish and creepy Dr. Herbert West, Re-Animator! This book features the four issues of the titanic team-up, as well as a complete cover gallery (J.G. Jones, Sanford Greene, Gabriele Dell'Otto) and a Nick Bradshaw Monster Gallery Sketchbook! Two covers shipping in equal ratio featuring J.G. Jones and and Gabriele Dell'Otto!

Usagi Yojimbo - The Hidden #1-7 (2018) CompleteUsagi Yojimbo - The Hidden #1-7 (2018) Complete
Usagi Yojimbo - The Hidden #1-7 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 7 Issues | 367.19 MB

A new story begins here! On his way to see Inspector Ishida, Usagi is confronted by Shogunate guards . . . a sign of the times. While unraveling a pair of murders in town later, Usagi and Ishida become wary as they find the corpses stripped of all identification--except for a talisman that leads to a startling discovery! * Part one of seven--the perfect place to start! ''Long story short, Usagi Yojimbo continues to be the best adventure comic in the world today.''--Newsarama

Spook House 2 #1-4 (2018)Spook House 2 #1-4 (2018)
Spook House 2 #1-4 (2018)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

The annual Albatross Halloween comic for kids of all ages is back in a weekly October event! Issue #1 features the work of Eric Powell, Steve Mannion, and Kyle Hotz!

Moon Knight #188-200 (2018) CompleteMoon Knight #188-200 (2018) Complete
Moon Knight #188-200 (2018) Complete
English | CBR | 13 Issues | 591.97 MB

Get caught up on all things Marc Spector with these Marvel Primer Pages and then check out the start of Moon Knight in Marvel Legacy in Moon Knight #188.

Bettie Page #1-8 + Special (2017-2018) CompleteBettie Page #1-8 + Special (2017-2018) Complete
Bettie Page #1-8 + Special (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 9 Issues | 550.56 MB

She's more modest than Ms. Blaise, but peels more than Ms. Emma. She out-vamps Vampirella, but she's sweeter than Honey West. She put the mod in model, and the bangs in bang-bang. Now the world can know the truth: her classified adventures back in 1951 Hollywood have been declassified. Dynamite, David Avallone and Colton Worley are proud to present The Secret Diary of Bettie Page, in handy comic book form.

Sentry #1-5 (2018)Sentry #1-5 (2018)
Sentry #1-5 (2018)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

THE GOLDEN GUARDIAN IS BACK! FRESH FROM THE PAGES OF DOCTOR STRANGE...but is that really such a good thing? The greatest hero that the Marvel Universe ever forgot has returned! The Sentry - shining sentinel with the power of a thousand exploding suns - is back from the dead, but his troubled mind is far from finding peace. By day, he trudges through a mundane life as Bob Reynolds; at night, the Sentry soars across a gleaming, perfect skyline. But how much of the Sentry's dual existence is real? And what of his dark other self, the Void? Jeff Lemire (MOON KNIGHT, Black Hammer) returns to Marvel and unites with Kim Jacinto (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) for this mind-bending series that will shake the Sentry, and the Marvel Universe, to its foundations.

Nancy in Hell #1-3 (2018)Nancy in Hell #1-3 (2018)
Nancy in Hell #1-3 (2018)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Some people pick the weirdest places to meet. Expect the impossible! Amigo is proud to announce a crossover event between the two main characters... and two publishing houses. Nancy in Hell visits Amigo Comics with the help of the great creation by Erik Larsen... The Savage Dragon!
The Long Road
From the Eisner-nominee El Torres and Abel Cicero! It's a new start for Nancy in Hell! The wildest one in Hell and her trusty chainsaw are finally back, but it's not like you expected! After her death, Nancy awakens in Hell. A vast wasteland crossed by a single road, absorbing those who end there. Nancy just tries to survive the relentless demon chase. And, lost in the distance, the fallen angel -but still, an angel- Lucifer keeps calling her to rescue her.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1-4 (2018)The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1-4 (2018)
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1-4 (2018)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Catch your favorite Thrilling Adventure Hour characters, Captain Laserbeam, Cactoid Jim, and Jefferson Reid: Ace American in these three THRILLING stories! Fight crime with Captain Laserbeam and the evil sudoku clan, see Cactoid Jim fly on his jetpack, and Jefferson Reid escape zombies!


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