Doctor Who Magazine 470-540 + Specials (2008-2019)Doctor Who Magazine 470-540 + Specials (2008-2019)
Doctor Who Magazine 470-540 + Specials (2008-2019)
English | CBR/True PDF | 107 Issues

Marvel Comics - Week 346 (July 3, 2019)
Marvel Comics - Week 346 (July 3, 2019)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 0.98 GB

Aero #1
Age Of X-Man Prisoner X #5 (of 5)
Captain America And The Invaders Bahamas Triangle #1
Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #5 (of 6)
Dead Man Logan #9 (of 12)
Fantastic Four The Prodigal Sun #1
Immortal Hulk #20
Ms. Marvel Annual #1
Old Man Quill #7 (of 12)
Punisher #13
Savage Avengers #3
Secret Warps Soldier Supreme Annual #1
Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #10
Star Wars Age Of Resistance Finn #1
Star Wars Target Vader #1 (of 6)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #46
Uncanny X-Men #21
DC Comics - Week 408 (July 3, 2019)
DC Comics - Week 408 (July 3, 2019)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 481.69 MB

Adventures Of The Super Sons #12 (of 12)
Batgirl #36
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #3 (of 6)
DCeased #3 (of 6)
Deathstroke #45
Doom Patrol The Weight Of The Worlds #1
Dreaming #11
Female Furies #6 (of 6)
Green Lantern #9
Harley Quinn #63
Justice League #27
Lois Lane #1 (of 12)
Superman Up In The Sky #1 (of 6)
Teen Titans Go! 070 (2019)
Wild Storm #24
The Goon #1-3 (2019)The Goon #1-3 (2019)
The Goon #1-3 (2019)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

The next era in the legacy of The Goon starts here! This all new series marks The Goon's return to Albatross Funnybooks and is just in time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the book. Eric Powell takes the series to its humor-based roots as Goon & Franky return from strange adventures abroad to find a horde of unsavory characters have filled the void left in his absence from Lonely Street.

Teen Titans Go! Vol.2 #1-70 + Specials (2013-2019)Teen Titans Go! Vol.2 #1-70 + Specials (2013-2019)
Teen Titans Go! Vol.2 #1-70 + Specials (2013-2019)
English | CBR | 72 Issues | Ongoing

Feast your eyes on this all-ages DC digital comic book series based on the hit TV show! Each page is jam-packed with all kinds of mouthwatering mayhem, so join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they display their unique brand of justice! TITANS GO!

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-5 (2019)Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-5 (2019)
Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-5 (2019)
English | CBR | 5 Issues | (of 06)

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is stuck in the past, so he might as well have some fun with the origins of the Marvel Universe, right?! After going back in time and trying to kill Thanos as a baby, Frank Castle has sworn off trying to alter history. But when he arrives in Earth's past at the birth of the Fantastic Four, how can he resist jumping in on the fun?!

Scrimshaw - Tears of the Sonoran Sea #1-2 (2018-2019)Scrimshaw - Tears of the Sonoran Sea #1-2 (2018-2019)
Scrimshaw - Tears of the Sonoran Sea #1-2 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

The polar ice caps melted and the oceans rose. Nations were swept away in the deluge. World governments were fractured by war. Corporations filled the void. Millions died. Resources dwindled and flight became a thing of the past. Mankind was nearly lost forever. But life was clawed back through science and blood. Follow Hans and the rest of the crew of the Runaway Horse as they make their way in the New Pacific, a world of ruthless business, uneasy truces, and shifting alliances. A world abided by steel, marked by mutation, and at the mercy of the violent sea.

It Came Out on a Wednesday #1-6 (2018-2019)It Came Out on a Wednesday #1-6 (2018-2019)
It Came Out on a Wednesday #1-6 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

Focusing on horror, sci-fi, and fantasy -- this bi-monthly ongoing double-sized anthology features the best and brightest upcoming creators. Each issue features stunning cover art, interviews, ongoing stories, a comic contest, and previews of upcoming Alterna titles. And the best part? It comes out on a Wednesday, of course.

Rocko's Modern Afterlife #1-3 (2019)Rocko's Modern Afterlife #1-3 (2019)
Rocko's Modern Afterlife #1-3 (2019)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | (of 04)

Smething is turning the good people of O-Town into mindless zombies and Rocko wants nothing to do with it. He barricades himself and Spunky in their home and is determined to outlast the hoards outside. But desperate times calls for desperate measures when Rocko's best friend Heffer becomes infected, Rocko will have to risk it all to save his friends and his city.

Voracious - Appetite for Destruction #1-3 (2019)Voracious - Appetite for Destruction #1-3 (2019)
Voracious - Appetite for Destruction #1-3 (2019)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Chef Nate Willner's dinosaur hunts in an alternate dimension reignited his passion for cooking and turned his life around. But traveling through time and space for prehistoric meat has consequences he never imagined. He's damaged another universe, fractured the trust of the people he cares for most, and unleashed a flesh-hungry monster on his hometown. Can Nate and his friends put aside their differences long enough to save Blackfossil? Featuring a "Bone to Pick" variant cover by Valentin Ramon (Z, D4VE)! Limited to 250 copies! "A BOOK THAT'S HONEST AND COMPLETELY ORIGINAL - A TRUE WILD RIDE THAT'S UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED VORACIOUS, COVER TO COVER." -Michael Moreci, writer of Star Wars Adventures, Wasted Space and We Are Mayhem

Charlie's Angels vs. the Bionic Woman 001 (2019)
Charlie's Angels vs. the Bionic Woman 001 (2019)
English | CBR | 27 pages | 50.57 MB

When Charlie's Angels pick up an assignment to steal a dangerous patent and put it back in the hands of its mysterious inventor, they encounter their toughest counterspy yet: The Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers. This new series follows two of television's top teams after their programming run and into the 1980s. When the Office of Scientific Investigation is privatized and its patents sold off to the highest bidder, a military contractor looks to take bionics to the battlefield. Will the Bionic Woman be able to protect the patent from the would-be thieves, or will the Angels prevail, mothballing the formula's military applications in favor of medical uses?

The World of Black Hammer Encyclopedia (2019)
The World of Black Hammer Encyclopedia (2019)
English | CBR | 35 pages | 91.61 MB

A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the world of the Eisner Award--winning series Black Hammer! This special one-shot offers a guide to the world of Black Hammer, presenting detailed biographies of Black Hammer's heroes, villains, and supporting characters, written by Tate Brombal and Jeff Lemire, and illustrated by a wide assortment of superstar artists, including David Rubin, Wilfredo Torres, Tyler Crook, Christian Ward, and more! An all-star team takes on Eisner Award-winning series, Black Hammer.

The Long Con #1-10 (2018-2019)The Long Con #1-10 (2018-2019)
The Long Con #1-10 (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

Five years ago, a cataclysmic event obliterated everything within a fifty mile radius of the Los Spinoza Convention Center -- including the attendees of Long Con, the world's biggest (and longest) comic convention. But unknown to the outside world, the con-goers not only survived, they kept the convention going. When proof of their survival surfaces, reporter Victor Lai is sent to investigate -- after all, he was covering the con that fateful day and escaped mere minutes before everything went kablooie... abandoning his nerdy pal Dez in the process. So clearly he's the perfect person for the job, and he won't get trapped inside like some kinda idiot. Right?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-95 + Specials + Annuals (2011-2019)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-95 + Specials + Annuals (2011-2019)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-95 + Specials + Annuals (2011-2019)
English | CBR | 99 Issues | HD | Ongoing

They're BACK! This summer, the original heroes in a half-shell make a triumphant return to comics! Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael reunite to bring their ninja aptitude and teenage attitude to IDW Publishing in this all-new, action-packed series. Featuring a cast of familiar characters-Master Splinter, April O'Neill, Casey Jones, and more-and true to the spirit of the original comics created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are bigger and badder than ever, and ready to rock old and new

Spencer & Locke 2 #1-4 (2019)Spencer & Locke 2 #1-4 (2019)
Spencer & Locke 2 #1-4 (2019)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Suspended by Internal Affairs, Detective Locke grapples with the demons of his past alongside his trusty partner, his childhood imaginary panther Spencer. But when Spencer and Locke face a scarred soldier named Roach Riley, will this unlikely pair finally meet their match?

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol.3 #1-18 + Annual (2018-2019)Sonic The Hedgehog Vol.3 #1-18 + Annual (2018-2019)
Sonic The Hedgehog Vol.3 #1-18 + Annual (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 19 Issues

SONIC'S RACING INTO A NEW ADVENTURE! After defeating the evil Dr. Eggman's latest plot, Sonic is racing around the world to shut down the robotic Badnik forces that are still attacking villages. But it's a big job for one hedgehog - even Sonic! Fortunately, he'll have some help from his best friend: Tails!

Red Sonja Vol.8 #1-6 (2019)Red Sonja Vol.8 #1-6 (2019)
Red Sonja Vol.8 #1-6 (2019)
English | CBR | 6 Issues

No man knows the place of her birth, nor where she learned to wield a sword to shame many a male. They know only that she is called The She-Devil of The Hyrkanian Steppes. That, and RED SONJA. MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan) bring a savage tale of metal and blood. A world conqueror possesses a massive army and a fatal prophecy. A bastard sorceress craves revenge. And a fearsome red-haired warrior is made wartime ruler of a homeland set for decimation.

No One Left to Fight 001 (2019)
No One Left to Fight 001 (2019)
English | CBR | 25 pages | 46.30 MB

They've saved the planet countless times, but what happens after the final battle has been won? Creators Aubrey Sitterson (The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, G.I. Joe) & Fico Ossio (Spider-Man, Revolution) take inspiration from the legendary Dragon Ball to tell a story of regret, resentment, and growing older, one that asks, ''What does a fighter do when there's no one left to fight?'' For fans of Dragon Ball and other fight manga!

Descendent #1-3 (2019)Descendent #1-3 (2019)
Descendent #1-3 (2019)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Conspiracy theories, government corruption, and a really good mix of Prince drives David Corey to help solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous politician's son. When David realizes that the truth is much more dangerous than a kidnapping, he must battle ancient secrets that have endangered the lives of children for centu-ries. This conspiracy-fueled adventure story looks at the darker side of American history through the eyes of an unlikely team of heroes. If they fail, the American government and its people may not survive.

Black Hammer - Age of Doom #1-11 + Special (2018-2019)Black Hammer - Age of Doom #1-11 + Special (2018-2019)
Black Hammer - Age of Doom #1-11 + Special (2018-2019)
English | CBR | 13 Issues

The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns! Picking up immediately where we left off--Lucy Weber has become the new Black Hammer and right as she's about to reveal to our heroes how they got stuck on the farm and can escape she vanishes. Now our new Black Hammer finds herself trapped in a gritty world filled with punk rock detectives, emo gods, anthropomorphic humans, absurdist heroes, and many more weirdoes, in a mad world in which there is no escape! * Winner of the Eisner Award for Best New Series!


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