The Transformers Vol.1-7 (2010-2012) (Digital TPB)
The Transformers Vol.1-7 (2010-2012) (Digital TPB)The Transformers Vol.1-7 (2010-2012) (Digital TPB)
The Transformers Vol.1-7 (2010-2012) (Digital TPB)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | 557.28 MB

The Transformers Vol. 1: For All Mankind
Collects TRANSFORMERS 1-6! It's been three years since the devastating events of ALL HAIL MEGATRON. The Earth has been rebuilt, the AUTOBOTS are in hiding, and the next great era in the TRANSFORMERS saga is about to begin! Critically acclaimed writer Mike Costa is joined by superstar artist Don Figueroa for IDW's biggest book of the year-the launch of the first ongoing TRANSFORMERS title in five years!
The Transformers Vol. 2: International Incident
Collects TRANSFORMERS #7-12! As the Autobots and Skywatch come together against a common enemy, the Decepticons choose to forge their own alliance. However, their involvement with a powerful leader could escalate two countries into war! Can the Autobots prevent an international incident, while avoiding exposure?
The Transformers Vol. 3: Revenge of the Decepticons
Collects TRANSFORMERS 13-18! Hate. Power. Order. These are things that drive Megatron! These are his fuel! And revenge is his goal! After suffering a nearly fatal blow at the hands of the Autobots and the humans working together, Megatron is finally set to return. And this time, he's stronger, faster, and more invulnerable than ever before! Targeting his most hated foes, there are no more long speeches. No more games. No more warnings. Revenge comes quickly to the Autobots. And nothing will ever be the same again!
The Transformers Vol. 4: Heart of Darkness
Collects TRANSFORMERS: HEART OF DARKNESS issues #1-4! GALVATRON RETURNS! A major power-house villain returns from the Dead Universe with a new purpose, new powers, and a brand new army! Blazing out of the events of INFESTATION and paving the way to TRANSFORMERS: CHAOS-HEART OF DARKNESS is an essential piece of the ongoing TRANSFORMERS saga and its by comic super-stars Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Annihilation, Legion of Super-Heroes) and artist sensation Ulises Farinas!
The Transformers Vol. 5: Chaos Theory
Collects TRANSFORMERS #19-23! The fate of RODIMUS and the Matrix of Leadership is finally revealed in this newest story arc of Transformers, 'Chaos Theory.' The situation on Earth continues to deteriorate while we shift focus to outer space where RODIMUS was last seen dead! But after crash landing on a strange planet, RODIMUS struggles to find a way back to Earth and the AUTOBOT forces... until a few familiar faces show up to help and a new threat to Cybertron is revealed!
The Transformers Vol. 6: Chaos Police Action
Collects TRANSFORMERS #25, 27, 29, and SPOTLIGHT: PROWL! While there is much 'CHAOS' on Cybertron, there's no less bedlam here on Earth as our remaining Autobots investigate the accusation that Spike, their trusted human ally, murdered a TRANSFORMER. Prowl and Jazz take center stage as the alliance between the two races are on the brink. Also includes the Prowl Spotlight.
The Transformers Vol. 7: Chaos
Collects TRANSFORMERS #24, 26, 28, 30, and 31! CHAOS IS HERE! The long-awaited event that will have TRANSFORMERS fans talking for years and have lasting repercussions on the lives of our heroes and villains! The Autobots land on Cybertron to discover Galvatron's plan is already in effect-but what is it he seeks in the heart of Cybertron? What could he possibly want on a dead planet? Optimus Prime must face off against Galvatron, in a battle where the fate of the whole planet rests on the outcome!

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Any possibility of these being re-upped to Datafile? Thanks
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