Marvel Comics - Week 399 (August 3, 2020)
Marvel Comics - Week 399 (August 3, 2020)
English | CBR | 14 Issues | 784.19 MB

Black Cat (2019-) #12
Captain America (2018-) #21
Deadpool (2019-) #6
Dr. Strange (2019-) #6
Empyre (2020) #4 (of 6)
Empyre Handbook (2020) #1
Empyre: X-Men (2020) #2 (of 4)
Fantastic Four (2018-) #22
Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex (2020) #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #5
Lords Of Empyre: Celestial Messiah (2020) #1
Maestro: Future Imperfect - Marvel Tales (2020) #1
Star Wars (2020-) #5
Strikeforce (2019-) #9
DC Comics - Week 460 (July 6, 2020)
DC Comics - Week 460 (July 6, 2020)
English | CBR | 26 Issues | 772.94 MB

Batman (2016-) #94
Batman and the Outsiders (2019-) #14
Batman: Gotham Nights #12
Detective Comics (2016-) #1023
Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds (2019-) #7
The Flash (2016-) #757
Flash: Fastest Man Alive #10
The Green Lantern Season Two (2020-) #5
Harley Quinn (2016-) #74
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020-) #3
Hawkman (2018-) #25
House of Whispers (2018-) #22
Justice League (2018-) #48
Justice League Odyssey (2018-) #22
Lois Lane (2019-) #12
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. #3
Superman (2018-) #23
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10
Teen Titans Go! Roll With It! 004 (2020)
The Batman's Grave (2019-) #8
The Terrifics (2018-) #28
Titans: Titans Together #3
Wonder Woman (2016-) #758
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #9
Young Justice (2019-) #16
DC Comics - Week 459 (June 29, 2020)
DC Comics - Week 459 (June 29, 2020)
English | CBR | 13 Issues | 278.04 MB

Batman: Gotham Nights #11
Batman - The Adventures Continue 007 (2020)
DCeased: Hope At World's End (2020) #4
From Beyond the Unknown #2
Ghosts #1
Ghosts #2
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020-) #2
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. #2
Supergirl (2016-) #42
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #9
Teen Titans Go! Roll With It! (2020-) #3
Titans: Titans Together #2
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #8
DC Comics - Week 458 (June 21 - June 28, 2020)
DC Comics - Week 458 (June 21 - June 28, 2020)
English | CBR | 26 Issues | 946.16 MB

Aquaman (2016-) #60
Batgirl (2016-) #46
Batman (2016-) #93
Batman Beyond (2016-) #44
Batman: Gotham Nights #10
Batman: The Smile Killer (2020-) #1
Books of Magic (2018-) #20
The Flash (2016-) #756
From Beyond the Unknown #1
Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular (2020) #1
Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey (2020-) #2
Jimmy Olsen (2019-) #11
John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #7
Justice League (2018-) #47
Justice League Dark (2018-) #23
The Low, Low Woods (2019-) #6
Plunge (2020-) #4
Red Hood: Outlaw (2016-) #46
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. #1
Suicide Squad (2019-) #6
Superman: Man of Tomorrow #8
Swamp Thing: New Roots #9
Teen Titans (2016-) #42
Teen Titans Go! Roll With It! (2020-) #2
Titans: Titans Together #1
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #7
Space Riders - Vortex Of Darkness #1-2 (2019-2020)Space Riders - Vortex Of Darkness #1-2 (2019-2020)
Space Riders - Vortex Of Darkness #1-2 (2019-2020)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

It's been twenty years since the riders defeated the DESTROYER GOD OF EVIL and saved the galaxy. But when THE MOTHER OF ALL EVIL GODS appears and threatens to take control of every dimension and every strain of possible reality, the now cybernetically-enhanced ex-riders will come together and travel into her mind to ASSASSINATE HER SOUL! It's a suicidal mission into an infinite vortex of blood and death!

Goodnight Punpun Omnibus v01-v07 (2016-2017)
Goodnight Punpun Omnibus v01-v07 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | 5.11 GB

English translation of the Japanese manga Oyasumi Punpun (おやすみプンプン).
Meet Punpun Punyama. He's an average kid in an average town.
He wants to win a Nobel Prize and save the world.
He wants the girl he has a crush on to like him back.
He wants to find some porn.
That's what he wants, but what does he get... ?

Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron - The Complete Collection (2017)
Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron - The Complete Collection (2017)
English | CBR | 372 pages | 631.63 MB

Collects Incredible Hulk (2011-2012) #1-15 And #7.1, and material from Fear Itself #7.
When Jason Aaron takes on the Hulk, the results are incredible! Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter ego are together no more! They have become separate beings - and the Hulk is assigned to take Banner down! But the brilliant scientist sure won't give up without a fight. As the Hulk makes an alliance that changes his destiny forever, Banner unleashes his army of gamma-fueled monsters! It's the fight everyone's been waiting for: Hulk vs. Banner! But when the dust settles, why must the Hulk stay angry? Whatever the reason, he's picking fights against drug cartels, sea monsters, Russian super-soldiers and a lost city of Sasquatches - oh, and the Punisher, Kraven the Hunter, Wolverine and the Thing! Are Hulk and Banner destined for a date with Doom?

Birds of Prey - Harley Quinn (2019)
Birds of Prey - Harley Quinn (2019)
English | CBR | 204 pages | 303.66 MB

When Gotham's favorite sociopath inherits a building on the famous Coney Island boardwalk, she feels right at home in the (literal) freakshow. Unfortunately, the legion of bounty hunters after the price on her head seem to know it, too. Who else but Harley Quinn could handle all that Brooklyn's criminal underbelly has to offer-Russian spies, senior citizens, and rival roller derby teams included-and still have time for a double chili dog! Collects Harley Quinn (2013-2016) #1-7 and Harley Quinn: Future's End #1 and a story from Secret Origins #4.

Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey (2019)
Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey (2019)
English | CBR | 145 pages | 154.51 MB

Relive key stories of the Birds of Prey-Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain, not to mention Harley Quinn-along with the deadly Black Mask! This new title collects Detective Comics #831, Nightwing/Huntress #2, Gotham Central #6, Batman #567, Catwoman #16 (2002 series) and a story from Showcase '96 #3.

Heroes in Crisis - The Price and Other Stories (2019)
Heroes in Crisis - The Price and Other Stories (2019)
English | CBR | 233 pages | 313.53 MB

Batman and the Flash cross paths again in this story that ties into HEROES IN CRISIS! Gotham Girl is missing, and it will take both Batman and the Flash to find out where she's gone-and if she has anything to do with the horrifying events at Sanctuary. Both Batman and the Flash have lost their sidekicks-now will they lose each other? Plus, Green Arrow is forced to take a hard look at himself and his methods after the death of his former sidekick, Arsenal! Collects Batman #64-65, The Flash #64-65, GREEN ARROW #45 and #48-50, and The Flash Annual #2.

Jack Kirby - The Epic Life of the King of Comics (2020)
Jack Kirby - The Epic Life of the King of Comics (2020)
English | CBR | 211 pages | 864.61 MB

Told in vivid graphic novel form by a groundbreaking Eisner-nominated comics creator, the long-overdue biography of the legend who co-created Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and many more superhero favorites.
This sweeping, full-color comic book biography tells the complete life story of Jack Kirby, co-creator of some of the most enduring superheroes and villains of the twentieth century for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more. Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Tom Scioli breathes visual life into Kirby's life story--from his days growing up in New York during the Great Depression and discovering a love for science fiction and cartoons to his time on the frontlines in the European theatre of World War II where he experienced the type of action and adventure he'd later imbue his comic pages with, and on to his world-changing collaborations at Marvel with Stan Lee, where the pair redefined comics as a part of pop culture.
Just as every great superhero needs a villain to overcome, Kirby's story also includes his struggles to receive the recognition and compensation that he believed his work deserved. Scioli captures his moves from Marvel to DC and back again, showing how Kirby himself and later his family fought to preserve his artistic legacy.
Drawn from an unparalleled imagination and a life as exciting as his comic book tales, Kirby's super-creations have influenced subsequent generations of creatives in the comics field and beyond. Now, readers can experience the life and times of a comics titan through the medium that made him famous.

400 BC - The Story Of The Ten Thousand (2011)
400 BC - The Story Of The Ten Thousand (2011)
English | CBR | 71 pages | 25.19 MB

Fortune favors the bold...
They were an unstoppable force, hired to take the crown from the King of Persia. They were a fearless army of Greek soldiers, and one hundred thousand men fighting as one. They were led by the finest and most courageous generals in all of Greece. They were being led to unimaginable wealth, but that was days ago.
Now their leaders are dead and their army has scattered. Now their numbers have fallen to ten thousand and nothing remains but fear. Now they are men praying not for victory, but for the slim chance of living one more day.
Cut off by impassable terrain and pursued by an army of one million enemy soldiers; they must stand together to survive. To find their way home, one of their own must lead them. And to live one more day...
...they must fight.

The Lost Continent (2010)
The Lost Continent (2010)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 58.85 MB

It is the year 2137...
The world has been divided into the western hemisphere and the forbidden lands of the eastern hemisphere.
No one knows better than Jefferson Turck, a lieutenant in the Pan-American Navy, that entering the eastern hemisphere is against the law.
However, during a terrible storm at sea, Turck is forced to take refuge in a land located within the forbidden zone. In this alternative view of world history, Europe has been isolated from the rest of the world for over two centuries and has spiraled down into primitive barbarism.
Turck is shocked by the unforgiving lands he finds himself in, and by the fearsome beasts that inhabit them.
This is the story of Turck's adventures in the land that was all but lost to the world.

The People That Time Forgot (2010)
The People That Time Forgot (2010)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 59.21 MB

It was supposed to be a standard rescue...
As far as Tom Billings was concerned, all he had to do was set sail for the South Pacific island of Caprona and find the last-known whereabouts of Bowen J Tyler. It sounded so simple.
However, arriving on the island with his own private army, Billings becomes separated from his companions after a machine gun fight with what appears to be a prehistoric creature.
Standing between Billings and Tyler is the interior of the island, known to its local population as Caspak. It is a hot, overgrown, and unforgiving land. We accompany Billings step by step as he experiences strange rituals, vicious creatures and ancient tribes - many of whom want to kill him. There are times when he almost resigns himself to death in the face of insurmountable odds. But, true to his nature, he never gives up.
The People that Time Forgot is the second book in the Caspak trilogy, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Since 1918, this science fiction story has delighted and enthralled millions of readers. Preceded by The Land that Time Forgot, this second book in the Caspak trilogy will capture your imagination, by bringing to life the wild, ferocious and dangerous island that is Caspak.

The Land That Time Forgot (2010)
The Land That Time Forgot (2010)
English | CBR | 75 pages | 63.78 MB

Your ship sinks, your rescuers are attacked by a hostile German U-boat built by your own family's shipyard, and your fate is inextricably tied to those of your fellow survivors and German adversaries. Then, to make matters infinitely worse, you land on a remote, prehistoric island that was assumed to be extinct!
How would you survive? Who would you trust and what would you do?
Bowen, our young hero, could never have imagined the adventures he'd be forced to embark upon when he arrived on the inhospitable coast of Caspak and set up camp there. He could never have fathomed having to cope in an alien landscape inhabited by dinosaurs, Neanderthals, aerial monsters and an almost unearthly flora and fauna...
The Land that Time Forgot is the first book in the Caspak trilogy, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Since 1918, this science fiction story has delighted and enthralled millions of readers and will capture your imagination, by bringing to life the wild, ferocious and dangerous island that is Caspak.

Buddha (Campfire 2017)
Buddha (Campfire 2017)
English | CBR | 152 pages | 273.86 MB

In the ancient city of Kapilavastu, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama was born, and a wise man declared that he would grow up to be either a powerful king or a spiritual leader who would end suffering. Though his father kept him sheltered, Siddhartha soon became aware of the pain and disease that plagued the world and so abandoned his noble life in order to find answers. He'd eventually become the founder of a religion which persists today, and which has spread a message of compassion and understanding across the world. It was not an easy journey; Siddhartha faced the temptations of a demon, the outbreaks of war, and rebellion within his own order. Follow his journey from prince to pauper and from beggar to Buddha.

Sita (Campfire 2011)
Sita (Campfire 2011)
English | CBR | 98 pages | 178.71 MB

In an ancient age, when gods and goddesses walked with mortals...
...Sita is the kind-hearted and intelligent princess of the kingdom of Videha. Married to Rama, prince of Ayodhya, her journey in life takes her from exhilaration to anguish.
Along the way, she has to leave behind the luxury of royal comforts and live the simple, harsh life of a forest dweller, where danger is lurking in every shadow.
Ensnared in the evil plans of the wicked demon-king Ravana, Sita is abducted and hidden away in Lanka. Will Rama muster up a strong army to rescue Sita from the demon's clutches? Will Sita return to Ayodhya to become queen of the land... or is she destined to be mistrusted and live alone for the rest of her life?
Adapted from the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, this is a touching tale of love, honor, and sacrifice that reveals one woman's shining strength in an unforgiving world.

My Inner Bimbo #1-5 (2006-2008) Complete
My Inner Bimbo #1-5 (2006-2008) Complete
English | CBR | 5 Issues | 112.82 MB

There are two sides to every coin, every story, and every person. No matter how hard you try to hide that second face away, you can never get rid of it. That's what one man is about to learn when his under-developed feminine side materializes into a very real, bubble gum-chewing bimbo and turns his world upside down!

Four Women (2018)
Four Women (2018)
English | CBR | 124 pages | 325.92 MB

A pleasant road trip becomes a harrowing tale of survival as four friends are accosted by a pair of brutal predators. Told mainly in the claustrophobic confines of their vehicle, these four women comfort one another and learn more about each other as their ordeal continues, drawing ever closer to its inevitable conclusion.

Aliens - Predator Panel to Panel (2006)
Aliens - Predator Panel to Panel (2006)
English | CBR | 176 pages | 585.10 MB

Two extraterrestrial species have haunted - and hunted - mankind throughout history: one a parasitic killing machine that uses humans as unwilling hosts for its lethal offspring, the other a relentless stalker that uses otherworldly stealth technology and weaponry to take men as grisly trophy kills. For over two decades, Dark Horse Comics has catalogued these terrifying contacts, harnessing the talents of a virtual who's who list of comics, science-fiction and fantasy illustrators to bring these tales to life. And now, one deluxe volume gathers all the best of these visual horrors into one arena. Aliens/Predator: Panel to Panel showcases page after page of some of the most compelling artwork ever seen in graphic fiction, stunning visions by John Bolton, Dave Dorman, Mark Schultz, Richard Corben, Mike Mignola, Doug Wheatley, Arthur Suydam, Mark A. Nelson, Alex Maleev, Den Beauvais, Glenn Fabry, Jon Foster, David Michael Beck, Sam Keith, Doug Mahnke and many, many more.


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