Disney's Princesses (1991-2013)
Disney's Princesses (1991-2013)Disney's Princesses (1991-2013)
Disney's Princesses (1991-2013)
English | CBR | 9 Issues

Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Once upon a time, a young Prince lived in a shining castle. Arrogant and selfish, the Prince cared only for himself. As punishment, an enchantress transformed him into a terrible beast. Only true love could break the spell and set him free. For years he remained behind the walls of his castle, abandoning all hope. But then he met Belle, a young village girl who loved to read, and laugh, and dream. Could she be the one to break the spell? It didn't seem possible-- for who could ever learn to love a beast?
Cinderella (2012)
Experience the magic and a world of evil stepmothers, friendly mice and fairy godmothers! Follow Cinderella as she discovers that whatever she believes in with all her heart can come true... even when all hope seems lost!
Mulan (2013)
The quiet life of a Chinese village is shaken by the unexpected arrival of the Huns, who managed to cross the Great Wall! By order of the Emperor, one man from each family has to join the army. Mulan, a girl from the Fa family, decides to disguise herself as a man and join up to save her elderly father from serving. By her side is a funny little dragon ready to help...
Pocahontas (2013)
A free-spirited girl looking for her path among her people meets a courageous and adventurous stranger, but their friendship is not well received by either of their cultures. At the brink of war and destruction, will Pocahontas follow her inner guide to find a way to prevent a battle between colliding worlds?
Sleeping Beauty
In ancient times, in the court of King Stefan and Queen Leah, everybody is excited about the birth of Aurora, the princess they had been longing for. Three good fairies want to give the baby three special gifts, but before the last gift is offered, the wicked witch Maleficent casts a curse on Aurora: on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die! The third fairy manages to weaken the curse: the princess won't die, but will fall into a deep sleep, from which she will awake only with true love's kiss!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Long ago, there lived a beautiful and cheerful young maiden named Snow White. She lived in a castle, and had to work hard everyday. But, the castle's evil Queen found out that Snow White had replaced her as the most beautiful woman in the land. Mad with jealousy, the Queen sentenced her to death. But Snow White escaped, and was rescued by seven wonderful dwarfs. But the Queen's jealousy had now turned into rage...
Tangled (2010) (digital 2012)
A mysterious tower hidden in the woods in a faraway kingdom; a king and a queen searching for their kidnapped daughter; and a beautiful girl whose golden hair has incredible magical powers... this is no ordinary fairy tale! After 18 years spent locked in a tower, Rapunzel rebels against the woman she believes to be her mother and plans to go out--even if it's just once. But a chance encounter with a charming and gallant thief, Flynn Rider, leads her to discover the truth about her origins...and about her heart!
The Little Mermaid (2012)
Ariel is more than your average 16-year-old mermaid; she is also the beautiful daughter of Triton, the king of the seas! Ariel is curious about what exists above the waves--in particular, in human culture. One night, while she is on the water's surface, she saves human Prince Eric from drowning and falls in love with him! Ariel is willing to do anything to stay next to her prince?and that's all Ursula, the sea witch, needs to realize her evil plan to Triton's place as underwater ruler!
The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Most girls long to find their Prince Charming as soon as possible, but Tiana is different! Tiana's lifelong dream is to start her own restaurant. Just as her dream is about to be realized, Tiana meets a mysterious talking frog who claims he is a prince and promises her his help if she gives him a kiss. But instead of turning the frog into a prince, the kiss turns Tiana into a frog! Will Tiana find a way to become human again and fulfill her dream? including the dream she is about to discover?

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