Lois Lane #1-12 (2019-2020) CompleteLois Lane #1-12 (2019-2020) Complete
Lois Lane #1-12 (2019-2020) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | (of 12)

On the road and out of Metropolis - and carrying a secret that could disrupt Superman's life - Lois Lane embarks on a harrowing journey to uncover a threat to her husband and a plot that reaches the highest levels of international power brokers and world leaders. Critically acclaimed and best-selling author Greg Rucka and master storyteller Mike Perkins team up for a tale of conspiracy, intrigue and murder that pushes even Lois to her limits.

Justice League Odyssey #1-22 (2018-2020)Justice League Odyssey #1-22 (2018-2020)
Justice League Odyssey #1-22 (2018-2020)
English | CBR | 22 Issues

Spinning out of JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE! When a cosmic menace threatens worlds beyond our own in the Ghost Sector, it falls to a new Justice League team to answer the call to battle! Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and an out-of-his-element Azrael head to deep space inside a commandeered Brainiac Skull Ship. But as these wildcard teammates try to stop Despero from slave-trading Coluan refugees, they discover something that nothing in the universe could have prepared them for: Darkseid...who says he's there to help?!

Harley Quinn Vol.3 #1-74 + Specials (2016-2020)Harley Quinn Vol.3 #1-74 + Specials (2016-2020)
Harley Quinn Vol.3 #1-74 + Specials (2016-2020)
English | CBR | 77 Issues | Ongoing

"Die Laughing" part one! Welcome back to Harley Quinn's crazy world on Coney Island... now get ready to wave goodbye, because everyone there just might get eaten alive! Harley's gotta protect her neighborhood against an all-out zombie apocalypse! Break out the chainsaws, everybody!

Doom Patrol - Weight of the Worlds #1-7 (2019-2020)Doom Patrol - Weight of the Worlds #1-7 (2019-2020)
Doom Patrol - Weight of the Worlds #1-7 (2019-2020)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

Gerard Way and the World's Strangest Superheroes return in an all-new series that takes them beyond the borders of time and space!

Superman Vol.5 #1-23 (2018-2020)Superman Vol.5 #1-23 (2018-2020)
Superman Vol.5 #1-23 (2018-2020)
English | CBR | 23 Issues

A bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis begin their run on the all-new SUPERMAN! The fallout from the Man of Steel miniseries has Clark Kent looking at the world through new eyes...with new ideas about what Superman could and should do for the city of Metropolis and the planet Earth.

The Green Lantern Season Two #1-5 + Special (2020)The Green Lantern Season Two #1-5 + Special (2020)
The Green Lantern Season Two #1-5 + Special (2020)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | of 12

The team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp continue their bold new take on the Emerald Warrior in a wild 30-page second season opener! In the wake of the Blackstar incursion, Hal Jordan and his fellow Lanterns must pick up the pieces from that cataclysmic conclusion. Among them is Jordan's next critical mission: search for the next generation of cosmic immortals. Is the universe ready for... the Young Guardians?

Batman & the Outsiders #1-14 + Annual (2019-2020)Batman & the Outsiders #1-14 + Annual (2019-2020)
Batman & the Outsiders #1-14 + Annual (2019-2020)
English | CBR | 15 Issues

Several years ago Batman personally put the Barrera family into hiding after they suffered through terrible experiments at the hands of an organization called the Ark. Now all but one of them has turned up dead...and Batman needs to locate Sofia Barrera before the wrong people get their hands on her - and her surprising power! But it wouldn't be Batman without a hidden agenda, would it? And when Black Lightning, Katana, the Signal and Orphan find out what Batman is really up to, their every loyalty will be called into question!

House of Whispers #1-22 (2018-2020)House of Whispers #1-22 (2018-2020)
House of Whispers #1-22 (2018-2020)
English | CBR | 22 Issues

Welcome to the House of Dahomey, the houseboat of Erzulie Fréda, where the souls of Voodoo followers go when they sleep to beseech the flirtatious and tragic goddess to grant them their hearts' desires and counsel them on their futures and fortunes. When you arrive, you'll find a party is in full swing, filled with all kinds of fabulous and fierce folk, while fish fry and music blasts. From her bayou, Erzulie scries upon the mortal realm and sees four human girls open a mysterious and magical journal filled with whispers and rumors that, if they spread, could cause a pandemic unlike any the Earth has seen, with the power to release Sopona, the loa lord of infectious disease and cousin to Erzulie, who is currently banned from the human plane. But even the fearsome Erzulie cannot be of assistance when her dream river turns tumultuous, tossing her house from her realm and into another...

Hawkman Vol.5 #1-25 (2018-2020)Hawkman Vol.5 #1-25 (2018-2020)
Hawkman Vol.5 #1-25 (2018-2020)
English | CBR | 25 Issues

Spinning out of the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Carter Hall returns to the DC Universe! An explorer of the ancient and unknown, Hawkman finds himself embroiled in a long-standing mission to discover the true purpose of his many reincarnations.


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