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Eternum 01-03 (2015-2017)Eternum 01-03 (2015-2017)
Eternum 01-03 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

The year 2297, four rays of high intensity light are heading directly for the Earth, emitted from four points scattered throughout the galaxy. The world's scientists are concerned because no-one knows the effect these rays will have on arrival ... and they are all the more concerned as the appearance of these rays seems to be coincide with the discovery of a mysterious extraterrestrial sarcophagus. Inside, they find a young woman of great beauty, in a state of hibernation, whom they baptize "Eve". Siderow, the president of the mining consortium behind the discovery of Eve, sends explorers to one of the points of origin of a ray. Meanwhile, his scientific teams are lost in conjectures as to the origin and the nature of the mysterious young woman. She spends 20 hours a day sleeping and in her presence, men are often subject to violent hormonal and psychological disturbances. The first teams to approach her have all been decimated by their own senseless excesses of savagery. Should she be regarded as an enemy? Or rather as an object of study for the purposes of human immortality?

Ravermoon v1-v3 (2010-2015)Ravermoon v1-v3 (2010-2015)
Ravermoon v1-v3 (2010-2015)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Ravage v01-v02 (2016-2017)Ravage v01-v02 (2016-2017)
Ravage v01-v02 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 03)

The future. All trace of technology seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Two armies face each other at the ancient village of La Cadiere d'Azur. In his command tent, an elderly but charismatic man talks with his advisors. Hostile to any form of progress, the man they all call the "Patriarch" is about to launch his attack to destroy the "machine" designed by his opponent. Because he remembers ... 100 years ago, in 2052, François Deschamps is just a simple student at the Graduate School of Agricultural Chemistry in Paris. Betrothed to the young and beautiful Blanche, everything seems to be going well in his life. The world is ruled by a powerful technology. Until everything stops. Until the disaster...

Twin Star Exorcists v01-v10 (2015-2017)Twin Star Exorcists v01-v10 (2015-2017)
Twin Star Exorcists v01-v10 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 10 Issues

Rokuro is from a family of exorcists, but he'd rather be a singer, a soccer player or anything but an exorcist! He's forced to own up to his own incredible potential when new arrival Benio stirs his competitive spirit. But their rivalry gets a twist when they earn the prestigious title of "Twin Star Exorcists" - two supreme fighters fated to marry and birth the ultimate spiritual warrior!


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