Seven (Sept) Season 2 (2012-2017)
Seven (Sept) Season 2 (2012-2017)Seven (Sept) Season 2 (2012-2017)
Seven (Sept) Season 2 (2012-2017)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

Seven Survivors (2012)
French Alps. A car lost in a snow storm, drives in a tunnel. The occupants are a famous neurologist, his wife and his brother. Not far behind them is an Inspector of the Narcotics brigade on the hunt for dangerous criminals, a man and a woman ... Without realizing they all end up in a devilish trap, that will confront them with their worst nightmares.
Seven Cannibals (2016)
They are seven. Rich. Influential. The elite. Dominant males hungry for thrills. They play along with the hypocritical values of the society that idolises them. Don't they after all live in a world where the law of the survival of the fittest is openly imposed? Seven predators who sate their impulses in huge private parties. But their ritual is to be disturbed. Because this time, their new prey doesn't intend to let herself be led to the slaughter...
Seven Athletes (2017)
War is a demanding sport, requiring total commitment. Their hearts pounding, gasping for breath, seven athletes choose trial by fire. In the name of freedom ... What kind of medals will it bring them?
Barcelona, July 1936. To counter the planner Berlin Olympics and its Nazi propaganda, sportspeople from all over the world are coming to the Catalan capital and organizing their own ceremony. But, on the eve of the games, Franco seizes power. The Spanish Civil War begins ... Among the trapped athletes, seven men and women choose to take up arms. Of diverse origins but of common ideals, they will unite in life, in death ... and in love too.
Seven Dwarfs (2015)
Seven dwarfs are employed as buffoons and entertainers at the court of a king, who is celebrating the birthday of his beloved daughter Blanche, born of a first marriage. Acrobatics, antics, juggling, everything to entertain. Alas for them, one joke will go too far and vex the queen, sealing their fates. They are exiled from the castle, condemned to toil in their mine... For them it is the beginning of a long descent into hell... But for good or bad, they have not yet had their last word...

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