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Steam Wars - First Empire #1-4 (2015-2017)Steam Wars - First Empire #1-4 (2015-2017)
Steam Wars - First Empire #1-4 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

Not so long ago, in a city not so far away... Fred Perry created an amazing new, steampunked take on a space opera classic with Steam Wars. Now, the ace art pilots of Antarctic Press set out to tell their own tales within this universe. The peace of a once-great city-state is shattered when a princess leads her army of knights to claim the crown. Her ruthless ambition brings chaos as incredible machines from the First Age of Steam clash in a desperate civil war. Return to the legends of the Steam Wars universe and witness the birth of THE FIRST EMPIRE.

Avatar - The Last Airbender - North and South Part 1-3 (2016-2017)Avatar - The Last Airbender - North and South Part 1-3 (2016-2017)
Avatar - The Last Airbender - North and South Part 1-3 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

From National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Eisner Award winner, and #1 New York Times bestseller Gene Yang!
When Aang leaves to aid Zuko with the Kemurikage, Katara and Sokka return to the Southern Water Tribe by themselves. Katara is shocked to find that her beloved village has become a bustling city, with none other than their father, Hakoda, in charge! A northerner named Malina seems to be behind this change, pushing the North and South to be more unified . . . but what are her true goals?

Attack on Titan v01-v19 + Guidebook + 091-093 (2012-2017)Attack on Titan v01-v19 + Guidebook + 091-093 (2012-2017)
Attack on Titan v01-v19 + Guidebook + 091-093 (2012-2017)
English | CBR | 23 Issues | 7.48 GB

In this post-apocalytpic sci-fi story, humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. Seemingly unintelligent, they have roamed the world for years, killing everyone they see. For the past century, what's left of man has hidden in a giant, three-walled city. People believe their 100-meter-high walls will protect them from the Titans, but the sudden appearance of an immense Titan is about to change everything. Winner of the 2011 Kodansha Manga Award (Shonen) and nominated for the prestigious Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize for 2012.

Inuyashiki v01-v06 + #54-80 (2015-2017)Inuyashiki v01-v06 + #54-80 (2015-2017)
Inuyashiki v01-v06 + #54-80 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 33 Issues | 4.42 GB

Ichiro Inuyashiki is down on his luck. While only 58 years old, his geriatric looks often have him written off as a pathetic old man by the world around him and he's constantly ignored and disrespected by his family despite all that he's done to support them. On top of everything else, his doctor has revealed that he has cancer and it appears that he has little time left in this world. But just when it seems things couldn't get any worse, a blinding light in the night sky strikes the earth where Ichiro stands. He later wakes up to find himself unscathed, but he soon starts to notice that there's something … different about himself. However, it turns out that these strange, new changes are just what Ichiro needs to take a new lease on life and now it seems like there's nothing to stop him from being a hero worthy of the respect that he never had before … unless, that is, there was someone else out there with these same "changes" …

The Heroic Legend of Arslan 046-047 (2017)
The Heroic Legend of Arslan 046-047 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

English translation of the Japanese manga Arslan Senki (アルスラーン戦記).
In the prosperous kingdom of Pars lies the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, a city of splendor and wonder, ruled by the undefeated and fearsome King Andragoras. Arslan is the young and curious prince of Pars who, despite his best efforts doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a proper king like his father. At the age of 14, Arslan goes to his first battle and loses everything as the blood-soaked mist of war gives way to scorching flames, bringing him to face the demise of his once glorious kingdom. However, it is Arslan’s destiny to be a ruler, and despite the trials that face him, he must now embark on a journey to reclaim his fallen kingdom.

UQ Holder! 134-136 (2017)
UQ Holder! 134-136 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

THE LONG-FATED DUEL To get the drop on UQ Holder's true enemy, Fate Averruncus, Tota and the others head for Ama no Mihashira. At first, UQ Holder feels helpless before Fate's overwhelming strength, but then, with some help from Kiri''s abilities, they manage to seize him! At last, for the first time in 20 years, Fate and Evangeline meet again. The moment their eyes lock in confrontation, the two hurl themselves into battle!

Sweetness and Lightning v01-v05 + 043-044 (2016-2017)
Sweetness and Lightning v01-v05 + 043-044 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | 981.45 MB

Having lost his wife, math teacher Kouhei Inuzuka is doing his best to raise his young daughter Tsumugi as a single father. He's pretty bad at cooking and doesn't have a huge appetite to begin with, but chance brings his little family and one of his students, Kotori Iida, together for homemade adventures. With those three cooks in the kitchen, it's no wonder this dinner table drama is so delicious.

Ajin - Demi Human v01-v08 + 047-050 (2014-2017)Ajin - Demi Human v01-v08 + 047-050 (2014-2017)
Ajin - Demi Human v01-v08 + 047-050 (2014-2017)
English | CBR | 12 Issues

High school student Kei Nagai is struck dead in a grizzly traffic accident, but immediately revives to learn that he may not be like every other human. Instead, he may be a mysterious almost immortal being granted not only the powers of rejuvination but the abilities to see super-natural beings. Scared, he runs away, and is aided in his escape from society by his friend. Unfortunately for Kei, the manhunt is on and he will soon be caught within a conflict between mankind and others like him as they prepare to fight a new war based on terror.

The Courier From The Ashes #1-2 (2017)The Courier From The Ashes #1-2 (2017)
The Courier From The Ashes #1-2 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 5)

In 2033 less than 1% of the population survived a devastating pandemic virus. Half of those who lived were immune while half of the survivors mutated into something disturbingly subhuman.
Now decades later, the world has rebuilt in many ways but has become something else entirely. Strongholds of human survivors have been set up independently of one another across parts of what is formerly the United States. The rich live in highly guarded Utopias where technology and even an economy has been restored.
However, the vast "wasteland" between strongholds is a very dangerous and unforgiving place where the poor are forced to live in areas where gangs, pirates and the mutated roam free.
Couriers are key to the survival of the Strongholds and are paid handsomely to deliver valuables between them.
Eve Harper is one of the best couriers there is, but when she takes a job to find a missing shipment for an extremely dangerous drug dealer named Gillings, Eve is forced to use every trick she's ever learned in order to survive the riskiest job of her life.

Mi Sweethart #1-2 (2017)Mi Sweethart #1-2 (2017)
Mi Sweethart #1-2 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 05)

Mi Sweethart is easily the world's greatest secret agent, it's really no contest. But a holiday would be nice, so for the first time since she was eighteen, Mi is taking a break ... or she would be if it weren't for the sword-wielding assassin in her back garden. Thanks to Mi's unihemispheric sleep pattern (it's a real thing, look it up!), Mi never has to stop. While some would squander this extra time watching acclaimed TV drama, Mi has spent it becoming the best at everything, but will being the best be enough for what's coming? Mi Sweethart could beat up your Dad. #nodadissafe

James Bond #1-3 (2017)James Bond #1-3 (2017)
James Bond #1-3 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Black Box Part One – Whiteout. The next epic adventure for 007 kicks off in the snowbound French Alps, where Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of an assassin who targets other assassins. This is the first puzzle piece in a larger adrenaline-fueled mystery that will send Bond across the globe to investigate a digital breach that threatens global security.

Brutal Nature - Concrete Fury #1-3 (2017)Brutal Nature - Concrete Fury #1-3 (2017)
Brutal Nature - Concrete Fury #1-3 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | (of 05)

In the future, glistening buildings line the city's skyline. In the future, rich and powerful men wish to exploit power they don't fully comprehend. In the future, a new warrior emerges… a shapeshifter that will help the people rise against the forces of oppression! Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti return to the savage world of Brutal Nature!

Brave Chef Brianna #1-3 (2017)Brave Chef Brianna #1-3 (2017)
Brave Chef Brianna #1-3 (2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | (of 04)

From fantasy author Sam Sykes (Aeons' Gate) comes a story about budding chef Brianna Jakobsson, who's trying to impress her father but whose best—and only—customers are monsters. Brianna has big dreams of starting her own restaurant. When her ailing father, a celebrity restaurant magnate, poses a challenge to his only daughter and 15 sons, she sets out to create the best restaurant around! Thing is, the only city she can afford to set up shop in is Monster City. Features a first-ever chalkboard back cover! Great for fans of Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

DC Comics - Week 296 (May 3, 2017)
DC Comics - Week 296 (May 3, 2017)
English | CBR | 15 Issues | 589.74 MB

Aquaman #22
Bane Conquest #1 (of 12)
Batman #22
Cyborg #12
Deathstroke #18
Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #5 (of 6)
Flintstones #11
Green Arrow #22
Green Lanterns #22
Harley Quinn #19
Justice League #20
Nightwing #20
Superman #22
Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #9
Savage Things #3 (of 8)
Stained 001 (2017)
Stained 001 (2017)
English | CBR | 30 pages | 56.53 MB | (of 5)

From 2016 HARVEY AWARD NOMINEE, David Baron (GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE, BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR, BLOODSHOT REBORN) and rising newcomer Yusuf Idris comes a noirish sci-fi adventure unlike any other.
Meet Emma London: recovery artist and bounty hunter for hire. She is strong, possibly indomitable, and did we mention...part machine.
Emma is the type that dives head first into things that most wouldn't and shouldn't. Those dark places that no one else will go to track down the subhuman criminals lurking in the underbelly of society and brings them to justice. STAINED first comes to life with Emma trying to take down a pair of international diamond smugglers. Emma's story explodes forward when initially what was thought to be a hunt for priceless painting with a record high bounty, leads her to something darker and more monstrous than she could have ever imagined.

Marvel Comics - Week 233 (May 3, 2017)
Marvel Comics - Week 233 (May 3, 2017)
English | CBR | 21 Issues | 958.35 MB

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
Black Bolt #1
Bullseye #4 (of 5)
Champions #8
Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission Breakout #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy Mother Entropy #1 (of 5)
Hawkeye #6
Iron Fist #3
Jean Grey #1
Jessica Jones #8
Marvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution #10
Nova #6
Secret Empire #1 (of 9)
Spider-Gwen #19
Spider-Man #16
Spider-Man 2099 #23
Spider-Man Deadpool #17
Star Wars Poe Dameron #14
Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation #2 (of 6)
Unstoppable Wasp #5
X-Men Gold #3
Teen Titans Go! #1-43 (2013-2017)
Teen Titans Go! #1-43 (2013-2017)
English | CBR | 43 Issues | Ongoing

Feast your eyes on this all-ages DC digital comic book series based on the hit TV show! Each page is jam-packed with all kinds of mouthwatering mayhem, so join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they display their unique brand of justice! TITANS GO!

Planetoid Praxis #1-4 (2017)Planetoid Praxis #1-4 (2017)
Planetoid Praxis #1-4 (2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

SERIES PREMIERE PLANETOID PRAXIS is the long-anticipated sequel to the popular 2012 miniseries PLANETOID. The inhabitants of a distant planetoid have fought off their robot overlords and established a thriving settlement on the planetoid's mechanized surface. Now, years later, their de facto leader, Onica, must grapple with a new complication when their isolated way of life is threatened by the arrival of an unexpected visitor!

Lady Mechanika - Lost Boys of West Abbey Vol 01 #1-3 (2016-2017)Lady Mechanika - Lost Boys of West Abbey Vol 01 #1-3 (2016-2017)
Lady Mechanika - Lost Boys of West Abbey Vol 01 #1-3 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 3 Issues

Lady Mechanika returns home from her adventures in the Dark Continent only to find a killer on the loose in Mechanika City. What connection does he have to Lady Mechanika's past? Lost Boys of West Abbey is the third Lady Mechanika story, following The Tablet of Destinies.

Doppelganger #1-2 (2017)Doppelganger #1-2 (2017)
Doppelganger #1-2 (2017)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 04)

Suffering from hallucinations after a car crash, a timid computer engineer named Dennis Zimmann discovers that he's actually been duplicated by an ancient and evil Doppelgänger spirit. Combining his intelligence with the creativity of his neighbor Riccardo, Dennis must develop a plan and the courage, to kill his Doppelgänger before it destroys his life and erases his very existence!


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