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Saga #1-41 (2012-2016)Saga #1-41 (2012-2016)
Saga #1-41 (2012-2016)
English | CBR | 41 Issues | HD | Ongoing

Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war. The adventure begins in a spectacular DOUBLE-SIZED FIRST ISSUE!

The Walking Dead #1-162 + Specials (2003-2017)The Walking Dead #1-162 + Specials (2003-2017)
The Walking Dead #1-162 + Specials (2003-2017)
English | CBR | 167 Issues | HD | Ongoing

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living.
In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. Rick Grimes finds himself one of the few survivors in this terrifying future. A couple months ago he was a small town cop who had never fired a shot and only ever saw one dead body. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living.

Regular Show #1-40 + Annual + Special (2013-2016)Regular Show #1-40 + Annual + Special (2013-2016)
Regular Show #1-40 + Annual + Special (2013-2016)
English | CBR | 42 Issues | Ongoing

REGULAR SHOW... IT'S ANYTHING BUT! Cartoon Network's powerhouse series now has its own comic book series! Hot on the heels of the smash hit adaptation, ADVENTURE TIME, KaBOOM! unveils the next all-ages comic phenomenon! Join Mordecai the Bluejay and Rigby the Raccoon, a couple of best bros in their twenties just tryin' to chill for a bit, man. But when you're livin' in as crazy a world as they are, no day can be called...regular!

Over The Garden Wall #1-9 (2016)Over The Garden Wall #1-9 (2016)
Over The Garden Wall #1-9 (2016)
English | CBR | 9 Issues

What’s to Love: Pat McHale’s Over the Garden Wall aired as Cartoon Network’s first-ever original animated miniseries and has continued gathering fans ever since. The great response to our one-shot and follow-up limited series prompted us to return to the eerie Unknown for more stories in this new, ongoing series! We’re thrilled to have Jim Campbell returning to join forces with fellow show writer Amalia Levari and artist Cara McGee for two original stories in each issue. What It Is: Over the Garden Wall is now an ongoing series! In this kickoff issue, Wirt and Greg might have escaped the Beast’s grasp and made it out of the Unknown, but some things can’t be forgotten. Greg returns to Dreamland at night, where the silly creatures who live there help him on his adventures. Then, dive back into the early days in the Unknown where young Anna, the daughter of the Woodsman, must learn to survive in the woods on her own.

Marvel Comics - Week 216 (January 4, 2017)
Marvel Comics - Week 216 (January 4, 2017)
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 887.10 MB

Avengers #3
Captain America Sam Wilson #17
Champions #4
Deadpool The Duck #1 (of 5)
Doctor Strange - The Punisher - Magic Bullets Infinite Comic 005 (2017)
Hawkeye #2
Marvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution #7
Marvel's Guardians Of Galaxy Volume 2 Prelude #1 (of 2)
Monsters Free Previews Monsters Unleashed
Moon Knight #10
Nova #2
Old Man Logan #16
Scarlet Witch #14
Spider-Man 2099 #19
U.S.Avengers #1
Unstoppable Wasp #1
Unworthy Thor #3 (of 5)
DC Comics - Week 279 (January 4, 2017)
DC Comics - Week 279 (January 4, 2017)
English | CBR | 22 Issues | 830.82 MB

Aquaman #14
Batman #14
Cyborg #8
DC Comics - Bombshells 077 (2017)
DC Super Hero Girls 007 (2017)
Death Of Hawkman #4 (of 6)
Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #1 (of 6)
Flintstones #7
Green Arrow #14
Green Lanterns #14
Harley Quinn #11
Justice League #12
Justice League Of America The Atom Rebirth #1
Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #3 (of 6)
Midnighter And Apollo #4 (of 6)
Nightwing #12
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #77
Shade The Changing Girl #4
Superman #14
Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #5
Unfollow #15
Teen Titans Go! #1-39 (2013-2017)
Teen Titans Go! #1-39 (2013-2017)
English | CBR | 39 Issues | Ongoing

Feast your eyes on this all-ages DC digital comic book series based on the hit TV show! Each page is jam-packed with all kinds of mouthwatering mayhem, so join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they display their unique brand of justice! TITANS GO!

Midnighter and Apollo #1-4 (2016-2017)Midnighter and Apollo #1-4 (2016-2017)
Midnighter and Apollo #1-4 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues | (of 06)

You wanted it? You got it-six more issues of Midnighter madness! Together again after too long apart, Midnighter and Apollo take on subway pirates in Los Angeles and demons in Opal City...but their reunion is about to take a shocking turn and send them both on an epic journey beyond all belief!

Jem and the Holograms #1-22 + Specials (2015-2017)Jem and the Holograms #1-22 + Specials (2015-2017)
Jem and the Holograms #1-22 + Specials (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 25 Issues | Ongoing

SHOWTIME, SYNERGY! Meet JERRICA BENTON--a girl with a secret. She and her sister KIMBER team with two friends to become... JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! But what does it mean to be JEM today? Fashion, art, action, and style collide in the most outrageous comic of 2015!

G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero #175-235 + Annual + Special (2013-2017)
G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero #175-235 + Annual + Special (2013-2017)
English | CBR | 63 Issues | Ongoing

Picking up from where the ORIGINAL G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO comic book ended, Real American Hero is a core fan's dream come true! Larry Hama continues his classic G.I. JOE run right here, and RELAUNCHES THE ORIGINAL SERIES!

Cannibal #1-4 (2016-2017)Cannibal #1-4 (2016-2017)
Cannibal #1-4 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

From New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO & JENNIFER YOUNG, CANNIBAL is about the denizens of a small Everglades town desperately trying to hold onto their everyday lives at the dawn of a cannibal pandemic. With no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims, though for Cash and Grady Hansen the answer is simple: Kill them. But all of that changes when the virus begins to infect people they love.

Voracious #1-4 + Feeding Time #1-2 (2015-2017)Voracious #1-4 + Feeding Time #1-2 (2015-2017)
Voracious #1-4 + Feeding Time #1-2 (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 6 Issues | Ongoing

JURASSIC PARK MEETS TOP CHEF! Haunted by the death of his sister, Chef Nate Willner has lost his desire to cook. Forced to move back to his hometown in Utah and work at a coffee shop, Nate's life is quickly becoming a dead end. But when he unexpectedly inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of dinosaurs, Nate's passion for cooking is reignited!

The Wicked + The Divine #1-25 + 1831 (2014-2017)The Wicked + The Divine #1-25 + 1831 (2014-2017)
The Wicked + The Divine #1-25 + 1831 (2014-2017)
English | CBR | 26 Issues | Ongoing

Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead. The team behind critically thermonuclear floor-fillers Young Avengers and PHONOGRAM reunite to start a new ongoing superhero fantasy with a beautiful oversized issue. Welcome to THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, where gods are the ultimate pop stars. But remember: just because you're immortal, doesn't mean you're going to live forever.

The Autumnlands - Tooth & Claw #1-14 (2014-2017)The Autumnlands - Tooth & Claw #1-14 (2014-2017)
The Autumnlands - Tooth & Claw #1-14 (2014-2017)
English | CBR | 14 Issues

MARVELS and ASTRO CITY writer KURT BUSIEK returns to Image Comics with rising-star artist BEN DEWEY for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Conan meets Game of Thrones meets Kamandi in an original high-fantasy epic for mature readers, as a secret conclave of wizards brings a legendary champion back through time to save the world, with disastrous consequences.

Squarriors v2 #1-2 (2016)Squarriors v2 #1-2 (2016)
Squarriors v2 #1-2 (2016)
English | CBR | 2 Issues | (of 04)

Next from the break-out hit series Squarriors: The saga of warring rodents in a post-human world continues with Squarriors: Summer. There's little time to nurse wounds as the Tin Kin's struggle against the Maw and Amoni intensifies. The conflict of woodla

Giant Days #1-22 + Special (2015-2017)Giant Days #1-22 + Special (2015-2017)
Giant Days #1-22 + Special (2015-2017)
English | CBR | 23 Issues | Ongoing

Susan, Esther, and Daisy started at university three weeks ago and became fast friends because their dorm rooms were next to each other. Now, away from home for the first time, all three want to reinvent themselves. But in the face of hand-wringing boys, "personal experimentation," influenza, mystery-mold, nu-chauvinism, and the willful, unwanted intrusion of "academia," they may be lucky just to make it to spring alive."

Faith (ongoing) #1-7 (2016-2017)Faith (ongoing) #1-7 (2016-2017)
Faith (ongoing) #1-7 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues | Ongoing

AN ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES! Because you demanded it...the high-flying hero that captured the imagination of the world is back with a colossal new comics milestone!
In a city under siege by robots, aliens, monsters and even worse... celebrities, there is only one woman the people of Los Angeles can count on: the stratospheric superhero called Faith! Aspiring reporter by day and dedicated crime-fighter by night, Faith has tackled every obstacle in her path with confidence – like those crushing deadlines at work, the long-distance boyfriend half a world away, and the missing back issues that plague her comics collection! But, unbeknownst to her, Faith is about to collide with the one force she never saw coming: an up-and-coming super-villain bent on snuffing her out once and for all! But who is lurking behind the mask of her new foe...and could they just be the one person capable of rendering Faith powerless?
Jump on board now to find out why Valiant's one-of-a-kind hero is inspiring a whole new generation! Be here as FAITH moves from her sold-out mini-series...and into the history-making debut of her first-ever ongoing series!

Come Find Me - The Loom 2003 (2016)
Come Find Me - The Loom 2003 (2016)
English | CBR | 17 pages | 11.52 MB

Petaluma, California. 2003. Young Jack Collins meets the girl of his dreams one night at a local punk rock show, but there is more to Mackenzie McConnell then he could ever imagine. The first of many chilling tales from The Loom

Big Trouble in Little China Escape From New York #1-4 (2016)Big Trouble in Little China Escape From New York #1-4 (2016)
Big Trouble in Little China Escape From New York #1-4 (2016)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

It's the mother of all crossovers as Jack Burton and Snake Plissken meet for the first time ever anywhere! Done with director John Carpenter's complete blessing, witness this melee of the mullets as two cult-classic characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell crossover in an improbable adventure. As lightning cascades around Jack and his good ol' Pork-Chop Express, he finds himself transported and driving through the horrors of what seems to be the dystopian future of...Escape from New York?! Snake Plissken catches wind of Jack and goes on the hunt to find who is trying to steal his identity. Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, with Jack and Snake rumblin' down the streets of a dystopian future to find what craziness caused Jack to jump through worlds. Written by Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk, Action Comics) and illustrated by Russ Manning Award nominee Daniel Bayliss (Kennel Block Blues, Translucid).

Action Lab - Dog of Wonder #1-5 (2016-2017)Action Lab - Dog of Wonder #1-5 (2016-2017)
Action Lab - Dog of Wonder #1-5 (2016-2017)
English | CBR | 5 Issues

For five years, readers have looked at the Action Lab Entertainment logo and wondered, "Who IS that dog with the jet pack?" Wonder no more! The story you never thought would be told is now an ongoing monthly title as ACTION LAB, DOG OF WONDER, comes to comic book shelves everywhere! With art by the PRINCELESS: RAVEN, THE PIRATE PRINCESS team of Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt and a story by STRAY co-creator Vito Delsante and newcomer Scott Fogg, this is the title for young and old alike!


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