Blade Bunny Vol. 2 #1-11 (2016-2017) CompleteBlade Bunny Vol. 2 #1-11 (2016-2017) Complete
Blade Bunny Vol. 2 #1-11 (2016-2017) Complete
English | CBR | 11 Issues | 494.79 MB

Bunny, the world's ditziest assassin, has been dispatched by the dragon Ao Lung on a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact before it falls into evil hands. At long last, she and Ao Lung's pupil Kyoto have reached the monastery from which the pearl was stolen, but the monks there are acting rather strange... possibly because Bunny punched one of them.

Killbox - Chicago #1-3 (2017) CompleteKillbox - Chicago #1-3 (2017) Complete
Killbox - Chicago #1-3 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 147.78 MB

KILLBOX, last year's breakout indie hit from American Gothic Press, continues with a new city, a new game box, and bizarre otherworldly occurrences that were only touched upon at the end of the first series. KILLBOX: CHICAGO follows Timothy, Emi, and Sasha, who have been on the run since the game in Los Angeles imploded, as they seek help from Emi's connections to the yakuza. Previous villains Irwin and Leonard engage with new contestants Aya Mori and Wilky Dae; and all the while, a strange new trio of haunting figures stalks the streets with sinister purpose.

Retcon #1-4 (2017) CompleteRetcon #1-4 (2017) Complete
Retcon #1-4 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 437.91 MB

The reboot of a comic book miniseries that has never existed begins with an all-new, all-different issue #1! Time to travel back and jump in on this comic while it was new!

Lilith Dark #1-4 (2017) CompleteLilith Dark #1-4 (2017) Complete
Lilith Dark #1-4 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 183.76 MB

Lilith Dark has no time for tea parties and princess stuff, she's far too busy fighting off wicked creatures and fantastic beasts...or at least that's how she imagines things. One day Lilith follows a mysterious kitten into an old tree, and discovers an entire world of real beasties that have been living right under her nose! When Lilith declares herself Queen and demands a feast to celebrate, she never imagined that her big sister would be the main course. Lilith, with the help of her big brother Dewey, her pet monster, and a T-Rex, must face her fears to rescue her sister from the evil beasties and save the day before bedtime.
Skin & Earth #1-6 (2017) CompleteSkin & Earth #1-6 (2017) Complete
Skin & Earth #1-6 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 240.75 MB

Skin & Earth is a story of a girl looking for hope in a hopeless world. Caught between romance and cults, gods and mortals, and just trying to find a good borscht, Enaia Jin is lead down a dark path by new lovers that reveal a twisted fantasy world and her own true nature. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where corporations rule, this adventurous tale of loneliness, deceit and self-discovery begins here!

Aliens - Dead Orbit #1-4 (2017) CompleteAliens - Dead Orbit #1-4 (2017) Complete
Aliens - Dead Orbit #1-4 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 352.99 MB

After a horrific accident strikes a space station, an engineering officer must use all available tools - a timer, utility kit, and his wits - to survive an attack from the deadliest creature known to man.
Orc Stain creator James Stokoe pens a thrilling and claustrophobic Aliens story: Dead Orbit!

Back to the Future #1-25 + Covers (2015-2017) CompleteBack to the Future #1-25 + Covers (2015-2017) Complete
Back to the Future #1-25 + Covers (2015-2017) Complete
English | CBR | 26 Issues | 1.12 GB

"Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines," part 1: Take a trip back to 1985 and be there when Doc Brown and Marty McFly first meet, and then jump even farther back, to 1945, to witness Doc's involvement in the super-secret Manhattan Project.

Happy Hour in America #1-6 + v2#1 (2003-2017)Happy Hour in America #1-6 + v2#1 (2003-2017)
Happy Hour in America #1-6 + v2#1 (2003-2017)
English | CBR | 7 Issues

Happy Hour in America is cartoonist Tim Lane's one-man, self-published anthology consisting of new short stories, selected material from three new books in progress, and other experimental work.

Marvel Comics - Week 265 (December 13, 2017)
Marvel Comics - Week 265 (December 13, 2017)
English | CBR | 18 Issues | 1.40 GB

All-New Wolverine #28
Amazing Spider-Man #792
Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #11
Black Panther - Long Live the King 001 (2017)
Cable #152
Daredevil #596
Despicable Deadpool #290
Falcon #3
Jean Grey #10
Punisher #219
Royals #12
Runaways #4
Secret Warriors #10
She-Hulk #160
Star Wars #40
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #27
Weapon X #12
X-Men Blue #17

DC Comics - Week 328 (December 13, 2017)
DC Comics - Week 328 (December 13, 2017)
English | CBR | 21 Issues | 729.88 MB

Action Comics #993
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #17
Bug The Adventures Of Forager #6 (of 6)
Detective Comics #970
Flash #36
Gotham City Garage #15
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #34
Justice League Of America #20
Mister Miracle #5 (of 12)
New Super-Man #18
Ragman #3 (of 6)
Red Hood And The Outlaws #17
Scooby-Doo Team-Up 065 (2017)
Scooby Apocalypse #20
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #88
Suicide Squad #31
Supergirl #16
Superwoman #17
Titans #18
Wildstorm Michael Cray #3
Wonder Woman #36

Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1-6 (2017-2018) CompleteBug! The Adventures of Forager #1-6 (2017-2018) Complete
Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1-6 (2017-2018) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 246.94 MB

An all-new Young Animal miniseries begins! Forager is just one of the Hive before he breaks out of his cocoon and finds himself in a mysterious house in an unknown realm. There he meets all kinds of strange creatures: a ghostly girl, a talking teddy bear and otherworldly weirdos that have literally jumped out of his worst nightmares. But these interdimensional oddballs are nothing compared to the evil General Electric, who is on the hunt for a reality-bending metal that could alter the fabric of life itself. To stay one step ahead of him and preserve the multiverse, Forager must travel through alternate dimensions to seek the metal and, hopefully, catch up with that cagey stuffed bear. If he does it, will he finally be able to distinguish himself as a New God? DC's Young Animal celebrates Jack Kirby's centenary with this new six-issue miniseries-and who better to tackle this task than the Eisner Award-winning Allred clan! Featuring scripts by Lee Allred (BATMAN '66), art by Michael Allred (Silver Surfer) and colors by Laura Allred (Lady Killer), BUG! is truly a family affair.

Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf #1-6 (2017) CompleteVan Helsing Vs. The Werewolf #1-6 (2017) Complete
Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf #1-6 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 6 Issues | 292.15 MB

A brutal werewolf attack on a high mountain ledge! A heist in the Forbidden City. An epic kung-fu brawl at the airport! A battle with a vampire at 35,000 feet! A horrific crash I the Himalayas! And that's only the start of the newest Liesel Van Helsing adventure! The legendary vampire killer is on a global hunt for the Sword of Heaven, the ultimate demon-killing weapon. This new limited series features the Zenescope premiere of writer Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punisher, Bane: Conquest).


December 13, 2017 New Releases
English | CBR | 68 Issues
SLAM! - The Next Jam #1-4 (2017) CompleteSLAM! - The Next Jam #1-4 (2017) Complete
SLAM! - The Next Jam #1-4 (2017) Complete
English | CBR | 4 Issues | 263.61 MB

Get ready for another lap around the track in this follow-up series to Pamela Ribon's critically acclaimed SLAM! After breaking one of the biggest rules in derby (not to mention an actual collarbone), Knockout and CanCan have a lot of work to do to rehabilitate their bodies and improve their standings in the league.


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