Hexed #1-12 (2014-2015) CompleteHexed #1-12 (2014-2015) Complete
Hexed #1-12 (2014-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 578.14 MB

WHY WE LOVE IT: DAY MEN. 28 DAYS LATER. DINGO. Besides being one of our favorite writers, Michael Alan Nelson is one of the industry's preeminent voices in horror, and we couldn't be happier to be bringing back his fan-favorite creation HEXED for another dive into the depths of the Aether with an ongoing series! WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Lucifer is the perfect mash-up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lara Croft. Plus, HEXED was Pretty Deadly and Amazing SpiderMan superstar Emma Rios' introduction to the American comics scene back in 2008, and new series artist Dan Mora is poised to continue the trend with his lyrical, horrific, and wholly unique take on Lucifer. WHAT IT'S about: Luci Jennifer Inacio Das Neves (most people just call her 'Lucifer') is a supernatural thief-for-hire, stealing wondrous objects from the dark denizens of the netherworld for her mentor/mother figure, Val Brisendine. But when Lucifer accidentally unleashes a terrible evil from one of the paintings hanging in Val's art gallery, will any of the tricks up her sleeve be enough to stop it?

DC Comics - Week 207 (August 19, 2015)
DC Comics - Week 207 (August 19, 2015)
English | CBR | 12 Issues | 396.58 MB

Bizarro #3 (of 6)
Black Canary #3
Doomed #3
Dr Fate #3
Green Lantern The Lost Army #3
Harley Quinn And Power Girl #3 (of 6)
Justice League #43
Martian Manhunter #3
Robin Son Of Batman #3
Secret Six #5
Superman Wonder Woman #20
Wonder Woman #43
Pussycats #1-3 (2015)Pussycats #1-3 (2015)
Pussycats #1-3 (2015)
E-Comix | English | CBR | 3 Issues

For fans of Stray Bullets, Jennifer Blood, and Executive Assistant: Iris! Featuring actresses Karen Summer, Priya Anjali Rai, and Tanya Tate! A dark sexy action/thriller, Pussycats reveals how adult movie actresses helped the United States government whitewash identities during the Cold War. Karen Summer was such an actress that could arrange for transportation of "human resources" without causing international incidents. But a recent sting operation proves Karen was not decommissioned after the fall of the Soviet Union. And worse, ghoulish face-painted gunmen killing her friends proves her identity has been compromised, and everyone she knows is being targeted for blackmail.
Marvel Comics - Week 144 (August 19, 2015)
Marvel Comics - Week 144 (August 19, 2015)
English | CBR | 21 Issues | 834.86 MB

1872 #2
Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #3
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #4
Armor Wars #4
Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders #2 (of 2)
George Romero's Empire Of The Dead Act Three #4 (of 5)
Guardians Of Knowhere #3
Guardians Team-Up #10
House Of M #1
Howard The Human #1
Inferno #4
Kanan #5
Loki Agent Of Asgard #17
Runaways #3
Secret Wars Journal #4 (of 5)
Secret Wars Secret Love #1
Silk #6
Spider-Verse #4
Star Wars #8
Weirdworld #3
X-Tinction Agenda #3
Deadpool v3 #1-45 + Annual #1-2 + Bi-Annual (2012-2015) Complete
Deadpool v3 #1-45 + Annual #1-2 + Bi-Annual (2012-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 48 Issues | HD | 2.18 GB

Dead presidents from George Washington to Gerald Ford have been resurrected, and that's bad. The world needs someone with the reputation, skills and plausible deniability to take out these com-monsters-in-chiefs... In Wade We Trust!

Grimfish 001 (2015)
Grimfish 001 (2015)
English | CBR | 27 pages | 30.46 MB

A journey through space and memories brings Fish to a distant planet in search of a woman that he can't stop thinking about. Here, he unwittingly joins a struggle between the last inhabitants of a dying world and a small band of stranded mech pilots.
Swords of Sorrow - Vampirella & Jennifer Blood #1-4 (2015)Swords of Sorrow - Vampirella & Jennifer Blood #1-4 (2015)
Swords of Sorrow - Vampirella & Jennifer Blood #1-4 (2015)
English | CBR | 4 Issues

A team-up set up by SWORDS OF SORROW's Gail Simone, featuring the writer that she hand-picked: Nancy A. Collins! Vampirella travels to Southern California to hunt down a supernatural serial killer known as the Pacifica Slasher, only to find herself transported to an alternate reality where there's no such things as vampires, demons, and magic. But, as the most dangerous woman in the world, vigilante Jennifer Blood knows, that doesn't mean monsters don't exist. Does the weirdly shaped sword presented to her by the mysterious being called The Courier hold the key to returning Vampirella to her own universe? Or will she be forced to live and die in L.A.?
Secret Wars Secret Love 001 (2015)
Secret Wars Secret Love 001 (2015)
English | CBR | 32 pages | 52.10 MB

When worlds collide, can their love survive? Robbie Reyes/Kamala Khan! Typhoid Mary/Karen Page/Matt Murdock! And many more secret love affairs!
Poet Anderson - The Dream Walker #1-3 (2015)Poet Anderson - The Dream Walker #1-3 (2015)
Poet Anderson - The Dream Walker #1-3 (2015)
English | CBR | 3 Issues | 62.11 MB

In the Dream World, power and adventure belong to the Lucid Dreamers, while Night Terrors haunt the troubled and the helpless. A lucky few are watched over by mysterious guardians. The protectors of our shared unconscious lives are known as...
...Dream Walkers.
The comic book prequel to the award-winning animated short film!
Loki - Agent of Asgard #1-17 (2014-2015) CompleteLoki - Agent of Asgard #1-17 (2014-2015) Complete
Loki - Agent of Asgard #1-17 (2014-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 17 Issues | 564.58 MB

Kid Loki's all grown up - and the God of Mischief is stronger, smarter, sexier and just plain sneakier than ever before. As Asgardia's one-man secret service, he's ready to lie, cheat, steal, bluff and snog his way through the twistiest, turniest and most treacherous missions the All-Mother can throw at him...

Howard the Human 01 (2015)
Howard the Human 01 (2015)
English | CBR | 22 pages | 31.58 MB

Spend a day with Howard, a private investigator and the only human living in city full of animals. But not, like, criminals and lowlifes. We're talking elephants, apes, ducks and kitty cats. Catching a case, grinding a few gears, dodging some bullets and almost getting killed by an anthropomorphic monstrosity. It's just another Monday for Howard the Human brought to you by Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon) and Jim Mahfood (Miami Vice Remix).
Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1-2 (2015)Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1-2 (2015)
Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1-2 (2015)
English | CBR | 2 Issues

Welcome to Battleworld, where, in what’s left of Mondo-City One, Boss Cage is the law! When the fascist futuropolis annexes neighboring Yinsen City, who’ll stand up for Ho Yinsen’s dream of universal peace? If you liked the Mighty Avengers, you’ll love the Mighty Defenders!

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