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Fiends of the Eastern Front (2013)

27-06-2017. Author: Stram
Fiends of the Eastern Front (2013)
Fiends of the Eastern Front (2013)
English | CBR | 116 pages | 85.62 MB

Hardcover collection of 2000 AD's Fiends of the Eastern Front. In 2010 Rebellion released an updated softcover collection of the story, which also included the sequel, which is not included in this hardcover.
Hardcover collection of Gerry Finley-Day and Carlos Ezquerra's World War II vampire tale from the pages of 2000AD.
It was autumn 1980, and workmen excavating West Berlin make a ghoulish discovery - the skeleton of a German soldier, holding a diary...but little do they know that the diary's contents are far more terrifying! The diary belongs to Hans Schmitt, who joined the lines in 1941, posted to the Eastern Front. His first entries record a unit of Rumanian soldiers, experts in night-fighting...but it isn't too long before Schmitt realises the true nature of his 'comrades' - blood-sucking vampires! And when the Rumanians change sides in the later stages of the war, Schmitt realises that his own unit have become the targets of these fiends!

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