Golden City #1-12 (1999-2018)
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Comment #1 (26 December 2015 11:31)
please reupload golden city
krastac Info:
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Comment #2 (15 January 2016 09:44)
Excellent series, particularly up to volume 6. There is a volume 11 out, The Fugitives.
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Comment #3 (4 May 2016 04:04)
Sigh... as much as I'd enjoy reading Vol 11 The Fugitives the French version was just published on 25nov2015. If the "speed" of the previous volumes being translated is any indication of how long we're going to wait... I'd say about two years if we're lucky!

(The French Vol 10 Low Earth Orbit was published in 20 Nov 2013 and the English version showed up here in Dec of 2015 -- 2 years later)
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Comment #4 (10 July 2016 10:09)
YES! Thank you for Vol 11 ! ! !

Despite taking YEARS for all the translations to appear, I always enjoyed this story line. I thought it odd that there was no description of what the series was about so that those unfamiliar would have some idea of what they are missing. So, here is a brief summary of the first three issues (the French to English translations are a bit sketchy):

[ ]

Golden City 01: Raiders wreck
Publication date: 15/02/1999 / ISBN: 978-2-84055-261-1
Writer: PECQUEUR Daniel
Designer: Malfin Nicolas
Colorist: SCHELLE Pierre , ROSA Stéphane
SUMMARY: Golden City is a city built on the ocean, away from overcrowding and violence prevailing on the continent. Only the wealthy have access to them, as such, Harrison Banks among the privileged. When he finds out that his wife crashed into the sea, he gowes looking for her. He ignores the terribal reality: that he is a victim of conspiracy and the trouble only just started for him...

Golden City 02: Banks versus Banks
Publication date: 24/01/2000 / ISBN: 978-2-84055-429-5
SUMMARY: In search of his wife, who disappeared at sea and removed by young plunderers of wrecks, he finds himself after a fight in a Commissariat. Accused of murder, victim of conspiracy and betrayed by his colleagues, Harrison Banks fell into the trap and becomes a mere shadow of his past self. The young billionaire of Golden City also discovered that a usurper has replaced the head of the empire. The conspirators are also troubled by this president they thought was dead. They attempt to eliminate him and all those who would be able to discover the fraud, namely the commander and children wreckers.

Golden City 03: Polar Night
Publication date: 25/01/2001 / ISBN: 978-2-84055-548-3
SUMMARY: Held for six months in a disciplinary prison, lost deep in the Arctic background, Harrisson Banks is no more, he is only a number: 990320. Alone and desperate, Banks holds on, he has not forgotten and will continue no matter what; even kill.
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