All-New X-Men #1-41 + Annual + Special (2013-2015) Complete
All-New X-Men #1-41 + Annual + Special (2013-2015) CompleteAll-New X-Men #1-41 + Annual + Special (2013-2015) Complete
All-New X-Men #1-41 + Annual + Special (2013-2015) Complete
English | CBR | 43 Issues | HD | 1.39 GB

Marvel Now! The five original X-Men have been plucked from yesteryear and sent to the present. How will they deal with the current state of Xavier's dream, and how will today's X-Men cope with facing their former selves?

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Datafile: All New X-Men 001 (2 Covers) (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All New X-Men 002 (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All New X-Men 003 (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_004_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_005_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_006_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_007_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_008_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_009_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_010_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_011_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_012_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_013_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_014_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_016_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_017_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_018_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_019_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All_New_X-Men_Special_001_(2013)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_020_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_021_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_022.NOW_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_023_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_024_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_025_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_026_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_027_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_028_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_029_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_030_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_031_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_032_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_033_(2014)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_034_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_035_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_Annual_001_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_036_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_037_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_038_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_039_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_040_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: All-New_X-Men_041_(2015)_(Digital)_(Zone-Empire).cbr
Datafile: ----New----
Datafile: All-New X-Men 015 (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbz
Datafile: All-New X-Men 015 (2013) (digital) (Minutemen-PhD).cbr

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Comment #1 (25 February 2015 19:00)
FYI - I found out why #37 is missing:

"They're skipping over #37 because it wasn't done in time and they needed to get #38 out in time to keep Black Vortex on schedule. The eventual release order is probably going to be #36, #38, #37, #39. #39 is a Black Vortex issue, too, but it's the last one before going back to normal."
huffj3 Info:
» Registered: 14.01.2014 | Group: Members | Posts: 0 | Comments: 66 | ICQ:   | Status: Currently Offline
Comment #2 (13 May 2017 05:42)
Issue #15 is missing page 14. Does Zone-Empire have it fixed? Please fix it.
Falcon4 Info:
» Registered: 1.04.2017 | Group: Members | Posts: 0 | Comments: 3 | ICQ:   | Status: Currently Offline
Comment #3 (13 May 2017 14:17)
Ehm you just added some #15 thats been extracted messed with the filenames.. it's still missing the page. Minutemen-PhD version have the missing page btw.
MegaMarvel Info:
» Registered: 8.06.2015 | Group: Members | Posts: 0 | Comments: 399 | ICQ:   | Status: Currently Offline
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