Spawn #1-272 (1992-2017)
Spawn #1-272 (1992-2017)Spawn #1-272 (1992-2017)
Spawn #1-272 (1992-2017)
English | CBR | 273 Issues | HD | 10.45 GB

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell. A Hellspawn. Now Spawn must choose between his life on Earth and his place on a throne in Hell.
Spawn (Albert Francis "Al" Simmons) is an undead superhero in the Image Comics Universe. He first appears in Spawn #1 (May 1992) and was created by Todd McFarlane.
The series has spun off several other comics, including Angela, Curse of the Spawn, Sam & Twitch and the Japanese manga Shadows of Spawn. Spawn was adapted into a 1997 feature film, an HBO animated series lasting from 1997 until 1999 and a series of action figures whose high level of detail made McFarlane Toys known in the toy industry.

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Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part01.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part02.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part03.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part04.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part05.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part06.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part07.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part08.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-241_1992-2014_Minutemen-Novus-Empire.part09.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part1.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part2.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part3.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part4.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part5.rar
Datafile: Spawn_1-50_1992-1996_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part6.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part1.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part2.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part3.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part4.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part5.rar
Datafile: Spawn_051-100_1996-2000_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part6.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part1.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part2.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part3.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part4.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part5.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part6.rar
Datafile: Spawn_101-150_2000-2005_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part7.rar
Datafile: Spawn_151-200_2005-2010_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part1.rar
Datafile: Spawn_151-200_2005-2010_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part2.rar
Datafile: Spawn_151-200_2005-2010_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part3.rar
Datafile: Spawn_151-200_2005-2010_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part4.rar
Datafile: Spawn_151-200_2005-2010_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part5.rar
Datafile: Spawn_201-250_2011-2015_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part1.rar
Datafile: Spawn_201-250_2011-2015_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part2.rar
Datafile: Spawn_201-250_2011-2015_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part3.rar
Datafile: Spawn_201-250_2011-2015_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part4.rar
Datafile: Spawn_201-250_2011-2015_Digital_TLK-EMPIRE-HD.part5.rar
Datafile: Spawn_226_(2013)_(c2c_-_2048px)_(theFragile-Novus-HD).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_227_(2013)_(c2c_-_2048px)_(theFragile-Novus-HD).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_228_(2013)_(c2c_-_2048px)_(theFragile-Novus-HD).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_229_(2013)_(1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_230_(2013)_(c2c-1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_231_(2013)_(1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_232_(2013)_(1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_233_(2013)_(1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_234_(2013)_(1920px)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_235_(2013)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_236_(2013)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_237_(2013)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_238_(2013)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_239_(2014)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_240_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_241_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_242_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_243_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_244_(2014)_(DarkNahga-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_245_(2014)_(DarkNahga-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_245_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_246_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_247_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_248_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_249_(2014)_(Eisenhart-DCP).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_250_(2015)_(10_Covers)_(Digital)_(Darkness-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_251_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_252_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_253_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_254_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_255_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_256_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn_257_(2015)_(Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 258 (2015) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 259 (2015) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 260 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 261 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 262 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 263 (2016) (Digital-Empire.cbr
Datafile: Spawn 264 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 265 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 266 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 267 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 268 (2016) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 269 (2017) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 270 (2017) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 271 (2017) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Datafile: Spawn 272 (2017) (Digital-Empire).cbr

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Comment #1 (19 March 2014 13:47)
Здраствуйте, выражаю свою благодарность за материал, и за сайт в целом, админ молодец!
DonaldMUM Info:
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Comment #2 (26 June 2014 18:32)
Los links no funcionan
The link falied
erikku Info:
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Comment #3 (16 July 2014 19:21)
No word on the status on 245 yet?
dfraven Info:
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Comment #4 (17 July 2014 03:21)
Quote: dfraven
No word on the status on 245 yet?

Not yet.
Rio Info:
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Comment #5 (19 August 2014 02:22)
could you please upload the files in another link, the page only let download files less that 600 MB, sorry the bad english
GustavoFr Info:
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Comment #6 (8 February 2015 23:53)
We are working on HD rips which will be packed less than 600 MB.
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